Do You Need the Messiah? Follow President Trump to Victory in 2020

  • There are atheists in the world who refuse to believe in God. They may have suffered in the holocaust or have witnessed great tragedies in life which have made them atheists.
  • Children naturally can believe in God. It is against their nature not to believe in God but they can be trained to be atheists.
  • Go the Bible way. Follow Donald Trump. Vote Trump in 2020. Love Israel. Love the Jewish people. Respect Muslims but encourage them to enjoy freedom.

Before asking yourself the question: Do I need the Messiah, first ask yourself the question Do I need God?  Do I need to study the Bible? President Trump is pictured carrying a Bible.

There are atheists in the world who refuse to believe in God.  They may have suffered in the holocaust or have witnessed great tragedies in life which have made them atheists.  Atheists live their whole life without faith in God performing their duties to humanity as doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers etc.  Most atheists did believe in God once but lost it.  Their faith is compared to a lost object which has disappeared and the hope of finding it has been given up. Every day they witness another tragedy reinforcing their atheism.

The Picture is of the Alter Rebbe of Chabad Lubavitch, the first Rebbe founder of the Chabad movement. Chabad Chassidim have his picture in their homes including the pictures of the other Chabad Rebbes until the seventh generation.

The pains and sufferings of life do not always extinguish the fire of faith in the body and soul but dims its light to the point that it is hardly visible.  These people are called agnostics.  They live their whole lives as agnostics and may believe in the importance of humanitarianism even if they don’t believe in God.

People growing up in a communist society are not exposed to religion.  They live their lives without belief in God.  Another type of person not only doesn’t believe in God; he hates God and religious people.

We live in a free society where there is no obligation to believe in God.  People that grew up in an Orthodox Jewish home, Catholic or Muslim are encouraged from childhood to believe in God.  They are taught the Bible by their parents and their parents take them to the church or synagogue.  Each religion has its own customs and holidays.  Children from religious and traditional homes if educated properly believe in God.  In a communist society they get no religious training and are taught to be atheists.

Children naturally can believe in God.  It is against their nature not to believe in God but they can be trained to be atheists.  The natural faith in God comes immediately to children when they are fed by their parents in childhood.  They feel the hand of God is feeding them and call out Mami or Dadi.  The parents have the decision to encourage their children to believe or discourage. If they will not encourage their children to believe in God but also not discourage them; their children will make their own decision.  Faith in God needs food like the body needs food.  The food for faith in God comes from study of the Bible. Today is also stressed the faith in the righteous saints and prophets of truth.  In Judaism in many homes are pictures of righteous saints.  Christians already have no problem with hanging a picture of saints in their homes; Christianity even permits a statue of the Messiah. Muslims refrain from hanging pictures of saints in their homes even of Mohammed.  Arab Muslims are more strict. Shiite Muslims some say permit the picture of Husayn the grandson of Mohammed however even in the internet there are no pictures available of him or Mohammed.

The picture Al-Aqsa Mosque located on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  In Muslim temples and in their homes there are no pictures of Mohammed.

The benefits of believing in God is to also believe in the afterlife.  Other benefits that come from belief in God and the Bible extend into education.  The Bible teaches to differentiate between good and evil.  Good adds to life. Evil destroys and diminishes the spark of goodness that is in life.

The benefits of being an atheist is the feeling of freedom to do whatever you want.  The Bible teaches to fear God and to fear sin.  Fear of God and fear of sin limits freedom.  The Code of Ethics taught by religion limits freedom.  The youth today want freedom.  Freedom can be an enemy of God. Today Homosexuals display publically that they are free by Marching in Gay Parades.  They are not afraid of God or afraid of sin.  Freedom was considered evil when it was introduced into the world by the Greeks and Romans.  With freedom they also preached homosexuality.  They penetrated the Biblical nation of Israel entered into their holy temple and contaminated the vessels with idolatry.  Eventually they conquered Israel.  The Jewish people fought to maintain their faith in God and to follow the ethics of the Bible given on Mount Sinai.

The Jewish people following the strict observance taught by the Pharisees did not need the Messiah. They had a religion and practiced its precepts.  There were always some gentiles who saw that Judaism was the right path of life and converted.  Several of these converts became great Talmudic scholars. The Torah teaches that God created the cure before he created the disease.  The cure for the disease of freedom which was preached in the Roman culture was a new religion where the Messiah was worshipped who preached freedom which was Christianity.  Christianity was good for the Romans.  They could believe in God and freedom; but for the religious Jews it was superfluous.  The Jewish way is to believe in God without the Messiah of freedom.  Mankind was given by Christianity a chance to connect to God in a free world.  The children of Abraham Ishmael and Isaac adopted the covenant which was given before the coming of the Messiah of freedom maintaining Judaism and Islamic faiths.

Artemis the virgin God of the hunt in Greek mythology.

Freedom has its advantages but it also has its disadvantages in life.  One of the disadvantages is in child rearing.  Children need discipline which only religion can give them.  The best religious education comes through religion with belief in God without freedom like Judaism and Islam.  Of first importance in Judaism and Islam is to go in the way of sexual purity.  The education begins with teaching modest dress. A religion which teaches religion with freedom of first importance is to be happy.  Islam and Judaism stress self-sacrifice. Even the most liberal educators stress maintain order in their classrooms.  In a classroom the children are not free to do what they want.  “Raise your hand to leave the classroom to go to the bathroom.”

If today you are agnostic. You believe in freedom.  Your choice is to continue marching at Gay Pride Parades or to adopt one of three religions which are Christianity, Judaism or Islam.  If you are Jewish return to your heritage. There are a wide variety of choices within Judaism between more spiritual and more traditional. In Christianity you can be religious and continue to believe in freedom.  The Messiah came for people who believe in freedom like the Romans but added to freedom the teachings of the Bible.  Islam faith believes in God without the Messiah. The reward for Muslims will come in the afterlife.

America has a President that carries with him the Bible.  It doesn’t say on it Old or New Testament.  President Trump will be running again in 2020.  You live in a democracy. You have free choice.

Those that march for Gay Pride and freedom will tell you come along with us like the famous Israeli singer Neta Barzilai who won Eurovision song contest in 2018.  She sang at Eurovison 2019 “NaNa Banana I do what I want to do.”

Don’t listen to her.  Go the Bible way. Follow Donald Trump.  Vote Trump in 2020. Love Israel. Love the Jewish people. Respect Muslims but encourage them to enjoy freedom.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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