Does Every Wholesale Company Need a Global Storefront?

The internet and business landscape are changing at rates not seen before.  With this incredible change occurring right in front of us, why hasn’t the online wholesale industry adapted and become more efficient? Instead, there seems to be very little change and increased efficiency over many years.

For example:  We believe each wholesale company today should have their own global storefront.  


Not only do we believe that every wholesale company needs a global storefront, but it should display its logo, branding and products so they can be reviewed simply and easily in most major languages, with their products priced in the local currencies. Wholesale companies also need access to open communication and dialogue with every buyer, no matter where in the globe that buyer (or their office) is located.

We believe that this type of service is needed no more than ever for every wholesale company that is preparing to be competitive in the future, especially for those in competitive industries who have superior advantages.

Until recently the cost and technology required for each company to provide these types of next generation global services on their own was incredibly prohibitive. That is why only the very large wholesale companies had the time, money and know-how to do this.  So what has changed?

Today’s wholesale companies can open their own global storefront for free. 

Not only do vendors gain a global storefront, but online buyers can search for a product by first filtering for what they care most about, such as price, and whether or not it aligns with their needs, before they review the branding. This is what almost every online buyer wants.

Buyers want an online platform where they can focus and be efficient with their time shopping, using search filters, photos, categories, ratings and prices for the products, before contacting the company or before going into the global store. Buyers want one-stop advantages in billing and ordering, where they only have to learn one system, instead of many systems over many individual online stores.


Buyers want an online platform where the prices are quoted in the local currency that is used in that country, but it is also very easy for them to reset prices into another currency. In this way, they immediately have an idea of the true value of the products before even a simple calculation is needed.

Almost every business I know wants to expand, and to do this at little or no cost.  The people at Shop The Globe have built a global wholesale platform designed especially for wholesale companies to simply expand their business globally and do so with no out-of-pocket cost. All they have to do is just take a little time to input and oversee their own storefront and products.

This will help companies to significantly expand brand awareness and place their products into every major open global market. Every company will have their own global storefront published in over 100 languages and in a open and transparent, worldwide wholesale marketplace.

Your global wholesale storefront is waiting. The platform is available for vendor signup today and will be opening to buyers shortly. We invite global wholesalers to utilize Shop The Globe for the next generation services and open up their business globally.

Vendors – Open Your Global Storefront Today – It’s Free

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