Does Income From European Dividend Aristocrats Make Sense?

We are excited to introduce the European Dividend Aristocrats.  This aristocratic portfolio is designed to capture higher income, solid principle growth and future aristocratic dividend growth.  This European Dividend Aristocrats portfolio has the rare potential to both grow principal plus grow your income over time.  Diversifying into European’s Aristocrats dividend might be a solid entry for Americans to invest in the European comeback after COVID 19, as their economy (for example Germany) is now in solid recovery, after the hard fall due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Durig Has 2 additional Dividend Aristocrat portfolios, the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats and the Canadian Aristocrats.

What is a “Dividend Aristocrat”

The core dividend aristocrat portfolio identifies higher dividend yield which is often caused from share price declines. The business and economic cycles (and greatly enhanced due to the COVID 19 pandemic) cause significant ups and downs to investments over the years. This portfolio’s primary focus is on high quality, dividend paying, aristocratic stocks, which are companies that have an outstanding record of raising their dividends every year, for over 25 years.

The companies and investments that can demonstrate both the long term strength and resources to increase the dividends for over a quarter century, often have less of a downturn and improve quicker after a time period of COVID 19 based underperformance. Many investors, especially those planning for future retirement, or they are already in their golden years, want and often seek not just higher income but growth in their income streams, as being a paramount need to their long term well being.

Randy Durig the Founder of Durig.

Knowing that the companies have raised their dividend over 25 years in a row, we believe this changes the companies DNA and focus (in a far better way) in putting the dividend shareholder first.  In today’s world it has become harder to find this quality.  From the issues of the CEO and C suite setting up pay that reward themselves first, to social pressures such as providing jobs and others, often put the dividend paying focus to shareholders at a disadvantage position in many companies.  It’s rare nowadays when a company often pays and grows its dividend as a primary policy as well of being  part of its core future plans.

At Durig this “European Dividend Aristocrats” long  term strategic approach started with the  S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats and the dogs of the Dow, which both demonstrated solid performance even during the very rough Covid 19 selloffs, as we even added, quarterly rebalancing and no cost trading.  At the same time of adding the European Dividend Aristocrats, we added the Dividend Dogs of Europe which has a higher dividend focus and dynamic rebalancing.

With the combination of proven decade old successful investment strategies, and today’s superior dynamic low cost  investment approach,  investing in European Dividend Aristocrats has never been easier. At Durig we’re proud to provide low cost and easy to set up portfolios that give tax and personal advantages over most mutual funds and efts.

European Dividend Aristocrats Costs

Durig has several dogs portfolios like the above Dogs of the Dow.

Annual Cost: 0.50% or 1/8 of a percent per quarter.

Average Dividend Yield of About: 4.5 %

Minimum Investment: $25,000

Minimum Holding Period: None

Growing Dividends

The European Dividend Aristocrats target growing often very high quality blue chip aristocratic companies (with 25 years of dividend growth). These companies are listed on several of the major European Exchanges with a singular expectation of producing very high levels of total return.

Aristocrats Total Return comprised of: 

  1. Principle Growth
  2. Income growth. 
  3. Current income. 
The European Dividend Dogs portfolio is close to the European Divided Aristocrats. Give us a call and we will help explain the difference.

Growth Over Time

Many portfolios claim to provide growth or income, but not many portfolios qualify. The Aristocrat records of dividend improvements is impressive.  Aristocratic companies have one of the best track records of total return, out performing their peers.


Not only do Durig’s European Dividend Aristocrats provide an outstanding  track record of income generation, they also offer benefits in the realm of significant global diversification when combined with other North American or other domestic investments. European markets offer completely different political, currency and banking systems which helps to provide very unique investment characteristics and the desired income and growth diversification for most US investors.


The European Dividend Aristocrat is Durig’s latest addition to its collection of income solutions, and with an average dividend yield of over 4.5, it has the ability to increase income while providing outstanding diversification of capabilities for US citizens. The portfolio also has the very rare potential to produce income, growth of income, and principal appreciation over time, and we believe those three characteristics along with Aristocrat companies long term history of great success sets European Aristocrats investments apart from their peers.

Durig’s European Dividend Aristocrats is an excellent low-cost solution with professional management and a support team dedicated to helping you reach your income goals. European taxes withholding are often not an issue due to our ability to buy mostly ADRs (American based shares and dividends of foreign companies).

For More Information

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Dogs of the Dow

  Dogs of the Dow For those seeking income stability and blue chip peace of mind in an uncertain world, Durig’s European Dividend Aristocrats Portfolio may offer investors a potential solution with professional management, all at a very low cost.  To learn more, call us at (971) 732-5121, or email us at

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