Don’t Count Out the Underdog, Carté Blanche from Chop Akachi is Here!

  • “I know a hit when I hear one”
  • Album album features tracks with Luxury Prince and UknoWho.
  • There’s a good chance we will be hearing a lot more from Chop Akachi in the near future.

Midwest artist by the name of Chop Akachi releases his 2nd EP in a little over a year (Carté Blanche) on May 10th and check this out: “it’s not that bad.”

Now let’s take into consideration that this is a independent release with a smaller budget than a label release, so there’s some noticeable differences especially with mix & audio quality (although not horrible but not yet commercial ready either).

From turning on the Album and going into the Leading song “Fucking with me” I can honestly say after 25 years, “I know a hit when I hear one” and this is definitely it. Don’t be Surprised if this song gives Chop Akachi the success he’s looking for and deserves.

Chop Akachi  not only delivers animated sound and visuals with a rare raw form of lyrical ability, achieving high level punchlines and tempo flow to keep listeners enchanted but also delivering you real lyrical ability and subject matter, addressing things like injustices in the track “All My Negus” and the short song “Amerikkka.”

Chop Akachi sounds like someone we should have been hearing on our radio station but also sounds like no one we have heard on our radio station.

Some notable tracks on the album include “On the Low” Featuring Luxury Prince. UknoWho also grace the track “Everyday”, “Fly” & “Drip Drip” is a must play and “Everything About u” is a nice chill way to start ending the EP.

Carté Blanche is a solid independent release from an artist that will only get better and real quik.  There’s a good chance we will be hearing a lot more from Chop Akachi in the near future.  Overall Carté Blanche is a  solid album, from a great charismatic witty artist who has a lot of ammo under his belt.  You can visit Chop Akachi on Instagram, Apple Music, Spotify & Tidal along with contributing artists Luxury Prince who is also on most high level tracks.

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Jacob Jamison

New York City Native, have been music Writing for over 25 years.

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