Dr. Zelenko Reveals His Miracle Treatment for Corona

  • The bureaucracy of medicine will not accept the treatment of Dr. Zelenko.
  • Dr. Zelenko used his miracle formula for treating Corona virus without FDA approval.
  • Bureaucracy will not accept the prophesy of the Lubavitcher Rebbe – The Messiah has arrived.

Are you waiting for the Messiah to come? For sure his coming is imminent. Perhaps he has already arrived. Perhaps he will come today. There are many ways at looking at the coming of the Messiah.

Corona virus struck so quickly medical science did not have time to research it. The only other alternative was to lockdown. Airports closed. Infected people were separated through quarantine. The virus hit rapidly starting with China, Italy, Western Europe, North America and South America.

The first wave of Corona took its toll on those that were most vulnerable elderly and people with weak immunity systems. It finished off this first wave in Europe, parts of America and is still spreading in parts of South America as the death toll rises. In the meantime those that have already witnessed the destruction of Corona and are on the other side enjoy again freedom. New York which was worst hit now is enjoying partial freedom. Italy and Europe are enjoying partial freedom.

Jair Borsanaro President of Brazil used the treatment of Dr. Zelenko with success.

In Israel the country locked down early and avoided the first wave. After opening up Israel is experiencing a second wave. Scientists say that Corona is here to stay. The world is waiting for a vaccine which is being produced in several research centers throughout the world. The vaccine will relax the situation but Corona will continue to be a threat like Influenza.

Amidst the panic generated by the first Wave of Corona, a creative general practitioner Dr. Zelenko living in upstate New York running a clinic in Monroe discovered a way of treating Corona which even today has not yet been approved by the FDA and WHO.

Working privately in a Chassidic community in upstate NY he had the freedom to employ a way of treatment which was not yet tested. He didn’t fear to be tried for malpractice and considered his work vital.  Dr. Zelenko is connected to Chabad Chassidism which is a Messianic branch of Chassidism. He worked in a Satmar Chassidic community where Satmar is known to be the least Messianic of all Chassidic groups. They are against the State of Israel because the Messiah has not yet arrived.

According to Orthodox Jewry, until the Messiah arrives it is forbidden for the Jewish people to make a government with a military. Israel became a state in 1948 through the war of independence and has already fought several wars until today. While the Satmar Chassidic group are negative in reference to everything connected to the Messiah and Messianic era, Dr. Zelenko was connected to Lubavitch Chabad Chassidism located in Crown Heights Brooklyn, NY.  His differences in philosophy between Chabad and Satmar did not stop him from practicing in the anti-Israel messiah community in Monroe, NY. Dr. Zelenko had several problems in interaction with them but nevertheless he was considered by the community to be a qualified medical doctor.

While the whole world was paralyzed by Corona, Dr. Zelenko received an idea how to deal with the dangerous virus.  He used his technique to heal the members of his community in the first wave of the virus. He claims to have been successful. These are his claims which were recently published on the internet.

Dr. Zelenko tested without permission an approach toward treating people with Corona virus as outpatient when they were first feeling symptoms. Being a religious man following the Torah, the Torah teaches that when a woman is drowning it is an obligation of a man to save her. A ultra –religious man may worry about contact with the woman which is prohibited under normal circumstances. Perhaps the woman may later press charges against him for sexual assault. Dr. Zelenko did not worry and used his technique which was:

Young people not in danger from the virus proceed normally and heal naturally.

People who are considered in the danger category because of age take:

1.       Hydrochoroquine Sulphate tablets 200 mg. twice a day for five days

2.       Zinc Sulphate 220 mg each day for five days.

3.       Azithromycin 500mg once a day for five days

Of course people sensitive to these medicines should not take them. Also about Azithromycin Dr. Zelenko mentioned that it may not be necessary in all cases.

The treatment of Dr. Zelenko was unique to begin to treat people with symptoms in the early stages in an outpatient setting. This would avoid the need for hospitalization and the use of ventilators. In Israel today in a second wave of Corona infections hospitals have become full. The Israel Department of Health has not given instructions until today to its GPs to prescribe this treatment. In South America after the treatment was used successful by the President of Brazil Jair Borsanaro pharmacies carry these medicines.

The problem of accepting a treatment until it has been completely studied has caused a delay in making important steps toward removing the dangers of Corona. Until research is made and this treatment is proved in medical research, there is no certainty that it works. Instead there is only believing Dr. Zelenko and other research centers which have found success with his treatment. FDA and WHO have not approved this treatment.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe declared that the Messianic era has arrived and to look for miracles.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe who taught in 770 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn NY declared that the Messiah has arrived. Some people believed him but most people remained skeptics. At this internet site is revealed the resurrection of Moses. The resurrection of Moses is part of the Messianic era. There are skeptics to Dr. Zelenko and his treatment; there are skeptics to the good tidings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and the news of the resurrection of Moses.

The resurrection of Moses cannot be proved. If the Messiah has arrived where is he found?  If Dr. Zelenko’s technique works, why do we need a vaccine?  Bureaucracy exists in medicine, in religion and mostly in politics. The Messiah and resurrection have been made available for people living in difficult times to believe in him.

President Trump and Mike Pompeo amidst all the problems in America caused by Corona have not given up hope that the world can become a better place through democracy. If the whole world will become democratic, there will no longer be genocide. Genocide is a threat to the world especially if nations that believe in Genocide will get a hold of nuclear weapons. People who believe in freedom; do not believe in genocide. The first murder is recorded in history when Cain the son of Adam and Eve killed his brother Abel. The end of Genocide will come when there is no longer hatred and permission to murder. Religion has brought ethics in the world which have civilized civilization. We live in a civilized world more or less. Religion has served its purpose. Now the work of the three religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam can be completed through the Universal Faith.

The treatment of Dr. Zelenko may become more important than the vaccine since there may come another type of Corona virus which will need a new vaccine. The treatment of Dr. Zelenko is universal.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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