Dried Fruits and Edible Nuts Market Growing Strong

  • The market is becoming more brand cognizant due to strict global trade rules.
  • Aging populace, high obesity rate, and growing wellbeing awareness are all driving the market for dried fruits and edible nuts.
  • The Asia Pacific region represents a lucrative and fastest-expanding market for dried fruits and edible nuts.

The dried fruits and edible nuts are thriving as a snack food category in the worldwide market. Their success and huge expansion reflect no signs of halting with taste, convenience and health as the prominent drivers in buying behavior of the customers. The various types of dried fruits are dates, dried figs, dried apricots, dried grapes and others, whereas edible nuts are classified into pistachios, pecans, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, almonds, tree nuts, peanuts and others.

Though the market is varying, variety is seemly getting important to customers buying decisions and in progress product innovation. Thus market players are coming up with various seasonings and flavors starting from sweet honey to spicy or smoky. Therefore adding up more seasoning to dried fruits and edible nuts give the different taste experiences customers seek.

The worldwide trade of dried fruits and edible nuts has, for the most part, observed sales of unbranded products. On the other hand, as customers move toward becoming brand cognizant and global trade rules become strict with respect to packaging, providers need to put resources into processing and packaging machines. For example, the cashew processing industry in Vietnam has expanded manifolds during the year 2016. This sharp ascent in demand might be credited to the increase in exports to nations, for example, China, the Netherlands and the US. Providers have been considering packaging choices comprising laminated packaging, tray ceiling, and zip lock packaging.

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The Asia Pacific represents a lucrative and fastest expanding market for dried fruits and edible nuts worldwide, trailed by North America and Europe. The utilization of dried fruits and edible nuts is on the rise because of the high content of healthy fats, nutrients, antioxidants, and dietary fibers. Amid the edible nuts, almonds are considered the largely consumed products in high disposable income nations such as North America and Europe, followed by cashews. Cashew nuts are a healthy food for heart patients because of its high grade of monounsaturated unsaturated fats as well as aides in keeping up cholesterol level.

Market Players to Conduct Product Awareness Programs

The market for dried fruits and edible nuts is majorly driven by increasing aging populace, high obesity rate, growing wellbeing awareness, expanding acceptance of nuts and dried fruits in the form of obvious health food and increasing disposable income. These are considered to be a more advantageous option for an aging populace. In a previous couple of years, there was a radical rise in the number of medical problems, for example, diabetes, heart diseases and allergies among the aging populace.

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As indicated by The UNDESA (United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs), Population Division (2012), during the year 1950, close to 205 million people aged 60 or above all over the world and during the year 2012 it was expanded to touch close to 810 million , moreover it is anticipated to dramatically increase by 2050, achieving 2 billion. Rising acknowledgment of dried leafy foods nuts as obvious wellbeing nourishment opens the entryway for some, sustenance produces. For example, chocolate makers were the first to incorporate dried fruits and nuts in chocolate recipes because of their flavor upgrading capacity and seen health advantages.

Apart from the increasing awareness over the nutrients contribution of fruits and nuts on diet quality, the requirement is also benefitting from research studies highlighting the role played by dry fruits in healthy weight management and portion control. Manufacturers have moreover initiated various product awareness programs. Some of the prominent players functioning globally are Mariani Packing Co Inc, Arimex Ltd, Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc, National Raisin Company, Sunbeam Foods Pty Ltd, Olam International Ltd, Sunsweet Growers Inc. and Sun-Maid Growers of California.

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