Drivers Dissatisfied with Amazon Placing Cameras in Delivery Vehicles

  • Amazon is putting cameras in its delivery trucks.
  • The company has been collecting customer information with a video camera hidden inside a commonly used object
  • "Safety is Amazon's top priority," Amazon spokesperson Deborah Bass said in a statement.

Amazon is putting cameras in its delivery trucks. It has been using them for quite a while now, according to CNN. Many more small and large businesses are implementing similar technology on their trucks now. These include post offices, pizza shops, retailers, and even convenience store franchises.

AMAZON delivery trucks

“If one thing messes up, I’m going to freak out,” Kamille Elizabeth, delivering Amazon packages in Wilmington told CNN Business. “That’s my job, it’s over. They’re going to see it on camera.”

Amazon is putting cameras not only in its delivery trucks but also in its customer service trucks. The company has been collecting customer information with a video camera hidden inside a commonly used object.

CNN reports that the “amazons” company plans to expand its use of these cameras not only in its home-delivery delivery vans but also in its customer-service trucks. This means that the retail giant could soon be using some of these devices to monitor security at its stores. The motive could be as simple as catching shoplifters or protecting goods in transit.

“Safety is Amazon’s top priority,” Amazon spokesperson Deborah Bass said in a statement. “Whether it’s state-of-the art telemetrics and advanced safety technology in last-mile vans, driver-safety training programs, or continuous improvements within our mapping and routing technology, we have invested tens of millions of dollars in safety mechanisms across our network, and regularly communicate safety best practices to drivers.”

There is no reason why a retailer should not consider installing a customer-tracking device in its tracks. Cameras can serve to prevent the loss or theft of merchandise in transit. Amazon has been working on improving its video analytics software to monitor its trucks more effectively.

Why might an online retail giant want to track its trucks and the people who drive them? One answer is simple – Amazon wants to prevent its trucks from becoming targets for thieves. According to CNN, some thieves have become so good at stealing from the back of their trucks that the company has had to send out more than a dozen trucks equipped with video recorders to guard against such incidents.

Amazon says it has been able to reduce the risk of theft of its merchandise by as much as 40 percent by installing these cameras. That means it is investing a great deal of money in the protection of its product.

The reason why Amazon is investing in these cameras may seem obvious. The company knows that its customer database contains a tremendous amount of personal information. It’s also clear that it would be a difficult task to try and gather that information using only letterboxes. This means that an employee must be stationed in each of the truck’s entry and exit areas at all times. For that reason, many companies are now requiring their drivers to wear cameras., Inc. is an American multinational technology company based in Seattle, Washington, which focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.

Drivers have to make a report when they pick up a package. If the driver does not complete this report satisfactorily, the customer service representative can issue a report that could result in negative feedback. It will then be incumbent upon the driver to either correct the problem or explain the reasoning behind the negative report to the customer. This type of video monitoring not only helps the trucking company combat pilferage but also enables the truck to serve as a human video surveillance device.

Another part of the fulfillment chain that the Amazon fulfillment truck can monitor is the truck’s brake lights. A driver must be able to see ahead of the truck if there are any obstacles or oncoming vehicles that could slow down or overtake the delivery truck.

Using Amazon technology, the trucking fleet manager can install cameras to detect potential obstacles, which would allow the company to enforce its tracing rules.

There are many more aspects of the trucking industry to which Amazon is video surveillance equipment. The delivery industry is just one of many areas where this type of software can be used.

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