Dual Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt Complimentary Program for Veterans

  • The "Power to our Heroes" is an initiative by Certification Planner for veterans.
  • Certification Planner is offering the Dual Lean Six Sigma Green & Black Belt training program for free and at a discounted rate for veterans.
  • The training program commences on 24th October 2019.

What are the opportunities available for me? Should I enroll for a professional training course? These are a couple of questions a veteran would ask himself post service. It is not easy for a veteran to transition from a military lifestyle to a civilian environment. Some of the qualities and skills that veterans acquire during service include excellent teamwork, leadership skills, punctuality, a keen eye for detail, resilience, critical thinking, endurance, strength, transparent communication, problem-solving skills, and never give up attitude. These are the qualities that any organization would love to see in their employees. However, the challenge is how to manifest these qualities into a corporate resume in civilian language, and what can put you on top over your competitors?

What is the “Power to Our Heroes” initiative?

Along with shaping careers and being the bridge for professionals to comfortable crossover to the corporate world, Certification Planner (CP) believes in giving back to society. Power to Our Heroes” is CP’s complimentary program that has been running since 2016 under the leadership of Mr. Suhaan Kkhanna. This program is to assist veterans comfortably transition into the civilian world. This initiative is a humble gesture, to thank the veterans and military personnel for their contributions and sacrifices towards the country.

This October, CP is coming back with 4-day live instructor-led online Dual Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt program under the banner of “Power to our Heroes” program, for veterans and active duty service members. The program will commence from 24th October 2019 to 27th October 2019.

Along with the complimentary program, which has no charges associated with it and includes online Dual Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt training, CP is also offering the Dual Lean Six Sigma Green Belt & Black Belt training program at a discounted rate with some additional benefits. Veterans can take advantage of this discounted rate program for $349. The program will include 4-day instructor-led live online classes and exam tips & tricks, CP’s Dual Lean Six Sigma study guide, practice exams, 60 PDU certificate, exam voucher, and recorded live online class videos.

This table provides detailed information on inclusions and exclusions of the Dual Lean Six Sigma Green Belt & Black Belt complimentary and discounted program.

Why should a veteran opt for the Dual Lean Six Sigma Program?
Back in 2002, the US army had started to embrace the Lean Six Sigma methodologies. By the end of 2005, Lean Six Sigma principles were deployed army-wide. The deployment of Lean Six Sigma methodologies in various projects by the US army have led to saving billions of dollars, reduce redundant methods of operations, increase quality standards of products, and completing projects on time. The Lean Six Sigma methodologies have helped the military to make decisions based on facts and analyses. It helped to design the framework to make sound and informed decisions, develop efficient processes, and use a structured approach which led to continuous improvement.
Several factors make Lean Six Sigma an ideal certification for veterans, such as:

  • Using pre-acquired skills: Since Lean Six Sigma is already used in military, it’s a no brainer that a veteran is already imbibed with skills, qualities, and the temperament required to work with Lean Six Sigma methodologies.
  • Developing a better understanding of quality management: The Lean Six Sigma certification will further help in achieving a deeper understanding of how to use statistical tools, problem-solving techniques, process improvement, decision-making skills, and also apply different Lean Six Sigma approaches like Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC), Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), Identify – Design, Optimize, and Verify (IDOV), and so on.
  • Wider Scope: Since Lean Six Sigma methodologies are applied in various sectors, this certification will open many doors and provide you with bigger opportunities in different fields and sectors.

Today, most organizations look for individuals with additional qualities, refined skills, and professional qualifications. The Lean Six Sigma is a promising certification that looks very good on a candidates resume. The chances of a candidate with Lean Six Sigma certification getting hired is much higher than someone who doesn’t have a professional certification.

Why should I enroll in this program?

CP’s Dual Lean Six Sigma Green Belt & Black Belt program will save time and money spent in participating in 2 different individual Lean Six Sigma programs. While applying individually for each Lean Six Sigma certification will cost around $199 to $2999, the complimentary program will help in earning dual certification for free. Even the discounted program comes at a much lower cost than standard programs at just $349.

While the courses come at a discounted rate, there is no compromise with quality, and the courseware is prepared by industry experts and is aligned with IASSC guidelines to provide a quality learning experience. CP has delivered a 100% success rate with candidates clearing the exams and earning the certification on the first attempt.

So what are you waiting for? Drop-in an email at Samaira@certificationplanner.com and mention the name of the course as Dual Lean Six Sigma GB & BB, and get registered at the earliest.

When registering, submit the DD214 document. Wipe off or remove the social security number or any other important details from the document.

Lean Six Sigma certification program will add value to your profile and give you an edge over others. It is a program that will be highly beneficial in your career and to move up the corporate ladder. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity at the earliest. For more details about CP’s training options, visit www.certificationplanner.com.

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