Durig’s Dog of the Dow Outperformed in Up and Down Markets

We benchmarked the Durig’s Dogs of the Dow to the Dow Jones industrial Average ETF and S&P 500 dividends and over he last three year to see how it  performed.

The best way to measure the market is performance is Alpha, Beta and Excess Returns compared to the Benchmarks.

Dogs of the Dow outperformed both the following excess returns and Alpha benchmarks  as of 4-9-2020 after the hard decline from the global pandemic of Covid 19 that cause a massive market decline.

Durig’s Dog of the Dow has a lifetime excess returns over the Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF by 2.17% per year.

Durig”Dogs of the Dow has lifetime excess returns the S&P Dividend by 3.99% per year.

Dogs of the Dow has a Lifetime Alpha of 2.50% per year over the Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF

Dogs of the Dow has a Lifetime Alpha of 3.97% per year over the S&P Dividend

Durig manages 4 Dogs portfolios

Durig’s Dogs of the Dow has outperformed the above benchmarks. Please be aware that past performance is no guarantee for returns.

Annual Cost: .50 or 1/8 of a percent per quarter.

Average Dividend Yield of  About: 4.87%

Minimum Investment: $15,000

Minimum Holding Period: None

E-Docks Available

We believe a major reason for this this strong out-performance in both good and bad markets, is the dynamic weighting combined with quarterly rebalancing with no cost trading fees. This combination helps us believe, especially in very high volatility markets, that is a good antidote to reduce this massive up and down, while also increasing performance.  With the high level of volatility market timing becomes even more challenged using a more systematic approach with dynamic rebalancing we believe significance help to reduce these market timing risks, but not eliminating them. The facts are obvious when you in a hard decline in all asset classes even strong performers like the Dogs of the Dow will and did have problems.

The Dogs as a general concept is to allocate money to the 10 highest dividend-yielding investments.

Durig stated “during both up and down markets, its hard to outperform the peers, and one of the best way to do it,  is to design a solution that can preform better that utilizes modern technologies such as dynamic weighing quarterly rebalancing and no trading fees and in the preferd personal segregated accounts”.   

Possibly three most attractive segments of these accounts are:

  1. The accounts are segregated.  Your returns will equate to your taxes, and you won’t be effect by massive hedge fund day traders that buying and selling.
  2. Dogs of the Dow portfolio is very low cost, roughly the same as many inferior managed pooled funds.
  3. With the Dynamic Weighting combined with quarterly rebalancing they are designed to ensure your have a higher weighing with the companies that have  higher current dividend yields.

For those seeking a more conservative income and growth strategy that has already proven it does very well, in both good and very rough markets.

With the outstanding performances of of Dogs of the Dow, and Dogs of the S& P 500 especially during the downturn.  Durig is proud to introduce 2 new additional low cost Dogs Investments, Dogs of Canada and, Dogs of Europe allowing you to get high yielding dividend with diversity in additional us or global markets.

View of Durig Low Cost Income and Dividend Investment Options:

For Advisors:
For clients of Charles Schwab advisors, please ask us how this might work for you and your current Financial Advisor.

We offer our successful investment strategies of Fixed Income 2 (FX2) Portfolio, Dividend Aristocrats, the Income Aristocrats Portfolio along with are many Dogs Portfolios to other Charles Schwab Registered Investment Advisors through segregated accounts.

Our price is the very low cost of only 1/2 a percent and the RIA can apply an additional fee that they believe is best situated for your clients and or your firm.

Disclaimer: Past performance is no indication of future success. The high yield strategies presented in this review by Durig may not be suitable for all investors. This is not investment advice from Durig, nor a specific recommendation to buy or sell securities. If you have any questions or concerns about its suitability for your personal investment, you should seek specific investment advice from a registered professional before making an investment decision. Information on this website is provided for informational purposes only and is not offered as advice with respect to any particular security or related financial instrument. This information should not be used as a basis for making an investment decision and must not be treated as a substitute for seeking advice from a licensed professional. The suitability of a given investment for a particular investor depends on a number of factors, each of which should be considered carefully. Such factors include, but are not limited to, the risk associated with the investment, the nature of current market conditions, and the investor’s objectives, personal needs, and specific circumstances.

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Dogs of the Dow

Dogs of the Dow We have created a new versions of the well established Dogs of the Dow strategy, with 3 brother portfolios each with a slightly different, more professional and specialized approach to investing since the Dogs of the Dow.  Utilizing updated free trading, quarterly re-balance, and dynamic weightings, making it more effective, but still entirely built on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. As a fiduciary first and foremost, we provide our Advisory clients with a personalized fiduciary service at a very low-cost. Ask about our many services today!

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