Ebanel Doubles Fake Reviews by Blatantly Spitting in the Face of Amazon Policies

Ebanel has more than doubled their fake reviews on a single product, literally overnight!  Just look at the photo’s.  Thursday evening their spray product was struggling with a slowly sinking score (despite a load of fake positive reviews!). As part of their product launch strategy, they gave their spray an immediate fake review boost by claiming it was a size and color variation on their cream product. We believe Amazon forcibly separated the two products after complaints of malfeasance. As a result, Ebanel’s fake review count went down significantly and so did their score on that spray product.

So what did Ebanel do? In addition to slowly adding fake reviews to the spray, they went back in a few weeks later and recombined the products!

This photo was taken Thursday Aug 1. Ebanel Spray had 19 Reviews and a 3.25-Star rating. You can confirm the date by the shipment date of the cream listed in the photo.

By Thursday evening, Ebanel’s numbing spray had a lowly 19 reviews and a score that, despite many fake reviews, was slowly sinking (3 ¼ stars– better than the product deserved, yet still not enough for Ebanel). Imagine the jaws dropping among Ebanel’s competitors when they saw that overnight the spray went from 19 reviews and 3.25 stars to 49 reviews with a 4 star average. This miracle transformation was thanks to a repeat in Ebanel’s well-known fraudulent behavior. They more than doubled their reviews in a matter of hours. How? By combining two products into one. A true hybridization of fraud!

The laws are very clear. Fake reviews are illegal. They are considered a form of consumer fraud.

Thanks to the help of concerned citizens like you, and in no small part due to our efforts in raising awareness and working with the Justice Department, Ebanel is growing more and more cautious about how they use fake reviews to manipulate the Amazon system. So if you’re Ebanel and you’re afraid to get caught adding fake reviews, what do you do? You borrow from the fake reviews you already have that no one has noticed yet.

Well, we have noticed. This product is only one month old, and now has more reviews than most products in that category have after years of product sales. They have again taken prime position in the numbing products field by manipulating the review process– just like they’ve done for nearly every single product they sell. Ebanel has a long history of fake and illegal reviews created en masse and quickly, all to become rich. They don’t care about the consumer. They don’t care about ethics. They don’t care about Amazon and just use them as a tool in the service of this ongoing fraud.

This photo of the spray was taken one day later on Aug 2. They doubled to 49 reviews and a 4-star rating– gaining 20 reviews overnight and a Amazon’s Choice Badge. Most numbing companies don’t achieve 49 reviews in a couple years.

No wonder they were terminated from Walmart’s website

How can Amazon allow such fraud? Especially when they have known about it for months, with repeated reports and documentation submitted to them. All of this is against their own written policies and against every claim they make to the press about fake reviews. This isn’t the first time, or the second time. Those of us keeping count are starting to run out of fingers and toes! People in the industry have claimed Ebanel is the poster child for fake review fraud.” No matter how many times they get caught, no matter how many times Amazon says one unauthorized review is too many, nothing gets done and Ebanel does it again.

So what has the punishment been so far for their consumer crimes? What action has been taken on Amazon’s part to stop this massive deceit factory? Amazon sprang into action and branded Ebanel with their Best Seller Award and gave their product the “Amazon’s Choice For Numbing Spray” badge. No wonder there’s so much fraud! If Amazon won’t even take out the ringleaders, who are brazenly and repeatedly challenging Amazon policies (even after it has been exposed in the press), no wonder the fake review industry is growing so robustly.

 “We have clear participation guidelines for both reviewers and selling partners and we suspend, ban, and take legal action on those who violate our policies.”  -Amazon

Ebanel’s latest fraud just validates our previous claims and this will also be forwarded to the DOJ because it’s further proof that Amazon’s automated award software is helping to discriminate again honest companies, leaving them to compete with endless frauds. Not to mention the consumers that are being ripped off right and left.

“Ebanel Blatantly Spit in the Face of Amazon Policies Again” said the CEO of an Ebanel competitor

This is a complete and utter failure on the part of Amazon to enforce their policies.  The giant retailer’s unwillingness to police the industry they dominate (and are responsible for) is a gigantic win for the massive and fast growing fake review farms that are providing more and more phony reviews every day. It’s all happening right under Amazon’s nose. Amazon sees it, knows about it, and instead of doing something they swell their chest with indignation, stomp their feet and spew nonsense about their policies (“one fake review is too many”).

Why does Amazon fail to act?

The money! Ebanel is ranked high in this category and that gets them preferential treatment in Amazon’s book. Sometimes more than half of the sales in an Amazon category can go to the company in the number one spot. If you make it there apparently Amazon has your back, no matter what.

How emboldened are the serial cheaters going to become before something is done?  They’re now making an effort to hide their fake reviews– making sure to mix a couple 2, 3, and 4 stars into the mix to cover their tracks. They’re placing very nasty reviews on their direct competitors who can’t/won’t respond in kind. All the while, the real losers are the consumers, who have no idea what type of malice and deceit lies behind the “Best Seller” and “Amazon’s Choice” badges.

Should Amazon awarded “Best Seller” and “Amazon’s Choice” badges to repeat cheaters or should they permanently ban all companies that commit illegal serial consumer fraud, as they claim in their policy?

So again we call on our fellow citizens and consumers: Report this fraud with us to Amazon. Report sellers like this who abuse and manipulate the system. Make Amazon do more than just beat their chest and call it good because “Hey, we’re making money so who really cares?” It is the customer who can really make change happen. Because as Amazon has shown, integrity isn’t enough to make a change here. The almighty dollar is speaking and every time you refuse to buy from a fraudulent seller, you cast your vote towards ending this fraud!

If you know about any Amazon fake review issues, please send it to: CommunalNews1@gmail.com

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