Eccentric English Critic Talks LA Municipal Artwork – Meet Professor Knestor Jackdaws (VIDEO)

  • One educated UK critic pushes back against soulless municipal "art" in Los Angeles.
  • Professor Knestor Jackdaws shares his considerable expertise on art criticism free for all to enjoy.
  • This is just the latest in a series of YouTube videos with the goal of kickstarting a modern-day renaissance.

A visiting UK Art Critic, Professor Knestor Jackdaws, takes a tour of some of LA’s outdoor municipal artwork and contrasts two prominent examples. One makes the cut, and the other… mutts the cake? You get the idea…

Professor Jackdaws, who some say fits the classic mold of the English Eccentric, is nonetheless renowned as a world-class art critic who has posted dozens of videos on YouTube, lending his opinion to, and considerable acumen on, historic and contemporary works of art in settings all around the globe.

PKJ (or “the ‘Perfessor” as he is affectionately known) boasts an impressive host of credentials, including his undergraduate, graduate and doctoral education at the highly respected Oxmouth College in London. Over the past decade or so, Professor Jackdaws has been posting YouTube videos spotlighting various works of art and expounding on their importance, while revealing a highly erudite viewpoint of the artist’s intent, skill and why the works are so eminent and relatable.

But, lately, PKJ has taken to deriding what he considers the excess and hubris of some artists who embrace the modern trend of creating works which produce no emotional response (other than rejection) and whose sole aim is to repudiate the essence of beautiful art: The enthrallment of the appreciative observer.

As a case in point, Professor Jackdaws’ latest YouTube video contrasts two works of municipal, outdoor artworks, one a gated, inaccessible sculpture outside a Whole Foods market, and the other a nearby public fountain adorned with a spectacular mosaic celebrating the locale of Tarzana, California.

The first, a justifiably unidentified 10-foot high concrete and iron monstrosity, which is supposed to represent the local fauna, draws Professor Jackdaws’ ire, prodding him to observe “it’s as if Brancusi, the great Italian sculptor, had worked at the Home Depot.” The criticism is well-founded and should resonate with anyone not taken in by the racket of modern art criticism and who finds satisfaction in thinking for themselves.

Next, the ‘Perfessor stops in nearby Tarzana and gushes over a beautifully realized public fountain, which provides a lovely place to rest in the cool shade, converse with an acquaintance, or nip a bit of lunch before going on with the rest of the day. Isn’t that the reaction all municipal art is supposed to evoke?

Created by Jose Antonio Aguirre, the sweeping mosaic, embedded at the bottom of a 30-foot long fountain pool, is vibrantly colored and celebrates mythical jungle lord Tarzan (accompanied by a swinging Jane) namesake of the town itself. One can’t help but appreciate the skill, talent and intent of the artist who makes a lasting statement steeped in the true tradition of art for the public’s sake.

We’re honored that Professor Knestor Jackdaws has chosen to make the US his home and look forward to his further efforts at lending his unique artistic outlook by delivering short, master-class lectures on the importance of art and its history, from the glorious past to what one can only hope is a contemporary renaissance, rejecting cold, mercurial and soulless “modern” art, in favor of beautiful paintings, sculpture and objets d’art which can be enjoyed by all those with the eyes, and the mind, to appreciate them.

And, hopefully, he’ll be able to earn enough disposable income to afford a proper Orthodontist…

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