Enhanced Market Research Publishing Launched by Communal News and Freelance Global Gigs Low Cost Marketplace

Communal News (CN), a very fast growing global online open news services, has integrated with Freelance Global Gigs (FGG) Low Cost Marketplace, a company with even faster global growth (but on a smaller base), and together they are now able to combine their two services into one for their market research publishing clients.

FGG Low Cost Marketplace allows you to save and make more money!

From Day One, the Communal News philosophy has been to supply ⅓ News, ⅓ Blog and ⅓ Market Research content to readers online.  That has worked very well for their readers, as each category provides about ⅓ the total readership or pageviews. This balanced model has been a cornerstone, enabling CN to explode their readership.

A problem has developed where Communal News has received about four times more market research reports than news articles and blogs posts, so the vast majority of market research reports never get published.

After some further research into this field, CN and FGG Low Cost Marketplace found other firms posting third party research reports for sale, but charging a shockingly high 50% of the sales prices, yet they never provided any discounts to the consumers or buyers that we could identity.  Not only do they sell the research with a 50% mark up, but they are also in direct competition with the third party publishers; they cherry pick the platform’s best clients, providing them with their own internally composed market reports.  This feels like a corrupt business model that was clearly stacked against any third party research publishers having long term success.

CN and FGG Low Cost Marketplace also realized that when research firms submit their online articles to the CN news services, FGG and CN could take a single submission and post them both on the news site and for sale on the FGG gig site. They’ve designed a software program to do all the extra work, costing the market report publishing firms no extra time. So CN & FGG have proceeded to provide double the services, with no extra time required by market report publishers, and providing this higher service all at no cost.

Realizing that the current leading platforms created such an unfair economic approach for the market report publishers, CN and FGG Low Cost Marketplace will only offer 100% third party market research reports for sale. They will not compete with market report writers. Publishers can now offer their report for sale on the FGG, selling the research at FGG normal rate of only 12%, instead of the unbelievably high rate of 50% on other sites. This is a huge savings for the publishers.



CN will still continue to select (in the same manner) a small number of the best market report press releases to be published on the Communal News website every day, as well as on Google News and Facebook News, their social media accounts and in every major global language.

FGG Low Cost Marketplace asks the research publishers (knowing the low FGG fee is only 25% of the leading provider), due to the great savings they can achieve, to pass on their lower cost by reducing their prices by 20% so our very low-cost model is not just a significant benefit to the publishers, but also to the consumer. They want to make sure this a top to bottom superior experience for all, especially when compared to some of the more corrupt legacy models.

FGG Low Cost Marketplace realizes that, due to contract obligations, not all of the publishers can and will be able to make this price reduction, but overall CN & FGG hope they will soon be the lowest cost (by far!) research report provider on the Internet.

With Communal News approaching four million visitors a year (in a little over 2 years’ time and still growing very fast), and with ⅓ of those visitors/readers focused on their market research reports, the folks at CN & FGG Low Cost Marketplace believe they now have over one million annual market research readers– and that segment is growing very fast.

FGG Low Cost Marketplace translates and publishes in over 100 languages covering over 97% of the world’s communications

CN and FGG Low Cost Marketplace forecast that, with such a large reading base, their market research reports (combined with special internal plans and a much more ethical model) could grow this market research segment significantly faster. They will continue to provide similar online news, but tightly integrated with a new, roughly 4X larger, low-cost library of research products for sale with a large and growing reader base.  They hope and believe this superior model will develop into a very robust, open, highly ethical, low-cost marketplace for third party market research writers.

The research publisher should greatly benefit with no additional time involved. They could receive a whopping 88% of any sale for their research to potential clients that in most cases might never have seen their work before. It’s about time a low-cost open platform that already handles millions of research readers is in a position to offer a highly ethical, open, leading low-cost sales platform.

Communal News and FGG Low Cost Marketplace have historically provided rocket like growth because they provide services that work directly with their clients, readers and the public. They’re trying to find a better, more open platform that is a low-cost or free solution for all.

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