Entrepreneur Emerald Wilson-Bey Pulls the Plug on Her New Dating Site

  • Pot Head Love LLC will be no more.
  • "I don't want to be affiliated with drugs!" says Wilson-Bey.
  • New Project On The Way.

The “Exclusive Emerald Collection LLC” founder told us she’s waving goodbye to her new dating site for cannabis users called “Pot Head Love LLC.” Via the company’s website and social media pages, the company promised a unique, interactive dating site experience, fully equipped with various features that had never been done before.

PotHeadLove.com logo.

The company’s Instagram page (@potheadlove2019) shared some success stories from when the site was briefly tested last year. Many of the couples selected were chosen from all over the United States. Gay, straight, lesbian and senior couples were highlighted. The site even produced one recorded marriage since its brief debut.

The most known couples, “Evan, Taryn, Monica and Kyle” were actually paid to be the face of the new dating site and produced many of the sites marketing ideas.

The “My Nights With The Shah” author told us:

“Decriminalization was popping up left and right with marijuana, and as a “mini capitalist” , I wanted to get in on the action from a financial standpoint, it was just a niche for me, though I hated that I had officially become associated with drugs and I didn’t like that. The cu-de-graw was when it came time to market the site, and I found out that the topic was still very restricted, very censored in ways that I had not dealt with in my other ventures.”


“The Perfect Cushion” author formatted the company in October 2018 in Los Angeles, and as of today the company is still listed as active on the State of California business registry. The sites press release boasted how it was going to “match users with the same integrity of a Match.com or Christian dating site,” seemingly taking a jab at its would-be competition like “My420Mate.com,” “420Date.com” and others, who have been bashed in the past for allegedly not having relationship/marital quality users or algorithms.

“The Wilson-Bey Group Multifaceted LLC” founder also shared how she had run into a snafu last year with one of the sites components. She says she turned to Facebook Inc for help, and they allegedly stole the entire markup because they were better skilled at developing it, as her developers couldn’t get it to function properly:

PotHeadLove.com landing page.

“The watch party idea on Facebook was on my dating site first, but it kept shutting the whole system down, and I didn’t want to use a basic plugin, so I reached out to Apple and Facebook to price the technical assistance, because I knew they were ferocious technically and when I stopped my project briefly, next thing I knew I was seeing it on my timeline, and that’s when I learned that ideas are fair game legally”

All of which caused the outgoing entrepreneur to initiate legal action against the social media giant.

So what’s next for Wilson-Bey? She simply stated: “Something!”

Rules and regulations for advertising dating sites in general are pretty strict, and sites related to cannabis are stricter. While legality opened many flood gates for opportunities in the cannabis industry, the topic is still in the mind of the beholder. Is it possible to find true love on a dating site? And can a dating site for cannabis users really match you with the “same integrity of a Match.com and attract high quality users that are more marriage minded,” despite cannabis use? I guess we will never know.

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