Essential Home Office Ideas for Freelancers

  • Are you tired of working from home because of the lockdown measures imposed in your city?
  • Perhaps you are looking for ways to spruce up your home office?
  • Let us examine some easy and cost-effective ways to make your home-office design cozier.

The ambiance, décor, and furniture one must have in their home office should aid in productivity and help to stay motivated, especially if there is a need to work for an extended duration from home. For those just starting or been working for some time, we have collected a few tips for them to enliven your home workspace.

Whether a professional working in a conglomerate or a homemaker working as a freelancer from home, there is one essential item common to both i.e., a desk. It is perhaps the most important part of official or home office furniture which helps in working efficiently.

Since there are times when we need to move while working, selecting a chair with a wheelbase is essential.

When planning to buy a home office desk something to look out for: 

The first thing to decide is the type of desk. Would it be used to stand, sit, or both when working? Research has shown that remaining seated for extended durations is detrimental to one’s health and slouching over peering at the screen can strain the back as well. The best option is to opt for a home office desk that is dual purpose. One which can be used to work on while standing or also when seated.

The kind of shape is the next aspect to consider. These features would be subject to the quantity of space needed to work comfortably.  For those that require extra storage or having multiple screens, selecting an L-shape would be ideal.

Selecting home office chairs:

Those working from home on a full-time basis will spend a good part of their working hours on it. Therefore, it must offer comfort and durability while also being ergonomically shaped and aesthetically pleasing.    ‌‌

Features to keep in mind:  ‌‌

Adjustable and easy to maneuver: Since there are times when we need to move while working, selecting one with a wheelbase is essential. It also should be adjustable, to raise or decrease the height when needed to rest the arms on the desk for support with the feet resting comfortably on the floor.

Ergonomic design: 

As fanciful as the term may sound, it simply means something that helps relax and is comfortable while working.   The best test is to sit and rest the spine against the backrest. Its design should accommodate the contours of the spine in a very comfortable manner.

Ambient lighting: 

Did you know that many people are not aware that workplace lighting can impact productivity?  It should neither be too bright or dim as in either case it strains the eyes. This could lead to fatigue, sore eyes, and a decrease in productivity. The ideal solution would be having ample natural light (where possible). Desk lamps are a better option than overhead lighting. Apart from being adjustable, it should have an option to control brightness as needed.

‌The type of light: Whether LED or conventional bulbs are used they should be of a wattage subject to requirements and the person’s vision. They should exude a soft warm glow. It is soothing for the eyes and leads to better work efficiency.

While furniture is of significance for the office, other accessories can add to the comfort and productivity as well.

Home office‌ accessories ‌

While furniture is of significance for the office, other accessories can add to the comfort and productivity as well.

Wireless chargers: Considering the use of mobiles for official and personal tasks having a multi-utility wireless charger is not just another gizmo but a necessity. They come at a variety of prices and of different outputs including an option of super-fast charging. A must-have for charging laptops, mobiles, and other digital devices!

Keyboard and mouse: Tired of using the trackpad on a laptop? Why not use a wireless mouse and keypad instead? They are available in ergonomically friendly designs to avoid strain to the wrist muscles.

Home Office Decor

A workplace need not necessarily only look attractive to visitors and clients. It should reflect the personality of the person using it and look attractive with a warm and cozy ambiance. From adding potted plants to mementos and pictures of family or friends, there are a lot of ways to make it an inviting and visually pleasing area of a home.

In summation, having a well-designed workplace helps to alleviate the stress and the monotony of working long hours from the home or office. That is why it is critical to keep design and ambiance in mind to make work seem like a pleasure.

Do you have any such ideas of home office design that you would like to share with all those working as freelancers as well? Please feel free to share your suggestions and comments.

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