Even With the Strongest Numbing Products, It’s Still a Tough Path to Success – The Numbify Story

Being from the Pacific Northwest, we have all been raised and firmly believe in the benefits that natural and organic ingredients can bring your life. So it’s no secret that Numbify is one of the fastest growing companies in the Lidocaine Numbing field. Their proprietary formula that hits pain and itching hard is unparalleled. What you might not be aware of, is their unflinching commitment to integrity in business dealings and commitment to an honest review process. Numbify has never done, and will never do ANY animal testing, and they always trying to improve our global ecosystem.

While many companies on sites such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.com are paying for thousands of falsified reviews to make their products appear to be more effective than they are, Numbify decided to take a different route. They actually listened to their customers, and then altered their products to match what their customers were looking for.  This one simple choice made them the strongest performer in the numbing world. Without needing to pour money into a review farm and micro manage reviews, Numbify was free to constantly improve, and take the lead in the market.

Numbify Core Values:

  1. Stronger Numbing – This one is easy to understand. When you spend money on a product it is important to have your product work, and work well. Because of how we listen to our customers, Numbify is a shining example of how good a product can get when you care enough to find out exactly what your customers want and need.
  2. Natural Ingredients – This may be better characterized as quality ingredients. Sometimes a natural ingredient is just better. Whenever this is the case, Numbify always opts for the natural ingredient.  Unlike many companies in the field, instead of going out of our way to find the cheapest ingredients that kinda do the job, we chose to go a different route; choosing the best ingredient, and never choosing cheap synthetic filler ingredients that have no purpose but to take up space in the product and make it cheaper to produce.
  3. Low Cost Pricing – Strangely enough even though Numbify uses more expensive higher quality ingredients, in many if not most cases it is priced lower than its competitors. This one is a real head scratcher to us, we just don’t get it. How can you in good conscience charge more money for a lower quality product. It just doesn’t make sense. It really makes you wonder how much of YOUR money these other companies are using to buy more fake reviews that will later be used to deceive you and others like you. It’s almost enough to make you think, “if I cannot trust these companies to tell me the truth about their products, how can I trust them to manufacture my medication?”

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Numbify’s stand against the massive fake review in the numbing industry was not easy, especially knowing that over 75% of our direct competitors were and are still buying, even to this day, thousands of fake reviews every year. These unscrupulous firms (some are even national brands) have escalated  fake numbing reviews to an all out war.  Many numbing firms did not stop at just falsifying their own product reviews, they even went so far as to buy hundreds of negative fake reviews to be put on their competitors, and with the understanding they will even hurt all the honest numbing companies.

We have been informed that much of their efforts focus on Numbify, because we were and are growing strong with our simple and honest approach. This appeared to enrage the numbing companies so much, that they  even tried using false and disreputable means, in an attempt to future escalate their “Win at all Cost Fake Review War”.

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With so many fake reviews being purchased, many employees in our own company even questioned if any numbing firm (including Numbify) could survive without engaging in fake reviews, especially at Amazon.com were it has been repeatedly and systemically rewarded.

As our outlook started to look bleak, as one of the few remaining honest numbing companies, we had to make a very unpleasant decision about weather to pay for fake reviews and maybe hold onto our business at Amazon, or allow the Amazon numbing business to slip away.

In a fateful meeting, we at Numbing made a unanimous company wide decision, we WILL NOT and WOULD NEVER participate in this unethical business manner.   We will even go one step future, to make a STRONG STAND and FIGHT AGAINST using underhanded FAKE REVIEWS, that almost all of the numbing companies are involved with.

YOU the consumer deserve to know the FULL and HONEST TRUTH. That’s when we started the Numbify Strongest Numbing Challenge so you the consumer could be better informed.  It is amazing that our focus on higher ethics while providing a superior products not only helped us survive in a tough market, but actually helped us to prosper

Instead of lying to get customers, we at Numbify are doing it our way. If a company really believes their product is better than ours we will happily duel them in 3rd party side by side testing. We open this up to any of our competitors who sell lidocaine 5% numbing products. No dishonest business practices, no fake reviews, and if we don’t win then we will pay to put your article in the news as the strongest numbing cream at our expense!

What is surprising to us is that even though our nemeses have purchased many thousands of mostly 5 star fake reviews for their own products, AND launched a negative fake review campaign directly against us, we still have pretty darn good ratings! We have even attained ratings superior over many of the cheaters, as we have been constantly improving our products– adding even more and stronger natural ingredients– as we don’t have to worry about constantly babysitting our reviews.

This has been so effective that our ratings are now even eclipsing some of the very high volume fake leaders.  So we at Numbify want to thank you, our consumers, for being organic and honest in your reviews and supporting our superior business and online ethical stand.

At Numbify we are proud to do our duty in providing superior performance products, honest advertising, providing all natural ingredients when ever possible, keeping our prices low while improving the world that surrounds us.  We are fighting corruption and greed with honesty and intellect, providing a more beautiful, healthier world today and for our children of tomorrow. We couldn’t do it without your support and return business. So with that in mind, thank you for your patronage, and keep up the great work!

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