Faith in God and the Messiah – Coronavirus

  • The Lubavitcher Rebbe 25 years ago proclaimed that the world is facing a crisis and needs the Messiah.
  • The Rebbe said we are in messianic times, wake up.
  • Unite with King David and Psalms when struck by the fear of death, The Lord is my shepherd I shall not fear.

Coronavirus continues to spread. Everyone is upset and uneasy. President Trump has given a year and a half until will be available a vaccination.  How far it will spread is unknown. How many death will it take is also unknown. Coronavirus has united all mankind together to find a cure and an eternal answer.

People believe in God from the day of birth. They don’t know how to perceive him but know that he is watching over them.  They want to come closer to God and strengthen their faith. There are two ways which have been paved for those seeking to know God not only to believe in him.

Job the righteous man was struck by a plague which tested his faith in God.

To live with simple faith in God is usually enough.  When times get difficult like in World War II it becomes more difficult to believe in God when forty million people were killed and the six million people from the Nation of God Israel the Jewish people. To strengthen faith was given a new solution in the New Age which is to reach God through the Messiah.  In Judaism the messiah is usually held in the background to be revealed some day in the future.  Orthodox Jewry maintains faith in God without the revelation of the messiah. Through the learning of the Torah the law of God and practicing his commandments given to the Jewish people, faith in God is maintained and strengthened.

Usually to strengthen Jewish faith is required Jewish education to begin in early years at home, from kindergarten until graduation from High School. The purpose of Jewish education is not only to support faith in God but also to reinforce the importance of marriage and abstention from promiscuous sex before marriage. Boys and Girls in Orthodox Jewish Day schools learn separately. When they reach marriageable age which is 18 they are encouraged to find a proper match through matchmakers in their community. When they are married and begin to make a family, their lives are developing growing outward.  As long as they keep studying the Torah their spiritual life continues to grow. Life demands growth whether in material pursuits or spiritual pursuits.

Many Jews did not have the opportunity to grow up in a home which reinforced faith and modesty in their lives. They grew up with secular values which do not condemn pre-marital sex and are exposed to opinions and philosophies which may be atheist, agnostic without reinforcing the importance of faith in God and religious values. In the middle of their lives, these people may decide to begin to fill in the gaps in their lives which were neglected when they were young. They may have chosen in their lives to seek wealth and the pleasures of material life luxuries. People carry on their lives floating with the current on waves until they reach a crisis in their life.  It is difficult to stop the waters as they continue to flow or to jump on a ship with a special new purpose of faith in God.

The decision to change the life direction from material minded to spiritual is difficult. Usually there are circumstances in life which interfere in making this decision. The path of life is not always predictable. Who would have expected that in 2020 would come to the world Coronovirus?  Coronovirus is a curse for many, but it may also be for some a blessing. No one wants to get the virus; it threatens the lives of people and its threat can become emotionally overwhelming. Work is being done to contain the virus through quarantine. There is also work being done to find a vaccine. Some people will be exposed to Corona and die. Others will live it out and heal. Many people may not get the virus at all through following the directions of quarantine. The threat is great for everyone and only those that accept the will of God with complete faith are calm.

Orthodox Jews are also scared about Corona.  They love their children and want to see only health and happiness. The whole world is united in limiting the effects of this plague.  It can strike wherever there are people exposed to the virus who are not in quarantine.

Faith in God the creator of the universe may also be struck by the plague of Corona. Why did God lead six million Jews into the concentration camps? Who is this God that kills innocent children? People can become atheists from seeing the cruelty of God. In the Bible is a book called Job, about a righteous man who was struck by a plague. His faith in God was threatened. In the end when he blamed himself for his affliction he became cured. Blaming God is not the answer.  It will only make a person sicker.  He can only become from hatred of God an anti-Semite, liberal atheist, against the Lord and religion. Judaism requires a Jew to receive from God the good and the bad even to give thanks.

Judaism can be a difficult path. In each and every generation there is persecution of Jews. Today the world is under attack from Coronavirus not only the Jewish people. Judaism will not allow Jews to believe in the Messiah for personal emotional healing.  The Messiah for Judaism is exclusively a national savior.  Judaism requires Jews to sacrifice for their nation and its religion.  The whole world is sinking into disbelief rebellion against religion.

The world is faced with a difficult emotional challenge. Even the strongest believers in God will have difficulty dealing with the death of their children and loved ones. Families are the hardest hit. The instructions have already been given in each faith how to deal with a crisis which endangers faith. Those that have been isolated from religion now may need religion which they neglected their whole lives. Children who were raised secular are innocent victims of the trials of life and death. Not everyone will die from coronavirus; God will select his victims like he has done in the past; who will live and who will die.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe stressed the need for the coming of the Messiah, Now.

The Lord has prepared mankind for an eventual crisis whether it will be through fire, nuclear weapons or through disease like the coronavirus. Besides the ways offered by the three major faiths Judaism, Christianity and Islam has been added a fourth faith called the Universal Faith. Each of these three faiths Christianity, Judaism and Islam have their own scriptures given by their prophet. Judaism and Islam have been commanded by their prophet to worship God without any image or form. Christians worship God in the image of Jesus the messiah which is considered idolatry by Judaism and Islam. To each way has its advantage.

The advantage of worshipping God without any form or image frees people from the mistake to believe that God is limited.  God is unlimited. The advantage of worship of God in the image of the Messiah is that in this way God becomes personal and closer but is still distant. The Messiah Jesus is not in this world but in a heavenly world. He is not God but much closer to God than man who lives in the world of disease and hatred.  To believe that the Messiah Jesus is God limits God to Jesus alone. In the last generation of Judaism through Chassidism has been revealed the Messiah in a reverse direction from Jesus. Jesus is revealed as the Messiah in heaven. The Messiah revealed in Judaism founded on later esoteric texts like the Zohar is the spiritual connection of God to the earth. Therefore death and resurrection is not stressed by the Messiah of Judaism.  Instead is emphasized eternal life without death.

Jesus is called the Messiah in Christianity after he sacrificed himself for the cause of the Messiah, died and resurrected. The Messiah revealed through Judaism sacrificed himself for the cause of the Messiah but is considered alive without death. King David is mentioned in the Zohar to have received eternal life without death because of his devotion to life and to God. Elijah the prophet is mentioned in the book of Kings when he went up into heaven in a body without death. The Messiah of Judaism complements the Messiah of Christianity.  They both praise eternal life in opposite directions.  Jesus is the messiah of the heavens and King David the messiah of the earth.

Uniting the two Messiahs is Adam the first man who experienced the Garden of Eden before his sin. Adam lived in spiritual unity between the two Messiahs symbolized by the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge.

The concept of the Messiah has been clarified in Chassidism in the last generation to give each person the chance to connect to the Messiah in his time of need like today when the world is in shock from Coronavirus. Connecting to the two Messiahs frees religion from the idolatry of believing in Jesus that he is God alone.  Jesus is the son of God and the Messiah of Judaism is rock of Israel the foundation of faith.

The full correction comes through the belief in the resurrection of Moses as discussed on the internet. King David in Psalm 23 writes, The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want. Even as I walk in the shadow of death I shall fear no evil.” Coronavirus is a curse to humanity but it can also become a blessing when it opens to mankind the gift of eternal life.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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