Fake News Attacks Bill Gates for Predicting a Viral Pandemic

  • Bill Gates told the world in 2015 to prepare for a Pandemic like Corona.
  • People survived the HIV pandemic but their immunity system was weakened.
  • Corona targets the elderly and those with medical issues and immunity disorders.

Bill Gates in 2015 spoke about the potential dangers of a Pandemic. The world didn’t take him seriously. Today Fake news blames him for Corona virus like they blame Jews. Corona virus pandemic is not only infecting and killing, it is also taking its emotional toll. Sad news from Russia in the news this week about the suicide of several doctors.

Doctors in hospital are overloaded with pressures trying to save lives from the contagious virus. The work is overloading and they live with the threat of getting infected being exposed to the virus even with all their precautions. Even before arrived Corona, doctors had a larger percentage of suicide then other professions for many reasons. In Israel within 18 months committed suicide in Soroka Hospital in Beer Sheva.

Bill Gates maybe the second richest man in the world predicted a future pandemic in 2015. Fake News blames him for the Corona Pandemic. He has donated charity to produce a vaccine.

President Trump recently made the statement that “the Corona Pandemic is more a crisis than September 11 Twin Towers disaster.”  Bill Gates made the statement that “Corona is a world war with everyone fighting on one side.”  Right now Corona virus is being battled with everyone on one side but if it continues eventually due to unemployment the world will be severely divided between the poor and the rich.  People are beginning to feel the economic pressures of Corona. CNN showed the problems thousands of illegal foreign workers in Oman living in poverty. Nations are forced to return to normalcy to prevent a greater problem which is poverty.  The statement of Bill Gates the multi-billionaire will hold up only temporarily if the work force is not allowed to return to work. Bill Gates in 2015 made a TED talk in which he spoke about the danger of a Pandemic and ways of preparing for one.

He has given charity for many causes through his foundation called Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In his speech he spoke about Ebola as an epidemic to bring awareness of the threat of another virus. Ebola crippled people who were infected in a way that they became immediately hospitalized and not capable of spreading the disease. It did not reach the major cities. Corona spreads even before there are symptoms.  In this speech he refrained from mentioning about HIV.  HIV is spread through blood contact. In this way it did not spread as easily as Corona virus.  HIV was contained through medical care and through using safety measures in sexual contact. In 2018 37.9 million people were living with HIV and it already resulted in 770,000 deaths. HIV cripples the immunity system.  It is more prevalent in some more countries than in others. America has more than a million dormant HIV infections. New York hit hardest by Corona has more than 125,000 HIV cases. Although most of the cases of HIV are under control through medicine it affects the immunity system. Those people who have dormant HIV are more vulnerable to Corona virus death. This may be a factor in the death count from Corona in NYC and Western European nations. The spread of HIV which damages the immunity system weakens the resistance to Corona. Ebola and HIV were both not taken seriously to prepare for a future pandemic.

Bill Gates in his lecture in 2015 attacked the world for not taking potential epidemics seriously through preparing in advance. Fake news attacks Bill Gates for mentioning the threat of Corona and even blames him for the Pandemic. The epidemic principally hits the elderly who had the responsibility to prepare for epidemics like HIV, Ebola and Corona and were negligent.  The Spanish Flu came immediately after World War I and began in US army camps. It struck hardest at those of the age of 20-45 the age of soldiers. Through Spanish Flu, God was telling mankind rather than to prepare for another war to prepare for peace. Mankind did not read into the secret intention of God in sending the Spanish Flu which killed millions of the world population. World War II was the result.

The gravesite of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov in Uman Ukraine.

Corona also seems to have a divine intention in that it strikes hardest at the elderly and those with low immunity because of other medical problems. It does not damage children unrelated to HIV-aids and other medical issues. Those in the younger ages that have died from Corona must have had previous conditions.  God like human beings has two hands.  With his right hand he rewards. With his left hand he punishes.

The Universal faith unites the right and left hand of God, mercy and justice. To take justice, pain and suffering out of the world is impossible. God created the world with justice and added onto his creation mercy. The Universal faith started with Judaism preaching and teaching the Law of Moses. God placed in the world justice through Moses and through the establishment of the Biblical Nation of Israel. Judaism continues in the way taught by Moses to Joshua and to the elders of Israel. Adding mercy to justice was the next step in the revelation of the Universal faith. The Catholic Church located at the Vatican is also called the Universal church. Catholicism did not succeed to bring the Universal faith to the world through the resurrection of Jesus.  When the world has sunken into darkness through war and plagues, has been revealed the Universal faith through Baha”i and Progressive Jewish spirituality. Moses the giver of the law of God the hand of justice in the creation of the world, has returned to initiate the Universal faith through resurrection.

A spark of the Universal faith was ignited in Judaism over the last two hundred and fifty years through Chassidism. Chassidism established in the Ukraine by Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov created three new channels in Judaism. Two of these channels are Messianic movements, Chabad and Breslov Chassidism. The other Chassidic groups are open to Messianic Judaism and the teachings of Chassidism derived from the Zohar the Book of Splendor but these groups continue in the traditional fundamental way of Judaism through the study of the law. The main Chassidic groups are Satmar located in Williamburg and Monroe New York, Skweir and Vishnitz located in Monsey NY and in Bnei Brak. Bobov Chassidism is one of the largest groups located primarily in Boro Park Brooklyn.  These groups emphasize family purity and are almost completely national Jewish minded.

This is a copy of a letter written by Rabbi Nachman to his student Yisrael Odessa 200 years after his death. It gives additional faith in resurrection which people need today.

Chabad Chassidism works toward Messianic goals which are in Judaism and in Jewish law. They cannot accept the Universal Faith because Judaism is fundamentally National religious. Chabad has not accepted the resurrection of Moses but looks spiritually at the eternal life of the righteous. Many Chabad Chassidim accept their last leader Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson as the Messiah of the Jewish people even after his death. The Rebbe proclaimed that the most important part of Judaism today is the goal of the coming of the Messiah. The Rebbe is the symbol of the national Jewish Messiah.

Breslov Chassidism evolved in the last generation to become connected to the Universal faith through their master Rebbe Nachman.  Rebbe Nachman was a grandson of the founder of Chassidism the Baal Shem Tov. In the last generation was revealed a letter written to the Chassidic master Rabbi Israel Odessa by Rebbe Nachman 200 years after his death, revealing the secret of the resurrection of Rebbe Nachman.  Rebbe Nachman connected to the Universal faith through this letter and his writings revealing his resurrection and his secret name Na, Nac,Nachma, Nachman signed on this letter.

The Chassidic master Rabbi Israel Ber Odessa proclaimed that the saying and singing of the name of Rebbe Nachman is a remedy for all future crisis and suffering of the world to include Corona. Rebbe Nachman, who some claim is the soul of Moses is actually the crown of Judaism and the crown of the world.  With the help of God the Crown of Rabbi Nachman will destroy the crown of all viruses and plaguesCorona.

Important messages from Rebbe Nachman in his texts are:  There is no such thing as without hope.  Pray to God in your own words from your own sincere heart, this is the greatest of prayers. To be happy is a great achievement and a commandment from God. The fire of the my soul and teachings will enliven the hearts of mankind until the coming of the Messiah at the end of time. My soul is a river which purifies removes the stains from souls. The world is a very narrow bridge; the main thing is not to fear.

The message of Bill Gates was not strong enough to help the world prepare for Corona. The message of Rebbe Nachman is that there is still hope.  This message is for Bill Gates and each human being.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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