Fake News, Evil Talk the Cause of Corona

  • Work is being done to find a cure for Corona virus.
  • There is a hidden spiritual cause of diseases like Corona.
  • Fake News against President Trump may be. the cause of Corona

Corona has already caused 210,000 deaths and 3,000,000 people have become infected.  Corona virus originated in Wuhan China. Some say that it could have originated in the Virology Laboratory in Wuhan. It is well known that viruses the type of Corona have originated in bats. China refuses to take blame for the spread of the virus and insist that it originated in the market place in Wuhan.

Donald Trump and Melania the first lady. The President and the first lady are like King and Queen of America. When America lost respect for their leader the nation has fallen to Corona.

These issues are concerning natural causes of Corona. The virus has been studied in virology laboratories throughout the world and it has on it crowns to give it the name Corona. Medical science is looking to find answers how to treat the virus. There are medicines being developed included Remdesivir in Gilead Research Laboratories in Boston. It is being tested to confirm its benefits and to obtain approval by the FDA.

The old malaria medicine Chloroquine with antibiotics has been used to treat Corona with success but only in the beginning stages did it help to prevent hospitalizations primarily in the Chassidic neighborhood Kiryat Yoel in Monroe NY which was seriously infected by the virus. In Monroe there have been very few deaths in contrast to in the Chassidic neighborhoods of Monsey, Boro Park, Crown Heights and Williamsburg.  Vaccines are being developed in Oxford, UK, Israel, and in China. They have already began to test these vaccines on humans. Vaccines may be available by the end of the summer. Meanwhile quarantine is the best solution for Corona Pandemic.  Quarantine for treating the spread of viruses is the oldest technique which goes back to Biblical times.

In the Bible Leviticus 14 it is written that when there was an outbreak of leprosy those that were infected with leprosy were quarantined.  The priest knowledgeable in medicine would diagnose the type of leprosy plague according to its symptoms and quarantine him for seven days. Sacrifices and prayers were made for the person. After seven days the priest would again check the leper if the infection had ended and not spread. The leper would be shaved and sent for another week in quarantine. After the second week where the condition has improved he would now be clean. His clothes were then washed. There were different types of leprosy which required special treatment.

Leprosy was a disease like Corona. Leprosy was treated with quarantine like Corona. The wise men of Israel saw deeply into the cause of leprosy. They said leprosy was caused by evil talk.  The word for leprosy in Hebrew is literally translated as “coming from evil talk.”  Miriam the sister of Moses in Numbers :12, was stricken by leprosy for speaking evil talk regarding her brother Moses. Moses gave her a blessing for health “please God heal her” and sent her in quarantine for one week until she was healed. The disease of leprosy needed to be diagnosed and treated medically and also required a blessing or sacrifice to make the healing complete.

The Torah relates that all diseases come from sins committed by man. There is no person that has no sin. The first sin committed by Adam and Eve is the cause of death which no one can escape. Corona is caused by a virus but it also has a spiritual cause. The natural solution for Corona is through quarantine, medicine and vaccines but also should be identified the underlying spiritual cause of the disease. Underlying Corona pandemic is a sin of one person or of many people. Like leprosy the underlying cause of Corona may be evil talk, fake news.

The Statue of Liberty, the symbol of freedom.

President Trump took office in 2016. Unlike other Presidents he was not satisfied with maintaining status quo in America. He saw that America had changed and his goal was Make America Great Again (MAGA). The Obama administration had made a nuclear treaty with Iran which he saw was dangerous for America and the world. Iran assisted Syria to put down a rebellion in Syria which caused millions of innocent Syrian Muslims to be homeless refugees. Assad claimed that the rebellion was ISIS terrorism when it was Syrian civilians who were living in poverty unhappy with the Shiite administration who lived in wealth.

Iran is a terrorist Shiite nation which has also caused innocent people in Yemen to suffer amidst a civil war.  President Trump identified Iran with terrorism dangerous to American and world security. Iran has declared the intention to destroy Israel. They are interfering with peace between Palestine and Israel.

President Trump did not ignore the problems of drug traffic in America as did prior administrations. He began to build a wall in the south to prevent drug traffic. The economy of America needed strengthening and President Trump improved the economy.  Unemployment was the lowest in American history. The stock market Dow Jones rose unbelievably.

President Trump a believer in God and the Bible recognized morality in America had fallen and America needed religion and faith. Other administrations allowed freedom in America to go out of its boundaries permitting abortion and other abominations against Protestant and Christian values changing America from a nation with religious principle to a nation without principle. He was on the way to make America great again. Fake news did not give up to destroy Trump and succeeded to destroy America with Corona.

The cause of leprosy in biblical times was identified as evil talk. President Trump from the time he entered the presidency was attacked with evil talk called fake news. His opponents using the media attempted to impeach him.  They continued to try to impeach him after failing the first time.  His political opponents would not give up. They considered politics more important than the welfare of the nation and the welfare of the world. Fake news against Trump destroyed America and brought Corona to the whole world.

President Trump facing criticism from all sides for his handling of the Corona crisis made a statement suggesting the use of ultra-violet “or just a very powerful light – and I think you said that hasn’t been checked out because of the testing.” Trump said during the briefing. “And then I said, supposing you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or some other way, and I think that you are going to test that too.”

Madonna the Messiah of song in the universal faith.

The Bible teaches “Think good be positive and you will see results.” The President wanted to give hope to America which has suffered more than any other country in the world from Corona. He proposed a solution using light. Fake news attacked him as if he was advising the use of chemicals used for cleaning floors to clean the virus from the bodies of the infected. Light therapy is nothing new.

The first solution in the Bible as a solution for darkness is light. On the first day of creation it says in the Bible, and the earth was empty and void, and darkness hovered over the earth.  God said, Let there be light and there was light. Fake news called President Trump a fool. The Bible praises President Trump as a prophet. The prophets in Biblical times were called fools. No one believed them or their rebukes until their prophecies came true.

Israel is planning to use ultra-violet light to clean airplanes.  The usual cleaning solutions require a lot of time and involve chemicals, water and liquids. Passengers cannot board the plane until it has dried out. An innovative robotic system to rapidly sterilize passenger aircrafts using a powerful UV light technology is being tested by leading aerospace and defense firm Israel Aerospace Industries. It may also be possible to create UV for medical treatments like today is used laser. Fake news has again changed the sincere words of President Trump who suffers greatly from the sadness of Americans suffering Corona. President Trump is a person that cares about people. He wants the best for America. He loves Israel because America which was founded by Protestants are part of the same Bible culture as Israel.

God said on the first day “Let there be light.” Living in the Corona crisis we pray to God to bring light to the world dwelling in darkness. Freedom gives each person free choice. Some people have chosen to be atheists. Some people have chosen LGBT. President Trump is for democracy but his visions for America may not be the same as his democratic opponents. This does not give his Democratic opponents the right to publicize Fake News. Evil talk was the cause of leprosy. The original sin of Adam is the cause of death.  The snake used evil talk and lies to entice Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge. Evil talk speaking against a good and sincere man President Trump may be the cause of the Corona crisis.

Democracy gives each person the right to be atheist. People have become unhappy with religion because they have seen atrocities committed in the name of religion. The Universal faith has been revealed in the last one hundred years to unite the world with religion without endangering their freedom. The universal faith Baha’i was established in Acre during the Ottoman Empire. According to Baha”I you can be religious Jew, Christian or Moslem without the obligation of becoming an extremist. Baha’i unites mercy and justice.  In religion is emphasized fear of God and study of the law. The philosophy of Baha’i was for Islam a way to continue to believe in the Koran without becoming fanatics.  Also the Zohar The Book of Splendor came to Judaism in the last 800 through Chassidism to bring the light of freedom into Judaism while continuing the religious Jewish tradition. Through the resurrection of Moses revealed in the Zohar Judaism unites with the Universal faith.  Justice is united with mercy.

Let there be light. Give President Trump another four years. Speak the truth and not evil political talk called Fake News. Ask God for forgiveness, “Heal me God.”

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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