Fake News – How the Kremlin Aids China in Spreading False Narrative About US Bringing Coronavirus to China

  • The Kremlin created a fake chronology of how the US brought coronavirus to China.
  • One of the main peddlers on Russian government television is US citizen Alexander Gordon.
  • Russia and China continue to collude against the US.

Since March 16, Russian Channel 1 has been actively spreading the false narrative of the coronavirus being brought to China by the US. Channel One has a viewer base of over 250 million worldwide. It is the first television channel to broadcast in the Russian Federation. Its headquarters are located at the Ostankino Technical Center near the Ostankino Tower in Moscow. It is Kremlin owned and the main channel.

Russia even aided in creating a time frame of how COVID-19 was brought to China by the US. The main propagator of this scenario on Channel 1, with the Kremlin’s blessing, is Alexander Garrievich Gordon, a Russian radio and television presenter, journalist, actor and director. Interestingly, Gordon has US citizenship, but now resides in Russia full time. Why does a US citizen hates the US and involve himself in treasonously aiding China. However, the US Constitution has provisions for the freedom of speech. Gordon is one of the main propagandists on Russian television.

Alexander Gordon.

The fake news chronology of the coronavirus origin and entering China: 

November 2015

Scientists created a virus using SHC014 and SARS.

The source used by Russia is Nature.com, which is a very reputable publication. The importance of this to convince audiences that the sources are not only Chinese or Russian but western. That is a successful element of the social engineering propaganda.

August 2019

The research is halted at the Institute of Infectious Diseases in Fort Detrick, Maryland.  The reasons are due to national security.  Obviously, what was halted is classified. Hence, this is just used by Russia to plant seed of doubt. The source used by Russia is The New York Times.

September 2019

US is hit with the wave of pneumonia, which resulted in death. According to US specialists the cause was vaping. Nevertheless, Taiwanese doctors claim the cause is coronavirus. The source used by Russia is The New York Times.

October 2019

The Wuhan region in China was hosting the World Military Games. The US delegation sent 200 members to attend. The results of the US members in the games are very low. Bingo, this is the version peddled by China and Russia that US military members brought coronavirus to China in the time frame of October 8-27, 2019. That was the duration of the games. The statements are also backed by images of US members marching in Wuhan at the same time period. Visuals are also part of the propaganda attempt to substantiate the false narrative.

November 2019

First official case of the coronavirus in Wuhan. To further substantiate the narrative, Igor Nikulin backed the theory. Nikulin is a Russian national who is a former member of the UN committee responsible for biological warfare. He also holds a degree in microbiology. Nikulin is claiming this is a hybrid virus and brought to China by the US military.

The narrative is designed to back the Chinese government and Chinese diplomat Lijian Zhao, who is the spokesperson and Deputy Director General of the Information Department at the Foreign Ministry. He is the one who first tweeted blame for the coronavirus on the US.

As of late, Russia and China has been colluding in cyber warfare and propaganda against the US. Both countries have lifetime presidents. First XI Jinping removed term limits in China. Russia has just done the same on March 13th. China also published a report on March 13th claiming so called “human rights” abuses in the US.

It is clear China and Russia are both true enemies of the US. They are also using US citizens to peddle their propaganda. Certainly Russia and China would like to destroy the US. Hence, one of the biggest threats to the West, including in this election is both China and Russia.

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