Fast Food Workers Reveal What You Should Never Order – Once Again, Reddit Leads the Way

  • Think your biggest fear is fast food workers spitting on your burger? Read on.
  • These fast food workers took to Reddit to reveal some nasty secrets.
  • Remember the Golden (Arches) Rule: Never order chicken at a burger joint.

We have all learned that Reddit can be an invaluable resource for all kinds of news and information. But, perhaps it’s most useful for unvarnished truth-telling. Here are some comments from Redditors who have worked the other side of the counter at some famous fast food chain restaurants. If you think your biggest worry is employees spitting in your food (or, Yikes! – much worse!) what they have to say may make some customers swear off fast food for good. Let’s just call it “The Reddit Diet.

What Reddit Has to Say About:

Meats Sold by Dunkin’ Donuts: “What should you not order? Any of the meat. It’s not that it’s not preserved or anything, it’s just utterly disgusting goop. Please don’t eat it. We make donuts, coffee, and bagels. I wouldn’t recommend much else.”

Applebee’s Oriental Chicken Salad Dressing: “I used to work at Applebee’s. The oriental chicken salad dressing is pretty much nothing but sugar and chicken fat.”

There’s an old saying: “If you want to give up desserts, go work in a bakery.” And, it still holds true. We thank the brave, anonymous Reddit fast food tipsters who have made this article possible. But, we’re probably still gonna order this stuff anyway.

Panera’s Thawed Out Soups: “The soups come in frozen bags in boxes that say “Institutional Food” on the side. We would throw them in a hot water cooker which would bring them up to serving temperature from freezing blocks of ice to near boiling. Then we would run in the back and fill up the empty pots on the food line. Sometimes we didn’t get to fully thaw out the soup in time and ended up putting some cold ones out there.”

Any Veggie Burger Anywhere: “They take forever to cook, as they have to get chipped out of the freezer, microwaved and then thrown on the same grill they use for the regular meat. You may as well order a real burger.”

Outback’s Bloomin’ Onion Dip: “The Bloomin’ Onions are so bad for you. Like 2000 calories bad. It made me almost sick when I saw two of them going to the same table.”

Here’s a final good tip from a fast food Redditor: NEVER order food in any restaurant where the counter employee says, “That’ll be just a few minutes. We have to cook it in the back.”

Cookout’s Chicken Strips: “I don’t recommend ordering chicken strips. We’d get in a rush, and they took forever to cook. And people would pull them out of the fryers early and just throw them on a tray. Customers sent them back for being under-cooked all the time. Which tells me, lots of people were probably not paying attention and just stuffing them, half raw, into their faceholes.

Wendy’s Leftover Chili: “The meat in the chili is the burnt patties from the grill collected in a drawer, put in a bag, frozen and then boiled and chopped up, as much as a whole week later. This grosses my wife out, but it doesn’t bother me at all.”

McDonald’s Fish Filet or Grilled Chicken: “Don’t order fish filet or grilled chicken anything unless it is just after the breakfast-to-lunch switch-over or right in the middle of lunch. You might get away with it if they are doing an advertised special. McDonald’s doesn’t sell many of those items outside of the lunch rush, so you’ll probably get something that’s near the end of its cycle.”

And, finally…

Coldstone’s Dried Raisins: “Don’t get the dried raisins because they’ve been sitting there since the dawn of time.” But, the best reason not to order the Coldstone Dried Raisins?

“By the time they make it to your table, they should technically be called prunes.”

What do you think?

Do you have any Fast Food worker inside advice for unsuspecting diners?

Please let us know with a comment below!

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