Finding God in Corona Pandemic and US Elections

  • Atheism supports China and Communism
  • Religion separates America from China
  • The Universal faith is an alternative to religion since it includes in it freedom

Democracy gives freedom for people to adapt their lives according to the times. People will choose the candidate most suitable to their needs. They connect to God in the way they choose.

Corona Pandemic has thrown a darkness on the world which may compel people to look for spiritual help. There are two types of people, closed minded and open minded. There are people who are set in their ways and refuse to change. People have already become atheists and only look at life as a natural phenomenon. They believe in evolution of the species, and that life is a combination of natural energies which always existed and will always exist.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe informed the world before his death that difficult times were on the way in which people will need spiritual strengthening.

These energies in the middle of infinite time united male and female, giver and receiver, good and evil, to produce the spark of life. Life during infinite time developed and continues to develop. Atheists believe in life. Life is important. They believe in science, anthropology, political science, and all the sciences to solve the problems of life. They reject miracles. They are atheists; but they believe in life and the importance of human survival. Life is their God. Humanitarian is the highest spiritual level of atheism.

Agnostics usually began as believers in God connected to one religion. They fell out of religion for many reasons and remain believers in God without definition. They believe in life like atheists but are not sure if life is a creation of a supreme omnipotent unknown source called God.

Religious Jews believe in God the creator. They believe that God cannot be defined. The first words of the Bible read, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  Since they believe in God, they also believe that the world has a purpose for God to reveal himself to mankind. The prophet Isaiah taught, “Everything that God created was for the sake of his glory.”  He taught that there are various levels of existence worlds of angels, and the world of man.

The principle purpose of creation is for God to reveal himself in the lowest of all worlds the world of man. Jews received the Bible, the Old Testament at Mount Sinai from Moses the prophet. They were given a religion Judaism which included in it the inheritance of the land of Israel and the law of the Biblical nation of Israel. In the law was instructions to build a temple in Jerusalem. King David and King Solomon built the temple. The biblical nation of Israel was a kingship. King Saul, King David and Solomon were the first of many kings. The Messiah will be their last king.

The study of the Torah the Law of Moses and devotion to the fulfillment of its commandments are of utmost importance to the Jewish people and the survival of their nation. Religious Jewish critics say the modern state of Israel which is a democracy has adopted Western values.

Christianity began in Israel during the period of the second temple in Jerusalem. Jewish religion continued during this period. Judaism limited the Jewish people to connecting to God through the Old Testament, the Law of Moses. The Old Testament called the five Books of Moses was given by Moses after the Exodus from Egypt. Even though Moses is called the redeemer of Israel, in Judaism only God is called their redeemer.

Judaism believes in One God, the creator of the universe. The Ten Commandments which was received on Mount Sinai prohibits connecting God to anything known including man. At the splitting of the Red Sea in the Bible there is a song, then will sing Moses and the children of Israel.” Before the song are the words, “And they believed in God and in Moses his servant.”

In the Law of Moses in which are the laws of the Biblical Nation of Israel, Moses is included in the people and the nation of Israel, in its history but since his death is recorded at the end of the last of the five books of Moses, his status is the prophet who began Judaism died and handed over the leadership to Joshua. Judaism continues with the book of Joshua, the book of judges, the book of kings, books of law the Mishna and Talmud until was written about five hundred years ago the Code of Jewish laws which is followed by Orthodox Jews. In Judaism God is sacred, and the Law of Moses is sacred. No prophet can change the law.

Christianity is a religion in which their prophet, leader and Messiah is sacred. Their law called the New Testament is of second importance to Jesus. In Judaism the law the Old Testament is of first importance. In the times of the temple sacrifices in the temple were of second importance to Torah learning. Today prayer has replaced sacrifice. Judaism has specific laws which prohibit worship of a prophet or the Messiah. Christianity and Judaism in this way became two religions, connecting to the Old and New Testament. The Old Testament connects to God undefined and unknown. The New Testament connects to God in the image of the Messiah. Christianity evolving from Judaism became the largest religion in the world.

Ishmael the son of Abraham received a tradition to circumcise their children. The children of Ishmael were taught to believe in the God of Abraham worshipping God as the undefined and unknown, creator of the universe. They rejected Christianity on the grounds that Jesus came after the creation of the world; therefore he could not be the creator of the universe. Islam worships the creator of the universe in the tradition of Abraham. Jesus could be called the Messiah in which sprouted a new light which emerged from the old light of Judaism. Judaism and Islam both worship the creator of the universe eternal before creation and forever as it is said, “God is the king forever past present and future.” Jews and Muslims have no statues or forms in their house of worship.

President Trump issued a White House declaration in support of The Return: National and Global Day of Prayer and Repentance. Americans have been fortified by faith in God.

Christianity the religion of the Messiah, brought a light of hope to the world, hope in the Messiah of eternal life. The world, and the people of the world need hope especially during difficult times like today during the Corona Pandemic. Christianity came to sustain the faith in God which was established in Judaism and Islam.

These three religions are separate channels of God. Islam will not depend on Judaism for faith since their forefather was Abraham and Ishmael. The Bible described Ishmael in Genesis 16, he will be a wild man, his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand will be against him, and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren. The angel of the Lord said to Hagar the mother of Ishmael, I will multiply thy seed exceedingly. Islam is a competitor to Judaism. Christianity is connected to  Esau the child of Isaac the son of Abraham.

Isaac and Rebekah had two children Jacob and Esau. These two children were from the beginning in competition over the birthright of their father. Jacob became the father of the Jewish people, the twelve tribes of Israel. The children of Jacob had sovereignty over the land of Israel during the days of their kingship. Jacob and his children inherited the Law of Moses, the Torah Scroll to protect and watch over. The children of Esau were later revealed as opponents to the Biblical State of Israel and its law when came Christianity preaching a New Testament.

Islam and Judaism remain firm in their worship of God the creator of the universe. Christianity added to these religions a new light. Atheists believe in life as a religion. Judaism and Islam both believe in life but they also believe in sacrifice. Sacrifice means that sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice the pleasures of life for a higher ideal. Atheists may also believe in sacrifice for an ideal which is against religion such as communism. Agnostics reject religious sacrifice.  They sacrifice their lives for humanitarian causes.

The elections on Tuesday bring together all these values. China is the leader of Atheism in the world. President Trump is preaching Christian values and freedom of religion. Democratic liberals may even support atheism in which China is the world leader. Most democrats today are agnostic’s believers in strict separation of church and state.  Americans can believe in God and religion. Trump is the model of an outspoken believer. Atheists are dangerous to the future of America because atheism supports China. Atheists will vote against Trump.

Not all Jews will vote for Trump even though he has helped Israel. Most Jews are democrats believing in strict separation of Church and State. Corona has struck the whole world together. It has sent people into quarantine wearing masks and social distancing. Amidst the darkness of Corona, has emanated a new spiritual light, the connection to Adam a holy man called in the Bible the father of all mankind. Adam believed in God. He connected to God in the Garden of Eden through the Tree of Life.  Connecting to Adam in the Garden of Eden may be an answer for agnostics and atheists. Adam is the father of the Universal faith revealed through the resurrection of Moses. The Universal faith was introduced in the Islamic world by the prophet of Bahai.

Trump is against China, against national atheism. A vote for Trump is a vote against Communism. A vote for Biden is a vote for strict separation of church and state which gives strength to China and atheism. Democracy believes in freedom and human rights. Trump is stronger than Biden in both the belief in freedom and human rights. Corona came to oppose President Trump in his campaign MAGA.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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