Finding the Garden of Eden in a Corona Plagued World

  • The world is in darkness; there is no pleasure.
  • Synagogues and Churches are closed for Passover and Good Friday.
  • There is still the Garden of Eden in the Universal Faith in the heart and mind.

Mysticism relates that the Garden of Eden where Adam the first man was placed by God is still intact.  This means that it is still intact even after the corona pandemic has struck the world. Today there have been 1,576,496 cases of infection, 93,575 deaths, 348,188 recoveries in the world. In Israel 10,001 infected cases, 87 deaths, and 10,011 recoveries. In NY 151,079 infections more than 81,000 in NYC, 7,067 deaths. Corona is fuel for atheists and anti-Semites.  Atheism and anti-Semitism always travel together but the same hate for God applies also to opposition to other religions. This year was marked with attacks on the church for sex-abuse.

Mass burial of bodies in open space in New York.

Hate for religion does not help solve the problem of Corona. Blaming religious Jews for the spread of Corona in NYC or in Israel will not help stop its spread. It is true that the religious community of Bnei Brak, Israel is far more infected with Corona than other cities, but other cities where live the majority secular have also been hit hard.  Governor Cuomo attacked those that point at religious communities in NY as spreading the virus.  He said the virus is felt throughout the city and state.

Israel has kept the death count lower than in other places in the world. They are using a technique called Pluristem a placenta based cell therapy product produced in Haifa.

Israeli Jews spent the Passover holiday evening meal in quarantine restricting their families from having guests, and closing synagogues. Staying inside can become very depressing not only for Jews but also for all people. Religious Jews even though they were not allowed to gather together in prayer still maintain their normal schedules of holiday prayers three times a day.  Normally there is a reading of the Torah in synagogues which requires ten participants but because of Corona it was impossible.  To hear the reading of the Torah is enjoyable. To pray together is enjoyable. Being alone is good for monks but Judaism is a family religion. Christians mark Good Friday in isolation. Secular people enjoy going to parks, the beach, country clubs, movies, restaurants, theatre which today these pleasures are restricted.  Being at home can become depressing.

There are ways of staying happy living a quarantine life.  Quarantine is much better than the life of Syrian refugees who are homeless their houses being destroyed by Assad.  Not everyone in quarantine are suffering poverty even though they are temporarily unemployed. In Israel the Ministry of Health distributed meals to the elderly and disabled who are in quarantine. Being healthy living and watching over quarantine in the home is much more comfortable than having become infected.  Being in the hospital is worse.  Better to breathe freely than to need a respirator.

The Universal faith and the belief in the resurrection of the prophets is the gateway to the Garden of Eden where Adam lived in peace and bliss.  Faith in God that the world is under his control may help partially to deal with the crisis of Corona but there is still pain. People sometimes need more than belief in God living in a crisis like today. They need to feel also his mercy.

The mercy of God is in the belief in the resurrection of the prophets and the belief in angels. The prophets and the angels are one and the same. Moses, Jesus, Mohammed and the angel Michael, Gabriel, and Rafael are one and the same. They are not God but God unites them together and the angel Oriel unites them together.

A worshipper walks towards the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

The Garden of Eden existed and was forgotten. In preparation for Corona and a future of suffering which may occur if mankind cannot work together in peace, God has revealed his Garden of Eden through the Universal faith in the hearts and minds of those that need eternal peace.  God created the world with a law. Adam was warned not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. Eating from this Tree covered over and darkened the light of God, the tree of life which was in the Garden of Eden under thorns and thistles.

Corona virus has come to punish legislators who ignored the need of quarantine through limitation and separation of male couples who brought HIV pandemic into the world. They tried to correct this sin through Medical Science. Corona virus may have a medical solution. The true and eternal healing is in faith and religion. These legislators are the elders who once governed the world in the time of the HIV Pandemic  and who are the leaders of the world today. The places where Corona have hit hardest are in those nations which are most lenient toward homosexuality, and gay marriages, England, France, Spain, Italy, and America.  AIDS also makes it more difficult to use blood plasma for transfusions.

President Trump tried his best in his campaign MAGA to stop this plague by opposing abortions, sex marriage and adoption but has temporarily failed. America and the world should face the issue, the true cause of Corona and deal with it. Israel is lucky to partially avoid the severity of the crisis since its government is led by Netanyahu supported by the right religious who are against gay rights.  Even after the third election God is blocking the way for secular liberals to take control of the nation Israel.  These secular liberals blame the religious Jews for the spread of Corona like the liberals in America including secular Jews attacked President Trump for his conservative ideals.

There is a Garden of Eden in faith with greater pleasure than worldly pleasure.  There is a Garden of Eden above the Garden of Eden which Adam experienced before his sin; which is in the afterlife including the resurrection of the dead at the end of time, the reward for good deeds and righteousness. The Universal faith gives you the Garden of Eden in this world today through faith in angels and prophets. It is only a concession because in the real world today the angel of death surrounds us searching for new clients to strike with Corona. Religion is not satisfied with the Garden of Eden of angels and demands justice the punishment of the wicked working for God in this world without seeking a reward. Choose your Garden of Eden between the Garden of Eden of the Universal faith today and a higher Garden of Eden free of all evil in the next world through self-sacrifice.

Strike out against evil of abortions and HIV and stop its spread.  Pray for forgiveness and the end of Corona plague.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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