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Time keeps marching forward as the summer draws to a close, and the most wonderful time of year begins for those of us out there who are parents. That’s right, its what my daughter calls Christmas in September for mom and dad – the school year has finally begun!

All kidding aside this is an exciting time of year for parents and children alike. The kids get to see their friends that they have been missing over the summer break, and parents at home finally get a break. Sports are getting ready to start for the year, as well as a wide variety of other after school activities that are either dangerous, time consuming or a combination of the two. Every parent knows that eventually scrapes and bruises are going to happen, and you have to have your first aid kit ready to go for when your little rock star limps back to the van.

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Today we are going to talk a little bit about getting a good first aid kit together and what all you want to make sure you have on hand to handle any circumstance that may come your way. It is always a good idea to have multiple of these available, so my family keeps one in the house, and one in each car, you never know when it may come in handy.

The most obvious thing to make sure that you have on hand are of course bandages. But before you run out to the store and pick up a box, its important to know what the best kinds are. The most important thing to remember when purchasing bandages is to have a wide variety of sizes available. The way we accomplish this in our house is that we buy about ten different sizes of waterproof bandages and divvy those out to our kits in the cars, keeping the bulk available at the house. This way you can replace the sizes as the need arises instead of buying multi-packs that come in sizes you have thus far not needed. Make sure to have a clean ace bandage, plenty of sterile gauze pads and wraps, and surgical tape in each kit as well as scissors. You never know when you are going to need a larger bandage than come in predetermined sizes. Also a short wooden dowel can be used with the ace bandage or cut up strips of old clothing to make a great tourniquet.

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Alcohol wipes for sterilization of wounds are a great idea, and makes sure that you have a small pack of gloves to protect yourself. It is possible you may need to provide first aid to someone you may not know, and you need to protect yourself from bloodborne pathogens, a face mask is not a bad idea either. A great idea is to buy a small box of 50 or so gloves and then pack 10 or so into Ziploc bags for each kit that goes in the car while keeping the main pack in your kit at home. Aspirin for pain is a good choice to always have around, especially since in the case of a heart attack it can be taken to prevent dangerous blood clots from growing in size.

Flashlights (with extra batteries), blankets and warm gloves are also good ideas to keep with your mobile first aid kit. A splint as well as a laminated list of emergency contacts, a first aid/CPR manual, tweezers, safety pins, and instant hot and/or cold-packs are also great emergency supplies. But our favorite is yet to come.

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