Four Doctors in Soroka Hospital Israel Committed Suicide in 18 Months

  • Doctors have the highest suicide rate of all professionals.
  • Among doctors is the highest percentage of atheists and agnostics.
  • Religion and faith can help all people overcome emotional trauma.

Doctor. Thank You for saving my life.  Doctors need our appreciation and emotional support.

An article was published in a major Israeli newspaper, “Fourth tragedy in Soroka hospital.  In the course of one year and a half years four doctors in Soroka committed suicide.” Soroka hospital is located in the southern city of Beer Sheva. It is the only hospital in the Negev. It is the third largest hospital in Israel with 1151 beds. It provides medical care for all populations in the area including Jews, Bedouins, and Palestinians.  It is also a teaching hospital affiliated with Ben Gurion University. Doctors are the biggest earners in the public circle. The Director of Vascular medicine in Soroka takes home $28,000 per month. The average salary among medical professionals stands at $8000 a month.

Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath before they begin to practice medicine.  Depending on their religious faith they swear to be honest in their profession.

Statistics show that one doctor commits suicide in the USA every day the highest suicide rate of any profession. Doctors that die by suicide often have untreated depression usually related to Bi-Polar conditions. The day-to-day stress can end up in suicide if not treated early. The suicide rate is even higher than those in the military.

The medical profession relies on the premise that doctors and medical staff are conditioned to clock long hours, and ignore the emotional toll of their work. The day-to-day stress can end up in suicide if not treated early.

The rate of suicide among female doctors is even greater than males. They bear witness to the complaints of their patients, who share secrets to no one else. They are always taking a chance of making a mistake which will have to be paid through malpractice. They can even be accused of committing murder.

Among professionals, but especially doctors, are the largest number of atheists and agnostics. Even though they devote their lives to their field of work, they very often can become overstressed. Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath before they begin to practice medicine.  Depending on their religious faith they swear to be honest in their profession.

Religion alone does not give people in traumatic crisis enough emotional support. In religion is combined mercy and justice but justice is more emphasized. People receive support of their faith in God and eternal life through religion attending prayer service at the church, mosque or synagogue.  Additional help is received through reciting words of their holy scriptures.  In Judaism is singled out the advice of the sage Nachum Gam Zu who is known for always being appreciative of God by saying “also my suffering is for good.”  Another famous quote of the sages is “everything that God has made he has made for good.”

When depression strikes bringing thoughts of suicide a psychiatrist should be consulted or maybe hospitalization is necessary. Mental hospitals are places which are almost completely protected from ways of committing suicide. Medicine is given in a mental hospital under supervision to insure that the patients take their medicine at the right time. Outpatient clinics are not able to do what can be done in a hospital. However to enter a mental hospital for a professional may be embarrassing.  It is embarrassing for most people.

Medicine is not the only answer for depression. Religion will give the answer to believe in God but for those who in their lives have neglected their obligation to their religion, it is hard for them to turn back the clock.  A more effective solution for people in depression to reach God through the Messiah. In Judaism it is hard to find the connection to the Messiah because according to Jewish Torah scholars, the Messiah has not come, but will come soon as we wait anxiously.  Jews pray to God without the connection to the Messiah which is also good prayer. Chassidism a later spiritual movement in Judaism and the Book of Splendor called the Zohar discovered in the 13th century makes a connection to the Messiah even before has come the complete redemption. This connection to the Messiah comes through the resurrection of Moses and the study of the Kabballa. Exclusively Lubavitch Chassidism and Breslov Chassidism have made this connection to the Messiah for Jews and all people who need immediate saving.

The Wailing Wall the center of World Faith.

I have written a short prayer out of appreciation for the important work which is done by doctors to be for them a saving when they are in an emotional crisis:

Facing Jerusalem and the Wailing Wall where has resurrected the three prophets Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed recite these words. If you cannot visualize that you are facing the Wailing Wall technology has brought the Wailing Wall into your home Live on the internet.

Lord, the creator of the universe, in the merit of your prophets of truth who have brought salvation to the world, deliver me from this horrifying thought of suicide. Bring into my life the light of salvation. Open up my mind and heart to see the goodness and blessings of life.  Forgive me for whatever harm I may have made to my fellow man in my profession. Bring to me joy and satisfaction for the work I am doing as a doctor.  I recognize my own limitations and admit that You, God are the true healer of flesh.

The sages teach that “Giving charity saves lives.” You can give charity here.

Blessing for a complete healing.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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