Fourth of July Highlights and Insights – America is Under Attack

  • The highlights of Trump's speech to America: “We love our freedom and no one will take it away from us."
  • Freedom cannot force Americans to bow before the American flag, but those that love America love also the flag which it represents.
  • Across the U.S. there were celebrations of Independence Day for proud Americans.

America like all nations in the world is fighting for survival.  The difference between America and other nations is that America plays the game according to the rules.  It allows freedom to its people, even to their opponents living with the Christian motto, “Love your enemy.”

In preparation, President Trump encouraged a fantastic event in DC on 4th of July. He said, “We want millions to come to DC for the Fourth of July. We want the people to come who love our country.”

During his Independence Day message at the White House his teleprompter went out at the very moment when he was praising the army of the American Revolution. Without the teleprompter it was a bit difficult for him and by mistake he mentioned about the revolutionists “manning the air.”  For this he was attacked by his opponents for making this silly statement.  Politicians rely on teleprompters.  How the teleprompter went out again shows that “America is under attack.” President Trump is under attack.

The occasion at the White House needed special security at a high cost.  The President made an unprecedented speech.  Faced with budget problems he was limited to how much could be spent on military shows including tanks, airplanes and a military march, but in the end it all was spectacular.  A baby Trump balloon flew in the air giving the feeling of the motto of President Trump MAGA “Make America Great Again.”

The highlights of his speech to America:

“We love our freedom and no one will take it away from us. For Americans nothing is impossible. America has encouraged technology from Thomas Edison until today. America has reached the moon and will plant the American flag on Mars. We have victory in Afghanistan against Al Qaida in their caves, ISIS in Syria.  Fight for a better future.  There is nothing America cannot do.”

The United States Supreme Court in Texas v. Johnson, 491 U.S. 397 (1989), and reaffirmed in U.S. v. Eichman, 496 U.S. 310 (1990), has ruled that due to the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, it is unconstitutional for a government (whether federal, state, or municipal) to prohibit the desecration of a flag, due to its status as “symbolic speech.” However, content-neutral restrictions may still be imposed to regulate the time, place, and manner of such expression.

Revolutionary Communist Party activists initiated a burning of an American Flag on Independence Day. Right wing extremists took issue and a fight broke out (In 1989, the Supreme Court protected flag burning as an expression of free speech under the First Amendment). They chanted “America was never great.” America is always under attack. Freedom cannot force Americans to bow before the American flag, but those that love America love also the flag which it represents.

An earthquake occurred on July 4th in California. A 6.4 magnitude quake followed by a major earthquake on Friday, 7.1 magnitude– five times bigger than the one before.  Ridgecrest California citizens have not slept for several days. Fires broke out and there was other damage. America is under attack.

In New York City could be seen a tremendous celebration of fireworks on the Hudson River. Orlando offered entertainment all over the city including parades, food and games at beautiful city parks.  At the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles was excitement for everyone including food vendors, concerts, shows and immense fireworks.  Chicago had fireworks over Lake Michigan, Jamin’ at the Zoo, huge block parties, events at the Navy Pier, and a Chicago food festival. Across the U.S. there were celebrations of Independence Day for proud Americans.

The Richter magnitude of an earthquake is determined from the logarithm of the amplitude of waves recorded by seismographs. The intensity and death toll depend on several factors (earthquake depth, epicenter location, population density, to name a few) and can vary widely. The larger the magnitude, the less frequently the earthquake happens.

America on the 4th of July celebrated its 243rd birthday.  The nation was established on land in North America through a revolution in 1776.  Even though independence was established and the founders write the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, America is always under attack indicated by the burning of the flag and the earthquake on Independence Day in the Golden State.

The battle for independence which established America is only one part of the battle in the world for freedom which began in the beginning of the New Age in the year 0001 on the modern calendar.  We have reached to the year 2019 in the modern age, the age of the victory of freedom and human rights for all of mankind.

The turning point in this battle for freedom and democracy occurred on Christmas day 1991 when the Soviet Union was dissolved peacefully which was a miracle.  It still remains for China and North Korea to become democratic states.  America has not yet won the battle.  President Trump has more work to do.  America, a nation of freedom, cannot force freedom on its people.  The battle is won through the will and desire of mankind in the depths of their hearts for freedom, to establish nations of freedom, liberty and justice.

In Jerusalem, Israel celebrated American Independence Day for the first time at the U.S. embassy’s new location.

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