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  • It is hard to find out the truth which is in the center of life and peace.
  • Fake News turns the truth to the right or left – liberal or conservative.
  • Communal News where the readers have a voice comes closest to the truth.

The public has become disgusted with news media which feeds them with news on one side.  News supporting one side is called fake news because it covers up the opinions which it opposes. This creates hatred and people live in darkness not knowing the truth. Fakes News becomes even more a problem when in a crisis like Corona Pandemic.

Everyone knows that Fox News is conservative. CNN is known to be liberal.  Fox News can sometimes be extreme conservative not revealing the other side which is revealed in CNN.  Both sides of news media are part of a bureaucracy.  These two sides cannot tell the truth to give the public a true image of their President or of his opponents.  Each side has a financial interest in what they are doing. They are ruled by money power. Money power becomes political in a bureaucracy.

David Wexelman, author at Communal News.

Each of the news media including NBC, CBS, have their own opinions which they want to relay to the public. In this way the public receives the news according to its sponsors without knowing exactly what is happening. As America comes closer to the election in November the battle between the various sides of news media becomes more intensive. It may even reach blasphemy which it has already.  Blasphemy tarnishes America, it creates hatred between Americans.  Changing the world, removing bureaucracy from the world is an ideal which has never succeeded. We are living in a world of falseness.

There is only one way to reveal the truth in a bureaucratic society which is controlled by money and politics. The way to bring the public news which is untarnished by opinion is to make a news channel with the ideal of News where readers have a voice. This innovation was started a few years ago by the folks at Communal News. “Where the Readers Have a Voice” has opened the way to hear what it is impossible to hear when the media news station controls their articles and employs their writers.

Communal news does not allow every article submitted to be published but tries its best not to employ censoring information which the public wants to express on its channel. It is not completely free like internet, but is the closest to being a place for each person to express his own opinions without limiting the news to be one sided.

The bureaucracy in Communal News is minimal but it has to always maintain its connection to Google. Google is the core of internet. Google supervises over its contributors and provides them with space in the broad range of internet news.  Google has its limitations and is today the boss.

People on Communal News have the opportunity to make public what was once impossible through other news media. Communal News can oppose bureaucracy while other news media channels support bureaucracy and are bureaucratic.

Readers and writers salute the staff of Communal News for creating a channel of journalism which is very much needed today and unique.

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David Wexelman

Author of 5 books on the internet on topics of Jewish mysticism, managing two websites.

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