Global Manufacturing Storefront – Does Your Company Need One?

We are seeing a massive migration to the internet for our business needs. This has been one of the largest business migrations the world has ever seen, but many small manufacturing companies have not even updated their websites in years, not to mention expanded and leveraged a more efficient online capability.

Is it now time for small manufacturing to enter the world markets? 

We believe it’s time for small manufacturing companies to leverage the efficiency, effectiveness and highly desired one-stop shopping, combined with utilizing the global scale of using multiple languages and currencies.

It’s simple: we believe most manufacturing companies today should have their own global storefront.

The mega-manufacturing companies have been utilizing their global reach for years, as this has helped to increase their value, branding  and most of all their profits.  Until recently the costs, development, and time involved has made this very prohibitive, especially for the smaller manufacturing companies.

We believe that most manufacturing companies could greatly benefit from the leverage, scale and efficiency of being on a one-stop buying platform with their own products on their own global storefront. What’s more, their products are listed in over 100 languages and priced in over 65 currencies with the current currency being based on the location of the buyer.  This appears to be a critical requirement for the smaller manufacturing companies that are trying to expand into bigger global markets.

View a Global Storefront

The manufacturing global storefront, and individual products listings, allows buyers their much preferred method of searching for a product first– using price, ratings, product scope– as they review products and companies.  Amazon has proved that this is what almost all online buyers demand.

Shop The Globe

Buyers want to be efficient with their shopping time. They do not want to go to 20 different websites and learn and sign up for each one, especially if they could go to one website, and see the same 20 products listed.  Almost every one would choose the simpler platform. That’s why many small manufacturers need to migrate to achieve additional scalable reviews.

Buyers also want one-stop advantages in billing and ordering, where they only have to learn one system, instead of many systems over many individual online stores. As a manufacturer selling products you should be taking advantage of the leverage, especially knowing this is not only free to launch, but in most cases has little to zero cannibalization of existing sales.

Start Shopping & List Your Products Globally Today

Almost every business has a goal of expanded profits.  The people at Shop The Globe not only understand this, but have built a global wholesale platform designed especially for manufacturing companies to expand their business scale and global efficiencies, and to do this with zero out-of-pocket costs. All Shop the Globe requires is for manufacturing companies to take a little time to input or supervise their own products and storefront.

This could help almost any manufacturing company to achieving global sales, increase its image, place products in front of more eyes, and most importantly allow them make more money.

Every manufacturing company should have their own global storefront where they post and publish their products in over 100 languages. Most very large companies are already doing this. Isn’t it time for the smaller companies to take advantage of this technology breakthrough.

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Wholesale & B2B Reviews

We provide to merchants a posting in every major language, open country and city in the globe. So in almost an instant your local merchant products can and will be seen and reviewed globally for volume purchases. The Shop The Globe target market is the very fast growing online stores that need a constant supply of unique goods. We ask that only merchants who are able to conduct business with and ship to other countries and businesses apply.

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