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Communal News is one of the fastest growing free online digital platforms…where the readers have access to write on our open contributor platform. Between Communal News readers, Google News distribution, and distribution on all the main social media sites where people get their news, CN is the most open content publishing platform on the internet. We have added a wide variety of contributors (well over 600!) and in a very short time have seen over 2,000 articles published on the Communal News free online digital platform– not bad for a very new product launch!

Communal News or CN is one of the fastest growing Free Online Digital Publishing Platforms with over 600 register Contributors.

Communal News provides readers with three types of free online digital platforms:

  1. Hard News: We at Communal News provide payment based on readership (or a minimum payment) for news content. For people that want open publishing, this makes up over 80% of our published articles today, with linked facts about the day’s top news stories. We cover the gambit from politics, investing, sports, Breaking News, weather and more.
  2. The Blog: This is our free online publishing platform for lifestyle articles, product reviews, opinion pieces, movie fans, etc. Our digital distribution is free to use, but we do not pay for opinions even though the writers might disagree with the value of their personal opinion. All kidding aside we have wonderful opinion also.  Most of our blog articles are published on Google News.
  3. Market Research: We receive so much market research we are only publishing about 10% currently. We would like to publish more, but we seem to have found more success when market research is kept to about ⅓ of our total number of published pieces.

    Click to see recent Communal News, Blog & Market Research posts on Google News.

It’s very easy to register as a contributor and will only take a little of your time. Plus, CN will publish your bio. Once your first article is published, often your bio is also published separately on Google News.

Google News is a news aggregator and app developed by Google. It presents a continuous, customizable flow of articles organized from thousands of publishers and magazines. Google News is available on Android, iOS, and the web. (Image:

CN now provides writers with what we believe is the most open and free distribution channel for their news and articles, where you’re not competing with the corporate news system, or the never-to-be-seen-again articles that are ghosted when you post with some online services.  When your articles are considered newsworthy, they almost always receive higher rankings by the search engines, and that is the case for a significant amount of Communal News articles.

We work outside of the large bureaucracies where your article can make an immediate impact in the news. We don’t know of any company, outside of finance, that can offer so many hub-based services for free.

We are glad to see companies are becoming successful using our free online digital platform. For example, this Numbify Testimonial shows that when they used our platform for articles and advertisements with their “Strongest Numbing Cream” campaign, they had significant success and loved our very low cost.

We are proud that companies can use our free online service to leverage our traffic and scale their business. We’ve already proven that CN can help significantly increase company revenues.

We welcome you as a reader, a contributor, or even as an advertiser. Become a part of this new, extremely fast-growing, open news and lifestyle platform.

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Jay Black

I try to write fact based articles that most people won't. Lets improve this world including both Corporate and Government malfeasance. If you have a lead about a ethical failure please comment on my article or in many of my comments.

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  1. Communal has the best platform I have worked on in quite some time. It’s getting harder to get truth to the public with biased censoring running amuck. I think I’ve found a home.

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