Freedom; A New Religion

  • From the holocaust and World War II has been learned the lesson, there has to be a new system of government and unity in the world under the roof of freedom.
  • The religion of freedom will be the combination of Christianity, Judaism and Islam giving free choice which was not given by these religions in the past.
  • The wise man is the man that learns from others.

Freedom has become a new religion in the world. People believe in freedom that it is the best way to conduct the nations of the world. Freedom is always new. People are just beginning to learn how to use freedom to make life better for everyone. Believers in freedom feel that the old way dictatorship is out, it has failed its test for four thousand years of history. Freedom and dictatorship is a cycle in life. Life begins with freedom which is always new like Adam in the Garden of Eden, and is added onto freedom the law of good and evil which is religion attraction and repulsion.

From the holocaust and World War II has been learned the lesson, there has to be a new system of government and unity in the world under the roof of freedom. The last battle of two dictators was the battle between Stalin of Russia and Hitler which ended World War II. Communism has fallen; there is a new world with a new mind.

The failure of the United Nations is that democratic nations of the free world are not enough the majority. Israel a free state is continually being discriminated against for this reason. A nation like Venezuela is proof that freedom and free enterprise is the best way. As a result of the dictatorship of Maduro two million citizens of Venezuela have left the country and the nation a great oil dynasty its people are living in poverty. Communist Russia has gone over to democracy successfully, the people are happier and the nation is not starving.

Freedom is a new religion, a new born baby. Freedom also means free enterprise. Those liberals in America and Europe who are leaning toward socialism will only return the world back to the past; and will be born another Venezuela. Freedom of religion is the only way to prevent a religious conflict like is in Yemen today which has turned the nation into turmoil fighting over religious values civil war which has crippled the nation economically. The people suffer because there is no freedom of religion in Arab nations; and the world is in danger and threatened by a nuclear Iran which is not part of the free world.

Freedom is not a new ideology. It began in the times of the Greeks and Romans almost three thousand years ago but failed because it was polluted by greed and was against religion. The Greeks and the Romans conquered the Biblical Nation of Israel which was a dictatorship. They began to influence the Jewish people living in Israel to assimilate and change. They succeed to change a portion of the nation to their ideal but the faith of the Jewish people remained strong in its belief in the divine law of God. Even the Romans the most powerful nation in the world realized that they needed a structured religion and adopted Christianity. Today people believing in freedom feel that they don’t need religion and a divine law. They are not in touch with history; how the Romans finally realized that freedom alone is empty without religion. Jesus believed in freedom; but he also believed in religion. The Romans adopted Christianity as its religion. Freedom is not a new philosophy, but is being renewed. The world is taking a new path, and should learn from history how the Romans needed and adopted religion to be part of their nation.

The religion adopted by the Romans was Christianity. They adopted Christianity to be their only religion. Christianity conflicted with Judaism. The first Christians were Jewish. Not all the Jews joined the new messianic movement of Christianity. The bulk of the nation remained with the Old Testament. The Romans and other people in the world became Christians believing in the New Testament. Christianity rejected the Old Testament and Rome had one religion which was Christianity. A Roman citizen was a Christian without free choice. Any other faith was abolished. The Islamic faith began a few hundred years later in opposition to Christianity. The Ottoman Empire was Islamic faith opposing Christianity. The Eastern Orthodox Byzantine Empire called the European Crusades fought for Christianity against the expansion of the Ottoman Muslim Empire in Europe and over control of Jerusalem. The two religions and nations Christian and Islam reached a stalemate.

Pope Francis recently visited the Arab Peninsula. He is the first Pope to visit the Arab Peninsula. The world is changing. It is moving toward acceptance of Freedom. However the Christians and the Muslims will not accept Freedom the way it is today in America and Israel allowing abortion in the ninth month and other atrocities which are against the law of God. Freedom is a new religion in the world, but not the first religion. Before the religion of freedom was Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. There are many people in the world which have left these religions to become believers in freedom and humanitarianism. More than half the world has not become atheist and agnostics. They continue religious values Orthodox or reformed but hold to religious morals and ethics. Freedom is the fourth crusade following Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Christianity, Judaism, Islam have three different laws which are their sacred scriptures. Freedom is a new religion and it still doesn’t have a law. Freedom has a belief in One God who is freedom. It needs a law or it can become anarchy. When Freedom will adopt a law it will be acceptable even by the Pope. The Pope cannot accept Freedom without a law. Islam and Judaism cannot accept freedom without a law.

The nations of the world which believe in freedom need to unite to write up a constitution for freedom which is its law. It should be approved by the Pope and a conference of religious leaders in the world. In this way Freedom will be accepted as a new religion to be part of World Faith. The religion of freedom will be the combination of Christianity, Judaism and Islam giving free choice which was not given by these religions in the past. The Lubavitcher Rabbi of blessed memory encouraged the Nations which believed in freedom to adopt what is called the seven Noahide laws to be part of their constitution. To call God Freedom is not a problem; but there has to be also a law or freedom will become anarchy. Freedom and Law are opposites male and female. Together they work best.

To begin to write the Law of Freedom:

From Zion came out the Law, and the word of God from Jerusalem (Isaiah 2:3):

The Law of Freedom, the Religion of Life

God is freedom, Freedom is God. God is one. In the beginning God created the heavens and tuntilhe earth. The Law of freedom gives the right of each person to live and be happy. Freedom accepts the seven Noahide laws which governed the world before began organized religion. These laws are not to kill, not to steal, not to commit adultery, a person is considered innocent before he is guilty, the law of justice and mercy. Freedom gives honor to the judges of the law and law enforcement agencies. The religion of Freedom respects the rights of all religions to worship and opposes forcing people to worship in any one way and accepts all religions which believe in One God and World Unity and Peace.

Defining the Seven Noahide laws: See Seven Noahide Laws in Wikapedia

This is only the beginning of the law of the religion of freedom, the religion of life. We live and we improve. We live, learn and improve until we reach perfection. If we make mistakes we correct them. We are imperfect until we are perfect. Love your neighbor like you love yourself. Love the Lord your God, love freedom, love life, love peace. Every day is a new light and chance to improve. There is a share in the afterlife for all the hard work that is done in this world for peace and freedom. Greater is good deeds in this world than all of the world to come. Greater is the pleasure received in the next world than all the pleasures of this world. When you are free you are happy. You have to work for freedom. Freedom does not mean free of responsibilities. Freedom means happy with responsibilities and living righteously. The wise man is the man that learns from others. We start from the beginning with freedom but learn to respect our elders and forefathers who are wiser than us and have given to mankind their words of wisdom which are in their writings and scriptures. There are six thousand years of wisdom which should never be forgotten but today there is a renewal in the world called freedom. There are wise men in the world to guide mankind like the Pope in his visit to Arabia and the Lubavitcher Rabbi and his followers. In World faith all of mankind and all the religions of the world work together.

When Moses first encountered God at the burning bush in Exodus 3: he asked God who shall I tell my people has sent me to redeem them. God gave to him the name of his attribute translated as freedom. God is freedom. Afterward God added his divine name which unites freedom with the law. The revelation of God on earth begins with freedom.

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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