Freedom is a Dream – Corona

  • Quarantine is the opposite of freedom.
  • Today quarantine is important to limit the spread of corona.
  • The vaccine for corona will give freedom but this freedom is only temporary.

We are approaching the holiday of Passover beginning with the first night of the Jewish holiday when the angel of death circled the homes of the people in Egypt including the homes where the Jews lived. The night was frightening everyone stayed inside their homes like today everyone stays home in quarantine from Corona. On the doorposts of some homes was the blood of the Paschal lamb mixed with hyssop herb which was a deterrent from the angel of death entering the home like a snake with poison venom. Netanyahu has declared total quarantine in Israel on the night of Passover. Everyone is ordered to stay inside. No prayers. No commuting. No guests from the outside to join in the Passover meal celebration.

Guru Janardan who traveled from Laxmanjula India to America in the 1970s to spread Ajapa Yoga. Many American youth attached on to him seeking spiritual freedom and inner peace.

The Jews were slaves in Egypt for 210 years. It says in the Bible Exodus, “With a strong hand and an outstretched arm, God redeemed the children of Israel from bondage on the night of Passover.”  The Jewish people left Egypt.  They were freed from bondage slavery to Pharaoh. They received the Torah on Mount Sinai and entered the holy land after forty years wandering in the wilderness. The Biblical nation of Israel was established after they had conquered the land of Israel.  King David who had completed the conquest of the land of Israel gave over his kingship to his son Solomon. King Solomon built the first holy temple in Jerusalem.

The Biblical nation of Israel was a theocracy governed by the Law of Moses. The people had been freed from bondage to Pharaoh where they lived in suffering and torture. Now in Israel they also lived under the ruler ship of a king in a theocracy where there was no freedom. Passover is the called the holiday of freedom and redemption. The story of Exodus is taught by the father of the house to his children at the Passover meal. The Jews on this night became a free people.

Now that they had reached their destination in Israel living in the monarchy of David they were subject to the Law of Moses and the threat of punishments for desecration of the law. Desecration of the Sabbath was punishable by death. The law was strict.  There was no freedom but to observe the laws and commandments of God. There was no free creative thinking.  To introduce new ideas was considered treason and punishable by death. Prophets were restricted to limit their teachings to consign with the teaching of the prophet Moses about which is written, there will not come a prophet in Israel like Moses.

Freedom was only a dream, a moment of joy experienced on the night of Exodus, Passover night. The culmination of the experience of freedom was at Mount Sinai when God spoke to the Jewish people and they received the Ten Commandments. Then almost immediately came the Sin of the Golden Calf.  The freedom was lost; it was only a dream.

Freedom is like love.  Freedom and love are eternal but the experience of freedom and love in this world is only temporary. In the Torah of the Jewish people is allowed divorce.  In divorce there was love but the love diminished until there was divorce. Love is a dream for the young to meet their true soul mate and marry to make a family. Religion protects this dream to make it real.  The Torah teaches that God cries when a man divorces or loses his first love.  The first love is intended to be the true eternal soul mate which may not always happen.  The nation of Israel is called the virgin of God his first love.

This is a copy of a letter written by Rabbi Nachman to his student Yisrael Odessa 200 years after his death. It gives additional faith in resurrection which people need today. Copy this letter and hang it in your home for spiritual and emotional strengthening. It may also neutralize the powers of the angel of death. Rabbi Nachman signs his name in this letter Na,Nac,Nachma, Nachman. There are people that chant and sing his name as a remedy for healing all sadness.

Everyone wants freedom.  Children want freedom but their parents know that until they are adults they are not ready for freedom. A man in his nature needs a woman. This need for love continues throughout the life of a person; he is never free. The Pope and other celibate religious clergy have suppressed their desire for natural love but they cannot escape being human. Freedom is a dream that is important but not the reality.

It says in scriptures, “God wanted to create the world on justice alone, but included in his justice mercy.” Freedom is connected to the attribute of mercy which God added to his creation. Freedom and mercy were added to justice. Before the creation of the world, God had a law.  He added freedom and mercy to be compatible with his law but not to exist alone.

On Passover night, Jesus was executed and crucified. Three days later he resurrected to become the Messiah of freedom. The freedom which Jesus brought to the world like exodus from bondage to Pharaoh was only temporary. The Jewish people became a nation governed by the laws of commandments of God given to Moses where there was no free choice. The Law Moses is still the law and religion of the Jewish people who practice the Orthodox tradition. Christians who believe in Jesus also have a Law of Ethics written in their scriptures and taught by their mentors.

Young people are today traveling to India to search for freedom.  They have strayed from the religions of their parents. They search for a Guru and spend time on an Ashram in Laxmanjula, India seeking freedom and nirvana divine bliss. If the Guru is authentic he will give them freedom but also teach them their obligations to God.

Mercy and justice are two sides of truth. People who believe only in freedom and reject that there is also divine justice are living in a dream. Corona is the wake-up of modern society which has forgotten the Law of God. Moses brought to the world at Mount Sinai the Law of God.  The Law of God was given to the Jewish people after they had experienced freedom called Exodus. The Torah relates that they accepted this law by saying, “We will do and learn.”  Torah law is the tradition of the Jewish people which includes in it the holiday of Passover. The Torah has in it also a universal light even though it is a national religion. The universal light teaches humanity “Freedom is a dream.”  The whole world together has the obligation to unite to overcome the plague of Corona and to make the world a dwelling place for God and peace.

Progressive Jewish Spirituality and Baha’i Faith integrate religion with freedom as a universal faith. There is a place for freedom in our lives but not to nullify the importance of religion and divine law. Ultra-Orthodox religious theocracy rejects freedom completely, a dream, a false messiah. Democracy which believes in freedom should connect with God through the universal faith and not reject religion altogether living under the roof and within the foundations established by their forefathers.  Corona comes when democracy completely disconnects to the past. Corona strikes out at the elders with the message “remember your holy forefathers connect with the Old Age and make the world new.”

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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