Freedom of Religion

  • Jews and Moslems relate to God as the unknown and do not try to know God only to accept God and his law.
  • A nation or a state is a large group of people with a similar interest.
  • Freedom of religion has become as sacred as the whole Torah but even in America there is opposition to Freedom of Religion.

Freedom of religion has become part of the Law of God. This past week in Seattle a football coach was suspended for praying in public.  In Covington Kentucky the catholic school was closed because of threats to its students by neighbors.  President Trump invited these children to be his guests in the White House. President Trump is a strong supporter of freedom of religion.

The law of God is written on parchment which is called in Judaism a Torah Scroll.  The Torah scroll is called the Old Testament, the five books of Moses. From the Torah scroll is derived Jewish law and Christian law.

Moses the prophet gave to the world the Law of God. The Jewish people received and accepted the Law of Moses.  From the Law of Moses they made their nation and their religion.  Jews claim to have the only interpretation of the law.  Christians and Moslem differ and say that there are other interpretation of the law. 

God created the world like it says “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  There is uncertainty who is God.  God is the unknown source of creation. There are those that look at creation with the purpose to know God and love God. In this way God can be related to the unity of opposites male and female, or the opposites attraction and repulsion which are in the breath of life.  Others do not attempt to know God at all, but accept God with simple faith. 

The Law of God given by Moses the prophet includes in it both aspects of relating to God the creator.  Both approaches to relating to God the creator are accepted in the Law of Moses.  In the Law of Moses God is the unity of opposites and the unknown hidden of hiddens.  Jews and Muslims relate to God as the unknown and do not try to know God only to accept God and his law.  Jews today also have new teachings to know God, but the main stream still is to believe in God with blind and simple faith.

Relating to God as the unity of attraction and repulsion creates also a Law of God. This law is that God is One and God is the way to unity.  Creation begins with attraction which is love, which is life, and its end is satisfaction which is called in the Torah Sabbath the seventh day like it says six days you should work and the seventh day rest.

The law of God relates the unity of male and female.  The Male is love and desire, and the female is his bride his beloved like it says in the Song of Songs,  I am to my beloved and my beloved is to me.  There is love on both sides, but more expressed on the side of the male who proposes marriage.  Before the world became civilized through the Torah, a marriage came naturally a man saw the woman he loved, and asked her to marry him.  Later on the parents were given the right to interfere between Romeo and Juliet and break up the marriage for many reasons.  Jewish law does not allow a Jew to marry out of his religion. 

The population of the world developed slowly.  Within the population of the world developed family units specifically mentioned in the Bible as the families of Jacob the father of the Jews, the family of Ishmael, and the family of Esau.  These families spread out in the world in united blocs which later became nations.  A nation or a state is a large group of people with a similar interest.  The nation or state needs a homeland and unites together to conquer the land to make there a dwelling place for their families.  A man and woman is a single unit.  A family is a group.  A nation is a group of families.  In this way the world became populated and developed nations in the world each nation in its place and location which it had conquered the strong over the meek. 

America became a nation when the Pilgrims conquered the Indians many years after Europe and Asia became populated.  The nations came about through the power of unity called attraction and spread out in the world which is related to the power of repulsion.  There is friction between nations as they spread out.  Each nation has its own particular territory which it has conquered.  Within this territory they make their dwelling place. Man learns from his mistakes.  The mistakes are the wars in history between nations which have been created through friction over living space.  Nations after wars have been designated particular territories which they possess through battle.  The Jewish people identify the land of Israel as their homeland.  They conquered the land of Israel in the times of King David and lived in the land for four hundred years.  They were exiled from the land for seventy years to Babylon and returned to the land for another four hundred years before they were conquered by the Romans. In the Bible God promises to give to the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the land of Israel.

The Jewish people have returned to the land of Israel and have built in the land the State of Israel a democracy.  The land designated for the State of Israel is today in question.  Israel claims that the land belongs to them as an inheritance from their forefather as is written in the bible. They were not given by the United Nations the whole land which they possessed at the time when they were a kingdom.  The nation of Israel grows as male and female are united; the population grows and they naturally spread out in the land.  The main question about their right to the land is based on natural law which claims that their right to the land came through conquering the land of Israel from the seven nations which dwelled there before Joshua entered the land to settle the land. Jews claim that God gave them the right to the land in the bible.  This right is not accepted by the Palestinians and foreigners who lived in the land before 1948 the war of independence. It required the war of independence in 1948 for the Jewish people to take hold of a portion of the land.

Life has a purpose written in the Torah the law of God not only the law of survival the natural law.  This purpose is that God should be known in the world.  Christians, Muslims, and Jews believe in this higher purpose of creation.  These three main religions in the world do not agree on the specifics of the Law of God.  Each religion has its own interpretation. There is the law of nature which is also called the law of survival. According to this law Nations or States have only the portion of land which they conquered.  Every nation has the right to defend its borders.  America has the right to build a fence around their border in the south.  It is their decision.  The Jewish people in Israel have the right of survival. There is a border dispute over the land of Israel which makes it difficult for the surrounding nations to have peace if they want peace. As long as they want the land without peace there is war. In war the powerful survive, woman and children suffer for their nation.  In Israel there is both a religious conflict between Islam and Israel two nations with One God, and a humanitarian crisis.

Today religion is not considered as important as politics.  Religion is derived from the Law of God.  The Law of God can be interpreted differently as it is in the Koran and the Bible.  Today the Law of God is interpreted to be secondary to human rights and democracy.  Israel is a free country, a democracy which unites it with the West.  Iran and Syria are living in the past B.C.  and not in A.D.  The world has changed and freedom has become more important than religion.  The religious conflict between Islam and Israel will never to solved and its only solution is through breaking away from religious ideals and accepting peace as the New Law of God.  Nations developed in the world through warfare.  Today warfare is outdated; it is too dangerous.  There is no end to war.  Nations which exist through war will eventually fall, he who lives by the sword will die by the sword.

Attraction and repulsion in the breath of life are two opposites.  Attraction is the love of life , the love of the earth.  Repulsion is accepting your portion happily and peacefully.  The earth is becoming smaller as populations grow.  It is becoming more important to think of compromise. Once colonialization was possible as populations spread outward.  Wars were then more practical.  War comes from the desire to spread out in the world.  In World War II was born the realization that the borders of life must be accepted with the law of life “Thou shall not Kill.”  The Law of God is becoming much simpler to understand, “man was created in the image of God”  man and life is holy.  There is today one law that everyone can accept which is “Thou shall not kill.”  Idolatry was once most important but today the world accepts One God, the law of unity.  The Old law was necessary to drive out of the world idolatry and accomplished its task.  The New law teaches “Thou shall not kill.”  There are other parts of the law which is important but only the law “Thou shalt not kill” can be understood by all people.  Iran lives by a law which claims supremacy which is a big problem for everyone.  Jews once lived with this claim until after the holocaust and they made a democratic secular state against the precepts of their religion.  Today only God can claim supremacy, as it says in scripture, And the Lord will live forever. 

There are many issues in the Law of God which have conflicts.  These conflicts are in questions of marriage and divorce, sexual purity, celibacy, and family purity.  Accepting One God the creator is no longer an issue after Mount Sinai, and as long as there is freedom of religion.  Freedom of religion has become as sacred as the whole Torah but even in America there is opposition to Freedom of Religion.  In today’s Fox News was publicized that Covington Kentucky Catholic High School was closed because of Anti-Christians in their neighborhood.  In Seattle Washington a football coach was suspended from his job because he prayed in public. Freedom of religion prevents conflicts between ideologies. The Law has been interrupted in different ways.  It was once One law in the Jewish biblical state which has become several religions. Judaism believes in One God and One religion.  However they believe the One religion is Judaism.  Moses the prophet of the Jewish people taught Unity of Opposites, male and female without male or female supremacy.  National supremacy was a goal which ended with Hitler.  God is One and his name is One; his name is Shalom or peace. Religion belongs in the home and out of politics.

It is not important to condemn Catholic Priests for sexual abuse.  Catholic Priests are imperfect human beings trying their best. Islamics and Orthodox Jews can accept freedom of religion even if their scriptures claim supremacy.  All the religions have to unite together; and all of mankind have to unite together in the cause of peace and place national supremacy in the background.

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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