Freedom; The Fourth Crusade

  • To disagree with the majority does not make a person a racist.
  • All of the religions want sovereignty in a free state but complete sovereignty is not possible since there are various religions with differences in ideologies and there is a limit on racism.
  • When there is freedom the minority is always claiming racism. Sometimes their claims are true but not all the time.

Freedom and democracy today has become a fourth religion in the world.  People worship the ideals of freedom and democracy.

There seems to be a confusion and difference of opinion in America about what is racism.  What are the borders of racism?  When is racism considered a crime?  Is there forgiveness to racists if they admit to their hatred? It is also hard to define what is freedom since it doesn’t have a rule book, not the Torah, the Koran or the New Testament.

There is a good reason to be racist and there is a good reason not to be racist.  People are allowed to differ.  People have different opinions.  To disagree with the majority does not make a person a racist. In history the majority were sometimes racist and the minority were called racists.  The question is who is right?  There is right and wrong.  There is a God in heaven.  The world is not a jungle.

The majority is called right which is a mistake.  If the world was the way it should be and people did what they should do the majority will be called right.  Sometimes the majority is wrong. Sometimes the minority is right.  The best life is when the majority is right. 

The model of a dictatorship which existed in history to insure and protect right over wrong was the Biblical Nation of Israel.  God gave the law of life to Moses on Mount Sinai which became the constitution of the nation of Israel. The nation was a dictatorship, the king of Israel was a dictator and the Congress called the Sanhedrin were scholars of the law of God and Moses.  The law was enforced by judges and police.  In the law was a statute to prohibit to change the law even by a prophet of God.   Right was only the word of Moses and other opinions of what is right was not accepted in Biblical Israel.  According to the Law of Moses which governed the Biblical Nation of Israel there is only one right, the law of God given to Moses on Mount Sinai.  The Sages studied the law day and night.  Judges enforced the law.  Moses gave instructions to make a fence around the law to reinforce that it should not be changed.  The sages added on to the law additional restrictions to protect the desecration of the law. Judaism is a one right religion with one law believing in One God. In Biblical Israel was a Jewish State which in the eyes of foreigners was considered racist. The Jewish people are always a minority. In Biblical times the minority the Jewish people were right; the whole world was still pagan, there were no other monotheistic religions in the world.

Syria is a dictatorship.  80% of the population is Sunni Muslim, 20% Alawite Shiite.  The Sunni population claim racism but their claims are suppressed with an iron fist.  In a dictatorship racism is permitted when it comes to protecting the security of the nation.  Sunni Muslims in other nations claim Assad is racist since the Sunni population is the majority.  However in a dictatorship there is no freedom to claim racism when it is against the state.  Even in a dictatorship can be claimed racism when it is in the boundaries of the law of the country, racism between Alawiites and racism between Sunnis but not racism between Alawiites and Sunnis and the other religious and ethnic groups.  When there are no equal rights, you cannot claim equality and racism.

In a Free State a democracy where there is equality equal rights racism becomes an issue like today.  When each person has the right to be a Christian, Jew, Protestant or Muslim even though each religion is racist to favor and support its own members, religion cannot be attacked as racist.  Religion has been accepted in a free state the choice of freedom of religion has already been made in the constitution of the nation, religious racism is therefore accepted. There is a limit on religious racism in a free state to protect each person from religious hatred which can lead to violence.  Therefore there has to be supervision from a humanitarian and secular angle on the interactions within religions and within its own constituents to prevent racism.  All of the religions want sovereignty in a free state but complete sovereignty is not possible since there are various religions with differences in ideologies and there is a limit on racism.  Religions sometimes teach hatred because it is part of their sacred scripture good hates evil, evil hates good.  Hatred and racism are part of religion and there is no way of removing it completely. Religion belongs in the homes of religious observers and amongst their congregations in a free state. Freedom of religion is in the constitution of the Free State and also freedom of speech, freedom of the press.  The right to limit freedom of speech and freedom of the press is even a greater problem in a Free State. Even though it is forbidden for the press to preach racism or hatred against the ideal of freedom and democracy, this privilege is always being abused.  Like freedom of religion has in it a limit in a Free State; also freedom of the press and freedom of speech.  In a democracy there are two or more sides liberal conservative democrat republican each side distinct which makes it a separate party.  Like a game of sport there has to be a referee in the game of politics which is judicial law to uphold the constitution.  When America or any other country became a free state with the good came the evil which is the cause of racism.  A dictatorship does not have this problem, because there is only one side, and the fear of the law. 

In Numbers 16, Korach from the tribe of Levites a prestigious member of the congregation came to complain to Moses that he and his family were not receiving their human Jewish rights.  He said, “We are all holy.”  He wanted equality.  Korach in Jewish law is considered to be a rebel.  Scripture relates that Korach and his congregation were punished when the earth opened and swallowed them up.  God made his choice between the way of dictator or the way of democracy.  Moses instructed Korach and his men to place a sizeable amount of incense on their altars and then God will decide to choose between the way of equality, or the way of hierarchy.  God made the choice when a fire came down from heaven and devoured the altars of incense of Korach and through him and all his people into the earth.  In those time the best way was dictatorship. A dictatorship does not have to deal with claims of racism at home and in public places like in America.  If today America is democratic it has to accept that there will be racism but not to condemn imperfect human beings from being racist.  Freedom gives the right to be racist up to limits. A dictator does not need the right to be racist; he is the only word.

When there is freedom the minority is always claiming racism.  Sometimes their claims are true but not all the time.  Many minorities refuse to assimilate with the majority for ethnic or religious reasons.  You cannot force them to assimilate if they are not afraid of discrimination.  The majority pressures the minority to assimilate for good reasons but sometimes the minority feels it is better to stay a minority when you love your culture or religion.  America is the melting pot. All the metal eventually becomes American and disappears the individuality and uniqueness which is sometimes a great loss. Freedom doesn’t force minorities to change; they change naturally. The communist dictator doesn’t ask he demands assimilation into the system. People are not dogs God-forbid, but even by dogs there is greater value in pedigrees than those dogs which are mixed breeds. There is a uniqueness to be the minority.

Today freedom has become a new religion.  People worship freedom like Jews Christians, and Muslims worship God.  The crusades many people attribute to being Christian sanctioned by the Latin Church in the medieval period. Crusades are religious campaigns to spread their ideologies to the world when sometimes in becomes necessary to use force.  The first campaign to spread monotheism began after Mount Sinai and the giving of the Law of God to the Jewish nation.  The first war was with the nation of Midyan in the wilderness who were idol worships.  Under the leadership of Pincas a Jewish warrior and saint Midyan was destroyed.  Afterward under the leadership of Joshua, the Jewish people entered Israel to build their nation and to conquer the seven nations already dwelling in the land.  The Jewish Crusades ended temporally when the land was conquered and the holy temple was built in Jerusalem. The nation was conquered by the Babylonians and afterward the Jewish people never had sovereignty living in the land. The Christian crusades began when Christianity was received as the religion of the nation of Rome.   The Roman Emperor Constantine the great in 306=337 AD lead a campaign to spread Christianity throughout his empire. From the time that Mohammed founded the nation of Islam began a crusade for spreading the word of God the Koran to the world.  Turkey adopted Islam as its religion and waged wars by to spread the Ottoman Empire throughout southeastern Europe.  Islam and the Ottoman conquests is part of the third crusade.  The crusades is generally connected to the battle between Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman empire beginning in 1095 but each religion has gone on a campaign to spread its ideologies to the world.  Christian missionaries continues the crusades not through war to spread the word of God given to Jesus.  Judaism fights a war for its own people against assimilation living in the diaspora.  Islam is devoted to spreading the Koran the Word of God given to Mohammed the last prophet. 

A fourth crusade has started which is the crusade to spread freedom and democracy to the world.  Freedom is not a man the messiah who is called God by Christians. Freedom is not God the omnipotent one, the unknown worshipped by Jews and Muslims.  Freedom is an ideology but has in it a soul, a spiritual spark.  People who worship freedom have already made freedom their God.  In America especially there is a war over protecting freedom in the country.  The crusade for freedom is not the only crusade in the world today.  It is an important crusade but the crusade for freedom by definition cannot destroy the crusades of religions which they sometimes call racist because Free states give freedom of religion. The other three crusades Judaism, Christianity, and Islam came into the world way before the 20th century crusade for freedom.  The three crusades of religions are still fighting for their rights and ideologies.  However even these religions have to give respect for the crusade for freedom and the ideologies of freedom which allow them freedom.  The freedom which they receive from the Free State does not give them sovereignty.  Freedom rules most the world today.

People have made freedom their God but the God they call freedom has competition in the world from religion and other ideologies.  Freedom accepts the minority and gives the minority an open ear. Freedom will not accept extremism. The main enemy of freedom comes from those that are seeking to exploit freedom from within the politicians who hate religion.  Orthodox religions are on crusades against freedom and against eachother; freedom is not against anyone except those that are against life.

The Lubavticher Rebbe Rabbi Joseph Issac Schneerson and his successor Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson lived in Communist Russia and came to America to make their home in Brooklyn, N.Y.  Very often the Rebbe would confront the problem within freedom and democracy that it is new and doesn’t have a rule book.  Freedom needs a rule book and there is a rule book already prepared in heaven for freedom which is called the seven Noahide commandments including not to kill, not to steal, not to commit adultery and believing in One God.  Americans call the One God freedom, each religion calls God by another name.  It is all one God whose most important attribute is peace which is possible in a free world.

(The picture above is of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneeron giving two dollars and a blessing to David Wexelman the author of this article and a spokesman for freedom and peace in today’s world.)    

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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