Freelance Gigs and News Worldwide Offering Free and Low Cost Services to Help Build Sustainable Living

Communal News (CN) and Freelance Global Gigs (FGG) Low Cost Marketplace platforms allow readers to post their freelance work on a news and gig platform– all for free– with unrestricted readership and possibly the lowest total cost global gig marketplace. CN and FGG  Low Cost Marketplace have witnessed robust growth, while providing the poorest global readers in the most secluded counties unfettered open access to news, information and services, even in their own languages.

CN and FGG  Low Cost Marketplace designed these platforms to allow everyday people, in every major country and language spanning the global, first to use the global news to become empowered and then possibly become their own online global contributor of information about their community and/or country– where they can help contribute to a truly global multi language platform.

CN and FGG  Low Cost Marketplace are working towards their next generation of services, which is starting to significantly unfold, where shoppers of computer services will increase their online buying, and even better, the platforms will continue with extremely robustly growth of posted online gigs. These platforms are where anyone, anywhere in our world, can make a sustainable living.

The goal of giving everyone in our world a sustainable path is not easy, even with help. It requires very hard work, diligence, time and a strong enterprising spirit. However, done well over time, it can lift up and empower lives to such a high level that almost anyone can launch and run a thriving global gig business.

Here are eight countries with the largest involvement on CN and FGG outside of the United States, in order, with their main language attached to our services in their country and language:

    1. India’s Main Language is Hindi
      FGG Low Cost Marketplace in Hindi
      Free Communal News in Hindi
    2. Pakistan’s Main Language is Punjabi
      FGG Low Cost Marketplace in Punjabi
      Free Communal  News in Punjabi
    3. Bangladesh’s Main Language is Bengali
      FGG Low Cost Marketplace in Bengali
      Free Communal News in Bengali
    4. Nigeria’s Main Language is English
      FGG Low Cost Marketplace in English
      Free Communal News in English
    5. Morocco’s Main Language is Arabic
      FGG Low Cost Marketplace in Arabic
      Free Communal News in Arabic
    6. Ukraine’s Main Language is Ukrainian
      FGG Low Cost Marketplace in Ukrainian
      Free Communal News in Ukrainian
    7. Indonesia’s Main Language is Indonesian
      FGG Low Cost Marketplace in Indonesian
      Free Communal News in Indonesian
    8. Kenya Main Language is Swahili
      FGG Low Cost Marketplace in Swahili
      Free Communal News in Swahili

From the Founder:

“We at CN and FGG  Low Cost Marketplace have achieved robust world wide growth, but we realize our success comes from you, our readers, our contributors, the new and robust gig providers and buyers, as well as those who read or make comments or simply post gigs.

We have been working hard to improve in every way to better empower our platforms so the average person can freely provide news, make even more money with our very low-cost services, or just learn more (with zero restrictions!) allowing you to continuously read articles or check out the robustly growing gig service.”

Almost every competing news (or gig service) forces you to pay monthly or provide mandatory sign up, with their pop-up ads, asking you to commit even before you can read the first paragraph.

With CN and FGG, they selected a bolder path to share openly and globally news (working with Google News, Facebook News and social media) and services in a way that’s focused on making our entire world a better more informed place for all. The folks at CN and FGG  Low Cost Marketplace believe it is their duty to not only serve, but to entrust their contributors.

Their platforms have proven that you can provide global high quality news and gig services enabling very robust growth. In only a couple of years they (together with their readers and contributors) have built a vibrant and very fast growing global network and they praise and want to thank all that have been involved.

Please read our mission at about us

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