Freelance Global Gigs from Canada into the US is the New Frontier

Many skilled Canadian professionals are finding news ways, utilizing online web services, to attain high levels of professional freedom combined with even higher earnings. David Rosenberg, a chief economist, was very bearish on the Canadian economy, putting odds of a recession at 80%, as slowing global growth swamps any future financial stimulus.

“The way I look at the Canadian economy right now, it’s really quite bifurcated…I call it the Triple C economy: there’s crude, condos and cannabis,” said Rosenberg.

With Canada’s economic growth in the past centered on those three Cs and all three look to have headwinds, it is time for Canadians to look elsewhere for future economic growth, especially the younger generations coming out of college today.

Knowing that the pillars of the Canadian economy see troubles ahead, many experts are guiding the world to “underweight the Canadian dollar and expect to see a pretty significant depreciation in the currency over the medium to long term.” Canada actually stands “as being one of the more vulnerable economies despite what looks like a pretty good environment right now,” David Wolf of Fidelity Canada said.

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Today you could live and enjoy the quality of life in Vancouver or Toronto but still attain the higher revenues and a dollar-based income providing valuable services into the United States.  You might ask how? It’s simple: by providing your gig services as a freelancer into the US.

The jobs today are on the Human Cloud, especially the newer markets of virtual freelance gigs (jobs). This is where parties can live in their home country (such as Canada), but provide highly skilled services to many American small businesses. In the past, most Canadians were involved with industries that centered on their own economy, but the new freelance gig marketplace has allowed the individual–through simple freelance gig website markets–to provide services directly into the US without ever leaving their country. (or their home!)

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Websites such as FGG Low Cost Marketplace now allow the skilled professional to directly list their gig services into the US while still living in Canada. These virtual job listings result in no out of pocket expenses, they are very low cost, and FGG Low Cost Marketplace currently has zero transaction fees.  It‘s rather amazing and a real opportunity for a Canadian freelancer, or someone looking to become one. They can now have equal opportunity with Americans workers, in posting gigs in the US. The whole process to get set up and offer your services takes under an hour and there are no costs.


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This is the beginning of an new economic online revolution, where eventually almost any web related professional could work across borders. The gig revolution opens up avenues to superior business structures, while workers can live in and enjoy the city and country they love.

It could be an shocking advancement for a Canadian professional who could start attaining freelance gig jobs at American rates while still living in Canada. In 2018, the average per capita income in Canada was 51,357.80 Canadian dollars.  What a lifestyle change, where the average freelance skilled worker in America is earning close to $70,000! That’s a roughly 35% income increase for similar skills.

Skilled workers from Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Quebec and more that have skills in Bitcoin, Website Building, Social Media, Coding, Cyber Security and Marketing— these local professionals are able to present in America and charge US rates which is often currently superior to what they can achieve with the Loonie.

The founder of FGG Low Cost Marketplace say:

“This is an unbelievable time for skilled Canadian and world professionals to offer their own personal gig services. Gigs on the Human Clouds are now providing so many options, for both the gig provider and American Business.”

The Human Cloud opportunities for the skilled Canadian appear to be unlimited.  For those wanting to move to the US some day, what a simple and cost free way to get your foot in the door.

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