Freelance Gigs in the Philippines Could Help Lesson This COVID Crash

The Philippines and Manila are some of the hardest hit economies due to COVID-19. Now the Filipino unemployment is forecast to be 22.5%, up from only 4.5% before the global epidemic.  When an economy falls in the range of 91-92%, it is very unlikely it will have a sharp quick recovery.  This Wuhan Virus caused the first recession in the Philippines in 29 years, with second quarter gross domestic product showing a decline in almost every single element of the economy.

The continued spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines has renewed the quarantine in the surrounding suburbs of Manila, and the continued lockdown could depress economic growth even more.

In 2019, the Philippines was the 6th fast growing freelance gig economy in the world, at an amazing 35%! With over 20% of the Filipino economy living below the poverty line before the pandemic, it is sure to be much higher now. The Philippines needs to learn how to export their gig labor. For example, using locally-based global gigs they could sell their computer skills around the world and not wait for an island recovery.  They could even do this as a side gig while they work or raise kids. They need to find an area where they are highly skilled and present it on the internet to be sold as a gig.

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