Freelance Global Gigs is Having a Buyer Explosion – As Sellers Also Continue to Rocket Up

Freelance Global Gigs (FGG) has increase the number of Buyers by over 175% in the first 20 days of April. The number of Sellers was also up over 85% for the same period. This does not include any integration from the Communal News (CN) Contributors or Subscribers.

Communal News growth has also been phenomenal– the news service often has over 10,000 visitors in a day. Soon when you sign up for one service, you will get access to both services. Both CN and FGG believe it is better for the overall reader, Contributors, Buyers and Sellers that they have only one login and access.

Freelance Global Gigs has a one time total charge of 12% of sales with no fees.

Communal News and FGG believe that combining the login and account access make both services much simpler.  So even though the growth number for each service is large and robust, they believe combining the individualized services will be better for their clientele overall.

Let’s highlight the wide selection of new offerings at FGG. It is an amazing variety of offerings now being presented in a gig format. They welcome all legal options.

FGG is now offering the following gig services:

At Freelance Global Gigs they try to help increase your revenues by promoting your gigs with news articles, providing over 200,000 links designed for the new post, plus they have both articles and related gigs in all major global languages. All integrated with a leading global newspaper (Communal News) which includes Google and Facebook News and of course growing social media reach, soon with one simple login for both services.

FGG‘s high level of services is less than half the total cost of their larger competitor.  No wonder buyers are moving at such a fantastic rate; they don’t want to pay nosebleed-level fees, and soon they could get email updates free from their favorite global news authors.

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