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The Communal News {CN) platform of free and easy news publishing, available to global freelance writers, is growing. The CN website is expanding exponentially in many key metrics: Visitors, Articles Published, Page Views, Referral Websites, and Search Engine Referrals. Thanks to you, the readers and writers, our future looks very bright.

A network effect (also called network externality or demand-side economies of scale) is the effect described in economics and business that an additional user of a good or service has on the value of that product to others. When a network effect is present, the value of a product or service increases according to the number of others using it

We believe CN has already achieved the network effect in a little over one year.  The network effect is a theory that goes a little like this: as more articles become published on our free and easy publishing platform, those articles are leveraged and significantly amplified by Google News and our social media outlets.  The news articles greatly increase the readers, introducing and educating new writers and corporations about our services, which attracts new contributors, encouraging more writers to sign up for our easy-to-publish services. This quickly becomes a self supporting and robust platform of digital services.

With this success we are soon going to plug in a low-cost and simple digital service for freelancers to market their gigs– known to our readers as the Freelance Global Gig Marketplace (FGG)— and we already have a list of companies that have indicated they are looking for writers, marketers, coders, SEO help, consulting, and other services. After we launch FGG for freelancers on the internet, it will be plugged into our already established and robust network effect. We believe FGG is a natural and logical extension of our digital information network-effected ecosystem.

What’s a “Gig”?

You might have heard this term at a bar or at a conference on employment. I first heard it when my music friends called their concerts “gigs.” The words “Gig” and “Freelance” have seen a major rejuvenation in this new digital world, even though they have been around as long as humans have been paid for “services rendered.”  Their rebirth is leading a global revolution and bringing disruptive change to many industries.

With FGG we now call “digital gigs” any freelance online work (whether it’s part-time, contracted, consulting and/or specialized employment) that is a defined as a “fixed” service for a agreed upon fixed price.

FGG” can be full or part-time, or even one-off projects that allow you to complete the job and obtain income.  There are gigs to be found at the highest professional levels all the way down to minimum wage in the “service on-demand” sector. It is structured so that workers are not employees with benefits, but defined 100% as independent contractors and with gigs that are often very short term. The digital gig economy is creating a robust market for the millions of work-for-hire individuals that are most often creating their own digital niche service and specialties.

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For example, traditional journalism and writing careers are undergoing a long term disruptive revolution. Just this week we read:

USA Today has received a $1.36 billion buyout bid from a media group with a history of taking over struggling newspapers and slashing jobs.” The Associated Press

Slashing jobs means possibly ending the traditional careers of writers and journalist. We at FGG are working hard to provide new and rapidly expanding careers for gifted journalists looking for a bright future in this fast growing digital economy– and possibly the single best way with zero up front costs to start a new professional adventure in which you are the one in charge. Our digital gig freelance marketplace gives you a chance to grab the future of this industry, instead of clinging to a slowly dying past.

FGG offers writers new opportunities such as: press releases, Communal News articles, promotions materials, policy writing, privacy expertise, regulatory compliance, new development marketing, product launching, website development, SEO reviews, corporate research, the list is endless…

Start to offer your own gig services on FGG such as: press releases, Communal News articles, promotions materials, policy writing, privacy expertise, regulatory compliance, new development marketing, product launching, website development, SEO reviews, corporate research, the list is endless…

We believe that the gig freelance world is going to provide a robust future, including Communal News & FGG Low Cost Marketplace, but we need your help offering those services to our massive and growing readership (who are enjoying our many news articles like this one you’re currently reading). Join our robust network effect and build a real career in an industry going through tremendous disruption and change. Take advantage of our impressive readership and plug in to our ecosystem.

That’s why Communal News decided to soon launch Freelance Global Gig Marketplace starting with Gig writers like you!

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