Freelancers in the Philippines Now Have a Low Cost Global Gig Platform in Both Filipino and English Languages

The Global Gig-Economy in 2019 has ranked the Philippines sixth in the world for the number of its freelancers. The ranking found that the island nation freelancers and freelance gigs grew at a amazing 35% from the year before, bringing the total Philippines population working as freelancers to 2%. As the nation of freelancers is growing, so is the internal need for freelance services.

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One of the most focused problems in the gig economy, and especially in non English cultures, is the ability to update freelancers about the many changes in their market, because not only is the freelance gig market moving very fast, but often the market a freelancer specializes in is moving even faster than the gig market overall. That’s why both companies and freelancers need to stay abreast of the latest news.

So, for example, Freelance Global Gigs (FGG) Low Cost Marketplace combines with global newspaper Communal News to provide freelance technology news in the Filipio language with focused updates on local freelance industries such as Freelance Global Gigs News in the

FGG also believes that, in becoming a global gig provider, it is very important that you provide languages that help both the buyer and seller, no matter their country or language. Knowing the gig world has no borders, FGG is proud to provide language support to over 97% of the globe.

Villanueva, a senator in the Philippines, stressed the need for a law protecting freelance workers. He boasted that the Philippines was listed among the world’s fastest growing markets for freelancers and freelance gigs, and he announced that earnings from the sector rose by 35% this year.

FGG Low Cost Marketplace services over 100 languages including Filipio for both buyers and sellers, and those languages cover over 97% of the Globe

Most people in the Philippines earn very low wages. By providing a global gig, a Filipino vendor can sell their services to the world. Opening an online service or business can be far more lucrative for Filipinos, especially if they are providing a truly specialized service that is in high demand. The pay is often far better than providing low-cost, often repetitive, labor. They can even start their future carrier after working in the evenings after working a full time job or on their “off-time” while raising a family.

The manager of PayPal Southeast Asia, Rahul Shingal, said:

“We are seeing more young people choosing to freelance as they become integral to the global economy, it is critical for them to be accorded the same respect that other professionals receive. We should do more to elevate the standing of freelancers as a community and empower them in their autonomy.”

To help achieve this increase respect for young gig professionals providing defined services in the freelance market, FGG Low Cost Marketplace is providing one of the lowest total costs for global gig transactions.  We are saving buyers and sellers about 40%, as our way of showing respect for freelancers, to help them increase their pay and keep a larger share of funds from their lucrative services. FGG Low Cost Marketplace has the ability, with their worldwide newspaper, to drive large robust traffic at far lower costs to gig providers in the Philippines.

Many believe the gig economy, especially in SE Asia will continue to evolve, providing a steady career that is built on flexibility.  Soon we will see companies from SE Asia buying and building on the global gig market.

It’s simple, easy and free to post a gig on the freelance global gig community.

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