Fulfillment Review of Amazon

  • Amazon's poor packaging causes the items to be damaged in transit.
  • The food arrived expired.
  • Amazon's profits continue to increase, yet the quality of the products is dwindling.

The demand for one-stop online shopping continues to increase. Furthermore, the Coronavirus pandemic has shifted the shopping habits of consumers. For convenience purposes, I have ordered multiple items from Amazon. The items I ordered were canned cat food, deodorant, pet shampoo, conditioning spray, and chocolate candy.

Amazon quarterly reported earnings.

My order arrived in multiple packages. Upon opening my first package, my pet shampoo was packaged in the paper envelope, and clearly the package was crushed by the Amazon logistics.

Therefore, due to the poor, cheap brown envelope paper packaging and logistics handling of the package, the plastic lid of the shampoo was chipped.

Trying to open the shampoo almost cut my finger, as the lid corners are sharp due to the damage and some of the shampoo leaked. Fortunately, it had a pleasant lemon scent.

As per usual, I contacted Amazon via the customer service number and after about 15 minutes, was issued a refund via the gift card option. However, now I had to either go to a brick and mortar store to purchase another shampoo bottle or order online.

The canned pet food arrived in the large box without protective packaging. When the packaging was open, the cans were dented and it had strong odor of the chicken flavor all over the package, as the item was damaged during the delivery.

The items had to be immediately disposed of as the strong chicken scent was not what I wanted inside the residence. Another phone call to Amazon, another apology by the representative, and I was out of the food I was expecting.

Moreover, the dry pet food arrived, and a premium price was charged for it. The package arrived well packaged, but the food had an expiry date of six months ago. Of course, another waste of time and a phone call to Amazon. I pointed out the item shipped from the Amazon warehouse, and clearly no one checks the due dates and continues to sell expired pet food.

The broken pet shampoo lid.

The deodorizing spray arrived and at least packaging was sufficient, but the plastic nozzle broke within a day and the item stained the couch, which needed to be steam cleaned.

It should be noted that I purchased the same brand from a brick and mortar location previously and did not have the item break or stain the furniture.

The question remains why the one from Amazon did? I can’t confirm if the item was defective or counterfeit.

The request for the refund was challenging. At first, it seemed simple: click on the order on the Amazon website, choose the refund option, and under 200 characters explain the reason.

The information was submitted and the prompt advised of the refund will be processed to the original payment method. After waiting for the few days and checking the status, the amount of the refund showed zero.

Another phone call and escalation to the manager. The explanation given was that part of the cost of the item had promotion portion and the system could not refund the difference. A one time courtesy was able to obtain the refund.

The box of chocolate candy arrived in the plastic envelope and the box was damaged and dented, but edible. If I was purchasing the item for the purposes of gifting, the condition the box arrived it would not have been possible.

Finally, the Fa deodorant arrived in the spray bottle. The item arrived late and clearly was thrown during delivery as the hard metal case was bent almost in half. Another phone call to Amazon customer service, refund issued, but was unable to send a replacement.

Overall, to summarize personal experience, Amazon is too large and clearly the quality control is failing. The Amazon warehouse clearly does not inspect the items prior to the shipping and the packaging is not sufficient to have an item delivered intact.

Christina Kitova

I spent most of my professional life in finance, insurance risk management litigation.

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