Gateway College VP Creating Racial Division

  • Some believe Gateway Technical College's VP is creating racial division.
  • Employees share concern regarding racial leadership at the college.
  • We are told that other black leaders promote a similar ideology that is against whites.

Gateway Technical College is a historically significant organization. It is the first vocational school funded by public monies, founded in the early 20th century in Racine, Wisconsin. All through the years the college has offered different programs to meet the needs of the local community and workforce. These programs shifted over the years, from offering driver training and typing to high tech programs offered today.

There have been many leaders at the college and nearly all of them were committed to the students of the college and industry leaders to make sure that the programs offered by the college led to employment of graduates. No one in business or the students protested that the college was unlike a liberal university. No one was asking for a UW-Madison in our area. And while no one is asking for it today, one leader has led the charge to change that more than any other. It’s the cause that no one asked for. The cause that no one wanted or needed. The cause that led many people to leave the college.

Ms. Zina Haywood, VP of Gateway Technical College.

In December 2019 Ms. Zina Haywood, the VP of Gateway, was named one of the 2019 most influential black leaders in Madison’s 365’s Black Power List. Really, BLACK power? Isn’t that 1950’s racial separatist language? Does this mean that Ms. Haywood is all for and about black people, at the exclusion other groups? What about other races who work and attend Gateway Technical College?

From what we read on this site and others Ms. Haywood is indeed quite influential at Gateway. Her impact isn’t always for the better which seems to be well known by many at the school, based on the other article posted. It seems she has been busy creating racial division, faulting the majority and some have even said they believe she’s gives out special treatment to others that look like her. Look at the names on their website referring to college leadership and you find very few white people and even less men. The state is about 85% white but one would think whites are only 40% of the population if you take a look at those in charge at Gateway.

Here’s my take and what we’re told by others in the school. Ms. Haywood is not alone. Her group of fellow black leaders seem to be just as involved. When speaking with an administrative assistant at the Racine campus, we are told that other black leaders promote a similar ideology that can be viewed as being against whites. Julia, which is a pseudonym said that a school director seems hostile toward white leadership and male leadership based on comments and conflicts known to her. She also said that director hires about 95% black employees even when white people apply for the jobs. This is well known , Julie says, and nobody does anything about this seemingly unfair situation. And why would they with someone like the state’s black power leader, Zina Haywood, leading the charge and at the helm of the college.

Bob Strong

I am an educator with nearly two decades of professional teaching experience. I write at various sites regarding important matters of the day. In my free time, I enjoy wood working and exercising.

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  1. This is so true! I have seen it myself. College leaders so focused on this white privilege and white guilt. Get woke they say. Read this book and watch this event to see how guilt you are white male. Makes me want to vomit. The audacity of a black leader to force her racist views on everyone else. How about she share a book about the high rate of black on white crime, all the fake hate crimes against white people, or something like that?

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