Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem

  • Today June 6 has been organized a Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem.
  • Most of the opposition to Gays today is when they become like missionaries to entice innocent people to join their ranks by denying that being Gay is bad.
  • There is no question that HIV is spread mainly by anal sex more than vaginal sex or oral sex.

June 6 saw an organized Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem.

The Orthodox Rabbis of Israel have called for Jews to demonstrate against the Gay Parade.  Gay parades have become the custom almost throughout the whole world.  There was recently a Gay parade in Tel Aviv.  Homosexuality is not new. It always existed but was kept quiet and restricted to locations which were designated as places where Gays gathered such as Gay beaches, Gay clubs.  The Gay community respected and recognized that there was opposition to them and conducted their interaction in public places designated for them.

Over the past twenty years, Gays have become braver about publicizing themselves.  At local beaches not necessarily designated for Gays would come gays and interact publicly in front of people not Gay.  They have taken advantage of the freedom given to them under the law to the point that today Gays can march legally in Jerusalem, a city where the large majority of the residents are against Gay parades.  The city of Jerusalem is under the laws of Israel which permits Gay parades therefore the city council of Jerusalem has no power to prohibit a Gay parade even if it may cause violence on the opposition side like happened a few years ago when a opponent to Gay marches stabbed and killed a girl not Gay who was innocently watching the parade.

Ofra Haza who died from Aids at the age of 42. A great loss to all of mankind.

The Catholic Church like other orthodox religions following the law of the Bible prohibited Gays being part of their congregations.  Recently Pope Francis made a statement to permit them to be part of the Catholic Church.  He has not gone as far as permitting Gay Marriage. There are synagogues in the Orthodox Jewish world which allow gays to be part of their congregations.  Being Gay is considered to be their own personal problem.  Most of the opposition to Gays today is when they become like missionaries to entice innocent people to join their ranks by denying that being Gay is bad.  Many people have been pulled into Gay sex and have difficulty getting out of it even if they feel starting with it was a mistake.  Being Gay can be compared to alcohol, narcotics, gambling and other vices which become habit forming and dangerous to health.

There is no question that HIV is spread mainly by anal sex more than vaginal sex or oral sex. Heterosexuals prefer vaginal sex over anal sex and oral sex. Vaginal sex includes usually hugging, kissing and intercourse.  Homosexuals are restricted to anal sex and oral sex contacts.  Homosexuals are giving permission for people to have anal sex with them which can be dangerous.  Anal sex will not conceive a child so it will not demand birth control.  The use of condoms by homosexuals is for the purpose of protection from HIV.

A picture of the Satan dating back to the 13th century who is looking to enter the hearts of humanity to cause them to sin.

There is still no cure for HIV. It is a contagious disease.  The techniques used today to control HIV are still not enough.  People have a good reason to worry about HIV contact. Homosexuals are less worried than heterosexuals.  Parents are worried for their children.

There is a good reason why the Bible has forbidden homosexuality.  Homosexuals are taking a chance and in the end they will have regrets.  The pleasure which they get from sex with same sex partners is not worth it if they will get AIDS.  If they have respect for the people of Jerusalem they would not make a Gay Parade.  The large majority of the people of Jerusalem are against it.

Ofra Haza, called the Madonna of the east, died from AIDS at the age of 42.  How and from where she got AIDS is unknown.  She sang Jerusalem of Gold praising the holy city for its holy heritage as the city of God.  Today she is looking down from heaven at The Jerusalem Gay Parade in wonder. The Gay march is a desecration of the holiness of the City of God.  If you are gay, it is your own secret.  Why do you have to spread it to others?  The same it is with the secrets of God.  Traditionally they are reserved for those that are worthy and are not made public. Today freedom gives people more of a chance to explore into the secrets of God learning Kabballa Bible mysticism, Eastern Mysticism, Messianic mysticism which were once reserved as hidden secrets.  At the same time freedom has allowed the devil to enter into lives of people allowing Gay Parades, abortion in the ninth month, and other things which are called abominations in the Bible. Strict Islamic and Jewish law closes the doors that are opened up by freedom. There is no perfect solution.

Jerusalem despite the Gay Parade today is still considered the holy city.


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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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