George Soros vs Nationalism

  • The concept of Globalism has always been a goal from the time of the establishment of the Nation of Israel.
  • Globalization is important and mankind should not give up the hope of World Unity and Peace.
  • Nationalism begins with the family unit. Nationalism has always been the dominant ideology but without Globalization it will only lead to war and destruction.

It is good for mankind to attempt to solve the dilemma of today’s times.  After the last two World Wars people are beginning to take more interest in their future.  War teaches mankind the importance of peace.

We are after the tragedy and horror of the Second World War in which was killed over forty million people including the slaughter of six million Jews. Nationalism has always given an answer for specific communities of man religious and secular to create peace within the borders of their nation.  The Nation of Israel which was established three thousand years ago became an example for all other nations of the importance of the establishment of courts of justice enforcing the commandments of God not to kill, not to steal, not to commit adultery, being innocent before proven guilty, etc.  The Nation of Israel survived the pressures of other nations in their environment for eight hundred years until it was conquered by the Romans.  During that time came the Assyrians, Baylonians, Greeks finally the Romans to confront the Nation of Israel until its destruction.  Jewish Nationalism continued after the destruction of its holy temple through its religion even until today.

The concept of Globalism has always been a goal from the time of the establishment of the Nation of Israel.  Globalism means uniting mankind under one roof not only as separate nations but also united.  King Solomon attempted to globalize the world through marrying women from the palaces of the various nations in the world.  King Solomon had a thousand wives and concubines including the Daughter of Pharoah the King of Egypt.  King Solomon received opposition from his own people who objected to him achieving globalisation in this way by including gentiles not of the covenant in their kingdom.  There needed to be another way to globalize the world under one roof a new way of peace.

Nationalism is racist whether it be religious or secular.  Nationalism begins with the family unit.  Judaism began with the family unit of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob mentioned in the book of Genesis.  The family grew in great proportions until it became a nation under One God. Also the nation of the children of Esau and Ishmael became great nations as their families multiplied.  Esau became the nation of Edom associated with Rome and Ishmael later became the nation of Islam.  Both of these nations were founded on Biblical constitutions the New Testament and the Koran. Islam and Rome attempted to globalize the world under the roof of their religions without success.  Later came into the world new secular ideologies including socialism, communism and fascism all with the goal of globalization through spreading their ideology and through war.

The United Nations was established after World War II in another attempt to globalize the world.  Included in the United Nations are Islamic, Christian and Protestant, Jewish, and secular nations united under one roof but there is still a lack of communication between these nations based upon their own individual interests.  George Soros a holocaust survivor is a noted philanthropist for the cause of globalization.  Most people today are disappointed with the United Nations which President Trump has spoken very critically about its failures.  Even though the United Nations represents the message of globalization both from a religious and secular standpoint it has not been able to overcome the national conflicts in the world.  People call George Soros a failure and nationalism is growing out of the borders of globalization in Turkey, between Russia and Ukraine, Israel and Iran, America and the whole world.

Globalization is important and mankind should not give up the hope of World Unity and Peace.  To find the solution for National conflicts you only have to open the Bible in the first chapter where Eve caused Adam to sin after being enticed by the snake.  Women’s liberation objects to pointing the finger at them for causing world conflicts since on the surface they are certainly not in control of the world. Women are blamed in Jewish tradition for extinguishing the light of the Garden of Eden. As atonement for their sin they have the work of lighting the candles of the Sabbath in the home. In the Bible is the story of how Sarah sent Ishmael and his mother away from their home even at the objection of Abraham.  Rebecca advised Jacob to fool his father Isaac to receive the blessing of the firstborn which caused hatred between the family of Esau and Jacob.  There was peace in the world after the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai like the peace of the Garden of Eden.  However the Jewish woman wanted family life separating the Jewish family from the rest of the world and encouraged their husbands to cause Moses to break the first tablets of the Ten Commandment when he saw the Golden Calf. The first tablets were written by God for World Globalization to be replaced by the second tablets written by Moses for Jewish National Unity.  Judaism is completely the opposite Universal Religious Globalization completely National Religious and specific.  Moses was forced by his brother Aaron to change the law and approach from global to national. Moses and all the prophets that followed him were for globalization, the unity of God on earth.

Jesus and his followers tried to bring to the world the ideal of Religious Globalism. He received opposition from Jewish Nationalists and Roman Pagans.  Paul further globalized Christianity until the Romans made it their national religion which made Christianity more national than global more scriptural than spiritual, a new religion in the world.  Islam then organized religious nationalism under Sharia and the Koran. Islam nationalism battled with Christian religious nationalism.  Globalization again failed. The church failed and was born Protestantism.

Globalization One World Philosophy is interwoven in the creation.  When there was only Adam alone there was a Garden of Eden of peace and tranquility.  God saw that it is not good for Adam to be alone; he made for Adam a soul mate to help him in his life.  It was not a perfect solution for Adam and brought to the world suffering the good with the bad.  Christianity brought spiritual globalization to world to return the image of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden as a man or woman without a wife or husband the celibate priest or nun children of the Messiah. Judaism had already rejected Globalism when Moses broke the first tablets after the sin of the Golden Calf.  Instead they made Judaism a Jewish National Religion commanding its people to marry and not to be celibates.  A National religious dictatorship could only become global through conquering the world and not through the free choice of its people.  National Religion connects man and woman as one family; celibates are global without a family tree.  Christianity could not globalize the world with Christ as its king since without marriage there is no family or nation.  To create globalization you need family.  The celibate king who is the Messiah needs another King to compliment him who is married and has a family and a nation.  One Messiah cannot make the whole correction to the world which is the failure of Christianity.

The divine plan of Moses was to create a world with two kings who are two Messiahs, the Messiah of World Unity and Peace Globalization; and the Messiah of National Unity.  However since these two Messiahs conflict in their philosophy like the conflict of George Soros philosophy the concept of globalization, and National rivalries today. However George Soros has brought the world closer to its goal of World Unity and Peace through creating a third vessel of World Unity which is the secular humanitarian. George Soros is the secularist politician who endorses freedom as a way toward World Unity and Peace. The failure of George Soros is that the secular humanitarian alone is not enough without religion, and uniting the three religions of the world Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Freedom needs religion which opposes freedom.  The youth today who have enjoyed freedom are slowly beginning to see that they also need religion.

Moses and Christ could not accomplish what Soros could accomplish as a secularist.  Trump is also attempting to globalize the world as a secular politician. Only the secular politician can unite National Religion like Judaism and Islam which preach control of the world through divine law and with Christianity which preaches in its source anarchy.  The source of globalism is anarchy giving free choice to mankind to choose life.  For this reason it was rejected by Moses; mankind was not ready for freedom.   However globalization in the free world is an ideal which should not be forgotten.  Christ returned to the world this ideal for a short time until it became buried in Protestantism by Martin Luther.  Celibacy of the church is only an ideal and is continuing to fall apart like in the news everyday of sexual abuse by Catholic priests.  What was missing in globalization through religion was added through George Soros, the secular man the humanitarian endorsing freedom.

Judaism has brought into the world in the last generation the Messiah of Jewish Nationalism the Lubavitcher Rebbe of blessed memory to complement the Messiah of World Unity and Peace.  George Soros has brought to the world globalization through secular humanitarian.  The combination of these three energies creates everlasting peace in this world and in the next world.  Do not give up on the way of George Soros or on Jesus the Messiah. Do not become an anti-Semite for there is no fulfillment of globalization without including the Jewish people and their Messiah of Jewish National Unity. Islam is also important for achieving the goal of World Unity and Peace.

In the East there are Yogis who are celibates that preach World Unity and Peace through Meditation and Breath. Some of these Gurus are phonies but others are authentic men of peace. Many Catholic Priests have fallen to sexual abuse and graft but not all of them.  In Judaism there are men of truth living in the Jewish way especially in the Chassidic World.  Although George Soros has rejected God like other holocaust victims, he has not rejected the ideal of globalization which is in itself spiritual.  Together mankind will eventually reach its goal of World Unity and Peace as prophesied by Isaiah “the whole world will be filled with the knowledge of God like the waters cover the sea.”  “Peace Peace in the distance and close and near will be the healing of mankind.”  In this day God will be one and his name will be one, the name of God is shalom or peace.

The humanitarian has a great part in the achieving of the goal of World Unity and Peace but its place in the divine plan is together with religion.  Nationalism has always been the dominant ideology but without Globalization it will only lead to war and destruction.

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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