Germany Begins an Official Search for the Spectacular Amber Room Treasure

  • The search is underneath Buchenwald Nazi Concentration Camp.
  • The Amber room was been stolen from Russia.
  • A new map of six secret tunnels has been discovered.

The German Government launched an official search for secret tunnels at the former Buchenwald Nazi Concentration camp in the beginning of this month. The camp was established on the Ettersberg hill near Weimar, Germany, in July 1937. Buchenwald was  one of the first and the largest of the concentration camps within Germany’s 1937 borders. The name of the camp translated in English means “Beech forest.” The Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe is a transnational composite nature UNESCO World Heritage site, encompassing forests in 12 European countries. Many actual or suspected communists were among the first internees at the camp.

The reason behind a search is to locate the secret tunnels, in order to find a Third Reich treasure. The Third Reich is an official Nazi designation for the regime in Germany from January 1933 to May 1945, as the presumed successor of the medieval and early modern Holy Roman Empire from 800 to 1806 (the First Reich) and the German Empire of 1871 to 1918 (the Second Reich).

The main treasure being sought is the Amber Room.  Constructed in the 18th century in Prussia, the original Amber Room was dismantled and eventually disappeared during WWII. Currently, there is a reconstructed Amber Room decorated in amber panels backed with gold leaf and mirrors, located in the Catherine Palace of Tsarskoye Selo near Saint Petersburg, Russia. It is one of the main tourist attractions.

There is a belief the Amber room could possibly be located underneath the Buchenwald concentration camp, which is currently a memorial open to the public. During camp operations 56,000 people were murdered, including Jews, homosexuals, political prisoners and people undergoing medical experiments. It is believed over 200,000 people were held at the Buchenwald concentration camp.

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The reason behind the start of the current search is a newly discovered map allegedly containing an additional six secret tunnels underneath the Buchenwald concentration camp. The tunnels also may contain gold jewelry and other valuable items from the former prisoners of the horrific death camp. During the past 10 years, many fake discoveries of the Amber Room have been announced, none of them legitimate. The speculations surrounding the location of the hidden Amber Room have been circulating since 1945.

The Amber Room was intended in 1701 for the Charlottenburg Palace, in Berlin, Prussia, but was eventually installed at the Berlin City Palace.

Consequently, only the German government can search for the Amber Room, due to the fact the site is heavily guarded. The German government is interested in locating the treasure. The Amber Room is believed to be the 8th Wonder of the World. However, the question remains, if in fact the Amber Room is recovered, who would be the rightful owner? If personal artifacts of the prisoners are located, wouldn’t they be family heirlooms and need to be claimed by those families?

It would be a miracle if the Amber Room is truly found. However, it seems at this time the chance of it actually being located underneath Buchenwald is unlikely.

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