Getting Ready to Reopen Your Day Spa? Make Sure to Stock Up on Numbify!

Times have been hard the last few months as our nation has bravely faced the worst health crisis since the Spanish Flu of 1920. For many of us that has meant closing our business doors, reducing to skeleton crews, or laying off staff as the inflow of customers slowed to a trickle. Many states are finally beginning to make plans to reopen, and rescind lockdown orders.

Numbify is a deep penetrating formula delivering 5% lidocaine when numbing is needed for fast and strong relief of pain and itching. In side by side testing, Numbify has been shown to be the most powerful numbing formula on the market.

While many companies are getting ready to open their doors again, in spite of national concern, it is important to remember to stay safe, and continue practicing social distancing measures, in as much as it is possible. For our day spa and waxing salon owners and managers, it may have been awhile since you have had customers, and you might be wondering how to boost your sales a bit once they start coming back in.

Keeping your stock up on Numbify products is an absolute must for anyone in the waxing field. Numbing products are not only desirable for your customers, but they are a great way to boost your revenues. Invite every customer to purchase a bottle or jar of one of Numbify’s professional strength numbing products and that’s as much as an additional $5 per customer who accepts! And being in the waxing field you know that the fear of pain is extremely prohibitive for many. Once your customers start telling their friends how great and painless the experience was at your shop (using Numbify) they will be driving customers your way!

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Numbify has been shown time and time again to be the strongest, most effective numbing agent on the market

But hey, maybe you have never tried Numbify before, or even heard of it. That’s ok too! Numbify is a brand of over the counter numbing products. They focus on quality products with powerful, and often natural ingredients, for a low price. They consistently beat all others in side by side testing, all because they actually listen to their customers, and strive daily to make their products even better. Since many rating are fake and numbify believes it’s the strongest numbing product it started the Strongest Numbing Challenge.

Many companies in the same field overcharge for their products, all while delivering sub par results. You can even look for yourself on sites like and and find products with thousands of fake reviews, all an attempt to balance out all of the negative reviews they ACTUALLY receive from their customers. We have touched on some of the worst perpetrators before, but in the end, Numbify is the one at the top of the pack, without buying fake reviews!

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The best part is that they don’t expect you to take their word for it. If you are considering carrying Numbify at your shop, give them a call at (877) 906-4806 or head on over to and sign up today for a free sample of their Numbing products. They work fantastic and you can see that for yourself. As someone who has personally tried Numbify against a myriad of other numbing products, I can tell you that you will be happy with what you get, and REALLY happy with the boost in your profits!!!

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