Gift Purchasing on Amazon, Not So Hot

  • The item arrived dented.
  • Some items in the gift set did not have protective seals.
  • The chocolate gift set had questionable items.

The Coronavirus pandemic changed shopping habits and the social interactions. Canada implemented the new lockdowns amid the second wave of the Coronavirus. Therefore, given the rigid temperatures and lack of social interaction, online shopping became more attractive than ever.

The skincare gift set arrived dented.

The lockdowns have been implemented in many countries around the globe. Furthermore, convenience continues to attract a large number of buyers to shop online.

Personally, I decided to purchase a few small gifts for myself. I purchased two gift sets, one included skincare that came in an attractive metal container, and the other was supposed to be a Russian chocolate gift set.

The skincare set took close a month to arrive, as the item was coming from Asia. My expectations were set via the estimated delivery date. The package finally arrived, the metal tin in the shape of a penguin was dented.

However, I can give the benefit of the doubt that due to the long travel of the item, such could have happened. Fortunately, the dent was in the back and was not noticeable.

Nevertheless, the items inside the container were questionable. The few items did not have protective foil underneath the lead, which made me question if the items were previously opened or perhaps could have been even testers. When it comes to skincare and hygiene, one does not want to take a risk to use possibly previously opened items.

The Russian chocolate gift set was an interesting experience as well. The packaging was beautiful and had traditional Russian art on the box. However, when the box was opened, some of the chocolate was not Russian, it was actually Ukrainian made. Therefore, there were multiple issues with it.

ROSHEN produces more than 350 kinds of confectionery products. The product line includes chocolate and jelly sweets, caramel, toffee and chocolate bars.

Given the political situation between Russia and Ukraine, it would have been impossible there could have been a joint venture between Russia and Ukraine.

Additionally, the Ukrainian chocolate made by the former president of the Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, from candy factory Roshen, is poor quality. Given the fact that the price of the item was close to $20 for half a pound, it is not cheap.

The only plausible explanation is that the gift set was not packaged in Russia or had been previously opened or tampered with.

Upon contacting Amazon customer service, I was directed to contact the Amazon vendor. The customer service representative sent a request for the vendor to contact me within 48 hours. I never was contacted by the vendor.

I decided to message the vendor myself and never received a reply. There was no explanation provided and Amazon did nothing in this case. Surprisingly, I was able to leave a review questioning the item and it was published.

Overall, I would not recommend ordering gift sets from Amazon. The quality and the risks are not worth it. If, the items weren’t gifts to myself, I could have been embarrassed gifting such items. Perhaps the consumers should switch to smaller online platforms that sell better quality items.

Christina Kitova

I spent most of my professional life in finance, insurance risk management litigation.

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