Global Allergy Tester Market to Witness Significant Rise in Revenue

  • Increasing incidence of skin, food, and environmental allergies are driving the global allergy tester market.
  • Problems with accuracy are hindering the growth of the allergy tester market.
  • Continued development of improved accuracy and enhanced features are expected to drive the global allergy tester market.

The growing trend of allergy home test kit is creating a huge demand for allergy tester and are significantly driving the global allergy tester market. Allergy tester is used to determine the substance causing an allergic reaction. Allergy testers perform the test for allergies due to food, environment, insect, animal, skin, and other types of allergy. Skin allergy tester market is witnessing a huge demand due to the increasing skin issues. Vendors are offering skin allergy tester kit which are easy to use for customers to use in the home. During the test, the skin is pricked with a small drop of allergen and exposed for about 20 minutes. The skin allergy tester monitors the skin for the sign of allergic reaction such as swelling or redness. This test is generally done for the cause of allergies such as mold, pollen, dust mites, pet dander, food, and others. Skin allergy tester is considered safe for both adult and children. However, skin allergy tester is restricted for use to people with eczema or psoriasis.

Patch allergy testing is used to test the allergy because of soap, shampoo or jewelry. On patch allergy tester, the substance is placed between patch, and then is applied to the skin. It generally takes 2-3 days to give the result. Blood allergy tester is used to determine the antibodies present in the blood. Some of the most used blood test method are E(IgE), radioallergosorbent testing (RAST), immunoassay capture test (ImmunoCAP), eosinophil counts, and others. Blood allergy tester can test allergy occurring due to pet dander, dust, weeds, trees, grasses, molds, food, and others.

Do-IT-Yourself Allergy Testers are Gaining Traction

The increasing issues of skin allergy are one of the key factors driving the global allergy tester market. The increasing adulteration in food & beverages, air pollution, water pollution, and other factors are expected to have a significant positive impact on the growth of the global allergy tester market. The trend of Do-it-Yourself and easy to use allergy tester kit is significantly driving the global allergy tester market.

For instance, in December 2017, Nima launched portable peanut allergy tester to detect content of peanut and gluten in food. Device uses different sensors and chemistry to detect peanut or gluten and gives result in 3 minutes.
One of the key challenges hindering the growth of the allergy tester market is that the allergy tester can also provide a false result.  It may show a positive result when you are allergic to the substance. However, vendors are highly focused on enhancing the accuracy level of allergy tester and are expected to overcome this challenge.

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Allergy tester market is segmented as-

Skin Prick Testing
Intradermal Testing
Patch Testing
Blood Testing
Provocation Testing

Allergy tester market is segmented as-

Food & Beverages
Soap & Shampoo
Vendors are continuously focused on the development of advanced allergy tester with enhanced features and accuracy, and these developments are expected to drive the global allergy tester market during the forecast period.

For instance, in September 2018, Elisa Systems launched a new allergy tester for testing milk content in food i.e. Total Milk Kit. It detects the presence of alpha-S casein and Beta-lactoglobulin for efficient detection of milk content in food. It can also be used to detect the contamination of food by casein, milk or whey.
Some of the key players for allergy tester are SelfDiagnostics OÜ, HYCOR, Thermo Fisher Scientific, DST, Diagnostische Systeme & Technologien GmbH, Medline Industries, Inc., Global Testing Lab, 3M, Alpha Laboratories, SYNLAB, and others.

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North America and Western Europe are expected to have a prominent market of allergy tester during the forecast period. The presence of the large number of healthcare clinics and laboratories in the U.S. is creating a huge demand for allergy tester. Moreover the adoption of allergy tester in restaurants and food café in the U.S. is creating a significant demand for allergy tester. The countries such as China and India are expected to have high Y-o-Y during the forecast period.

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