Globalists/Socialists to Usher Cashless Society – Mark of the Beast and Tribulation?

  • COVID 19 will give them headway.
  • Globalism is a set of dominant ideologies.
  • Trilateralists have become too powerful.

Today, globalism and socialism are linked to the idea of economic and political integration of nations and their economies. Globalism, in itself, is a dominant set of ideologies.  As these ideologies spring forth they contribute to a consolidated global state of existence.  A number of global and social organizations have risen over a small amount of time, (especially the last two decades), and are trying to bring about a unified global system. 

Religious Organizations Join Globalists.

In the early seventies, David Rockefeller founded the Trilateral Commission. It was an association of industrial leaders, the world’s most powerful bankers, and government officials.  The name, “Trilateral Commission” gives reference to a triangle formed by North America, Europe, and Japan; also known as the Western Alliance. Essentially, it is a coordinated management of interdependent market economies of North America, Europe, and Japan.

Pat Robertson, in his book The New World Order says that the trilateralists have become so powerful that they masterminded the Jimmy Carter presidential victory. Carter ranked high on the Globalist List.  Trilaterism (1980), a book by Holly Sklar, reveals that the owners and managers of global and social organizations view the entire world as their factory, farm, supermarket, and playground.

By the Reagan era, the Globalist/Socialists membership of the Trilateral Commission had become a common theme. During Reagan’s term in office, 83 members of the executive branch were associated with either the Trilateral Commission or the Council On Foreign Affairs (CFR), another globalization and socialist group. The fact that G7 nations, which control most of the world’s economy, came from the nation’s of the Trilateral Commission is no coincidence.

Today, any nation wanting to do business on a global scale must play by the rules of the Western Alliance. This holds true for even the Third World nations and the Eastern Bloc. Where the Council On Foreign Affairs is concerned, it’s hard to turn around in Washington without running over a CFR member in a prominent position.

The present COIVD-19 virus now joins the argument with the global warming scenario as justification for increased international control of economies, food and even wealth distribution. The CFR wants to further their one-world agenda by implementing an international tax affecting every person on earth.

Today, we see a more diverse group in the globalization and socialism scheme. They range from private organizations/foundations, to government party’s/organizations, and even some of the larger religious organizations. A sample list of these reads: The Vatican, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The World Health Organization, The Centers For Disease Control, The United Nations, and certainly the United States Democratic Party.

Advocations for economic control, worldwide, can be attributed to the larger power-hungry organizations and political leaders, and moving toward a cashless society will have dire complications. A cashless system is problematic for people who must rely on cash, being heavily concentrated in certain populations of the poor, near poor, elderly, and undocumented immigrants. Without a bank account, many people in impoverished areas would be hardest hit by such a move. According to the FDIC, 7.7% of Americans do not have a bank account, and 25.6 % of those making less than $15,000 annually do not have a bank account.

In the early seventies, David Rockefeller founded the Trilateral Commission. It was an association of industrial leaders, the world’s most powerful bankers, and government officials.

When monetary transactions are stored in computers, the risk of unauthorized breaches by hackers increases by a whopping 38%.  Many companies and financial institutions have already witnessed what cyber attacks can do. Outages and attacks on the telecommunications infrastructure prevents electronic transfers from working; cash transactions could continue.

A scenario of a Central Government body cashless system enables:

A. A transaction tax on every person-to-person payment.

B. Restrict types of consumer goods purchased with a certain amount of money.

C. Lessen the awareness of the amount of money people are spending.

D. Allow the one-world government to set employees pay rates, especially with the on-coming microchip implants.

E. Set prices on food and products, no matter how extreme.

F. Collapse of democratic processes.

G. Completely stop gun ownership and weapons/ammo buying.

H. Set limits on health insurance and payments, no matter the age group.

I. Add a controlling factor to fuel consumption.

J. Set limits on the number of financial transactions on any given time scale.

Sounds like tyranny? Yes, it does. In many places of the world, governments and large corporations are already engaged in the implementation and use of microchip implants. Sweden is just one country heading up the farce. They have witnessed drops in employee pay scales, and more and more people are being moved to lower “poor class,” and many more are doing “without” now.

Here in the United States microchip implants are now being used for the purpose of paying employees, monitoring when and where they go, and have the ability to increase that control factor at a moment’s notice. Those receiving the implants evidently don’t realize that those microchips have an enormous amount of space on them that can be easily “added to” at any time.

As free people, we should ask ourselves; “Just how much is my freedom from Big Brothers prying eyes worth to me?”  And, “Should I get the chip, or do I want to keep my name in the Book of Life?”

Revelation 13:16-17 16. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17. And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

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