God Rules the World – God Wants Peace

  • God wants freedom; he wants also religion.
  • God is one and alone which cannot be claimed even by the Messiah.
  • The kingship of God is shared by all faiths revealed on Mount Sinai.

God rules the world. God will not compromise on truth. Truth is one of the names of God. Peace is another name of God. Every day God displays his humility. In humility God gave to man free choice. God is the father; and mankind are his children. The father wants his children to enjoy the gift of life. The gift of life is in two worlds. It begins with this physical world and continues into another realm of existence, the existence of souls and spirit. The father watches over his children. He allows them to choose but works in the background to guide them to make the right decisions.

Holy Christian sisters. They are only allowed to love their Lord.

In the end, God wants every human being to know that he is their father, their king, and Lord. The revelation of God on earth is the work of six thousand years of creation. Creation may have been for billions of years. The history of man is for only six thousand years; the history recorded in the Bible. The Bible in Genesis teaches, in six days God created the heavens and the earth and in the seventh day he rested. Each day is considered to be one thousand years. The seventh day is an eternal day of rest and peace in the afterlife called the eternal Sabbath.

Many secular people call human beings Homo sapiens coming from the ape. Their lives are devoted to the survival of the species and the perfection of material life. They do not look deeper to see the inner light of the soul. The inner light of the soul is revealed through the Messiah. The Bible begins, In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Creation is divided into two realms of existence which are heaven and earth. Heaven is the existence of the supernatural. Earth is the natural aspect of creation which can be measured by science and physics. Discovery of the supernatural requires a teacher, a spiritual Guru.

The first place to find the supernatural is in your own self. The discovery of the supernatural has been recorded on earth in the holy scriptures. The Torah given to the Jewish people by God to Moses reveals an existence on four levels which are four worlds including this natural world the earth. Each spiritual world is another existence until is reached the perfection of everything which is in the Supernal man. The Supernal man is the beginning of creation and the revelation of the Supernal Man is the end and purpose of everything.

The supernal man is also called God by Jews and Islam. The Bible begins with the letter Beit the second letter of the Hebrew Alphabet the number two to teach that God is known in two ways which are as the Supernal man, and as the unknown omnipotent Lord. The revelation of God as the supernal man is connected with the revelation of the Messiah. The Messiah is revealed in two realms of existence which are heaven and earth. The Messiah of heaven is the Messiah of the aspect of God called mercy.

The Messiah of earth is the aspect of God called justice. The Jewish people brought the Law of the Justice of God into the world at Mount Sinai. The Messiah of the Law of God, the Messiah of Earth which unites with heaven is the essence of perfection of the servant of God, teaching the laws and commandment of the Torah and the secrets of God which are hidden in the Torah called the Kabbalah. The Messiah of Heaven also called the Messiah of the son of Joseph is the connection to Universal Faith while the Messiah of the Law is the connection for all of mankind to religion. In spirituality there is faith and religion.

Jewish woman light Sabbath Candles Friday night in repentance for their share in the initial sin. They want to bear Jewish children and make a family.

The Bible begins with the creation of Adam the creation of God without sin from the dust of the earth. The creation of Adam was through resurrection. Through resurrection is revealed the perfection of Adam and the perfection of all the children of Adam. Resurrection connects to God through the earth which unites with heaven. The beginning of the revelation of God on earth begins with religion which teaches the fear of God. Man is not born perfect and needs to seek out his perfection which begins through following the teachings of the Bible. When the time is right, he will find the Messiah who will escort him into the realms of heaven which are the love of God and perfect faith.

Religion alone is not enough to reach the highest levels of faith. Religion has a limitation which is the goal of claiming supremacy which is the opposite of humility. Each religion claims to be the only way to reach God. Claiming to be the only way to reach God puts a limitation on God who is unlimited. God is mercy and freedom and cannot be limited. The teacher of truth reveals the aspect of God called spiritual freedom. Spiritual freedom the Universal faith is united with religion.

Religion came into the world at Mount Sinai the giving of the Ten Commandments. There were two sets of the Ten Commandments recorded in the Bible. The first set was broken by Moses at the time of when the people worshipped the Golden Calf. The second set of tablets were given as a replacement to the first tablets. The first tablets were the revelation of the Universal Faith. The second tablets were given specifically to the Jewish people the laws and commandments of Jewish law to be for them a religion to make them a nation under God.

In Jewish law, the law of Moses is a commandment not to change the law and to fight against outside influences which are a threat to Judaism which want to change the Jewish religion. Efforts to change Judaism have failed; but other religions have been established in the world believing in the One God. There is competition between these religions, God rules the world. God is revealed through the universal faith which combines in harmony and love these religions and their prophets. Moses started the revelation of God on earth at Mount Sinai. A new age of religion was revealed through Jesus the Messiah and his resurrection. The Universal faith connects with resurrection. Resurrection is the spiritual light of Adam who was created pure without sin.

The signing of the Abraham Accords in Washington.

The resurrection of Moses was hidden in the Bible; his grave was hidden. Today the resurrection of Moses unites the two sides of spirituality which are Christianity and Islam and their prophets Mohammed and Jesus. They are united together in peace with the father of all mankind Adam.  The connection to God through the resurrection of the prophets gives to all of mankind the spiritual freedom which Adam had in the Garden of Eden. The law of God given to Moses still applies but not as a commandment but as spiritual advice. The same advice was given to Adam and Eve not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. Calling Mohammed the last prophet was true until came the prophet of Baha”i who revealed the Universal Faith to Islam. Claiming that Jesus the Messiah is the one God was true until was revealed the Messiah of the Law of Moses in Judaism. Calling Israel the only nation of God was true until came Islam. Only God is one and forever. Adam was king of the world in the Garden of Eden until the snake coaxed his wife to give him the forbidden fruit. Adam is not God but the son of God. Mankind is his children. People are not perfect; only God is perfect.

God wants religion but he also wants freedom. No man can take away freedom from mankind that believes in the resurrection of the prophets and in Adam the first man the purpose of creation. The enemies of freedom are fascism, communism, and religious extremists who deny that God rules the world. Freedom does not mean anarchy. Freedom is gift to be added to the Law, mercy added to justice. There is no longer a place for genocide in religion and national extremism.

God is one. Adam loved God with all his heart, soul and might. He was not allowed to love anyone or any other thing only God. He tasted the forbidden fruit and fell in love with Eve. This was adultery; this was idolatry. God forgave Adam but he left the Garden of Eden temporally for another purpose to build for God a dwelling place on earth with his wife Eve and their children. The name of God is truth; the name of God is peace. Adam returns to his essence in the Garden of Eden after the resurrection of the dead. Christianity recognizes the initial sin. The initial sin is written in the Torah. In Judaism it is a hidden secret but revealed in the Zohar, esoteric Judaism. Esau Rome adopted Christianity to be its religion. Jacob has two names Jacob and Israel. These are two consciousness. Israel accepts the truth of the initial sin. Jacob suppresses the universal truth to be a separate nation. Mohammed mentions the initial sin in the Koran but did not consider it important today. There were wars between these ideologies. Let there be peace sings Rabbi Shlomo Carlbach.

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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