Golf 101 – Dos And Don’ts For Beginners

  • Playing golf is a great way to enjoy fresh air in a relaxing setting as you engage in heart-healthy physical activity.
  • However, golf isn't quite as simple as you may think, and it's a good idea to take a few lessons to help you prepare for your first time on the course.
  • In preparing for your lessons, these tips can help you perform better and learn the game faster.

Do: Practice on a Driving Range

When you start practicing your golf game on a regular course, you’ll be holding up other players who are more accomplished. Additionally, you’ll feel more pressure to play each hole more quickly to ensure the players behind you won’t be held up. On a driving range, you can take your time and practice at your own pace. After you’ve learned the basics and have a playing style of your own, you’ll be ready to graduate to a traditional golf course.

Allow your heels to rise in conjunction with your swing, and be sure to swing from the hips.

Get Help From Technology

Some people feel that using modern technology is a cheat in helping them learn how to play. On the contrary, there are plenty of tools and applications that can help you play better and which are resources that are perfectly acceptable to use.

For example, a golf swing analyzer app can help you improve your swing to give you more control over the direction and speed of the ball. You can look for other apps that will help you improve your game as well. Even seasoned players use apps to help them gain insight into their performance, allowing them to continue boosting their skills over time.

Wear a Glove

You may see many experienced golfers play without wearing a glove, but if you were to look at their palms, you would find calloused hands. Wearing a glove to play will help you avoid calluses and other adverse effects of spending hours swinging your clubs.

Think of your glove as the protective gear you’ll need for this type of sport, just as a football player wears a helmet and shoulder pads. You should also invest in clothes that are ideal for spending hours on the golf course.

Your golf outfits should consist of lightly colored clothes that are somewhat loose-fitting to allow a full range of motion. You should also be sure to wear sunscreen and bring the bottle to the course with you. It will be necessary to reapply the sunscreen several times throughout the day.

Don’t: Take Lessons From a Friend or Relative

Even if a spouse or parent has encouraged you to start playing golf, you shouldn’t rely on them to teach you the game. They will either be too critical, or they may take their input to the other extreme and resist telling you the truth out of fear of hurting your feelings.

Your goal should be to hire a trainer who will give you objective and straightforward insight. When you pay for lessons, you can trust that your trainer will be more invested in helping you play a good game. Professional trainers are also more passionate about the sport, which means you can trust that you’re getting good advice.

Even if a spouse or parent has encouraged you to start playing golf, you shouldn’t rely on them to teach you the game.

Poor Posture

Beginning golfers tend to adopt poor posture when they swing, which adversely affects the quality of their swing. As you swing, maintain a natural posture, and allow your head to lift as the rest of your body follows through with the twist.

Additionally, don’t try to keep your feet flat on the ground since this can inhibit your swing. Instead, allow your heels to rise in conjunction with your swing, and be sure to swing from the hips.

Lose Track of Your Ball

As you start each game, you should make a distinctive mark on your ball to distinguish it from the other balls in play on the course. The last thing you’ll want to do is start playing someone else’s ball since that will ruin their game.

You should also avoid too much time looking for your ball. If you lost track of your ball and have spent a few minutes looking for it, you’ll find it’s best to start with a new ball.

Once you have a basic understanding of the game, you’ll find that golf provides an enjoyable and competitive experience. As you practice your game consistently over time, you’ll refine your skills and become a more accomplished player. This will help you get more out of golf in addition to the fun and health benefits it provides for you.

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