Good News and Bad News amidst Coronavirus Chaos

  • Both the USA and Brazil have been hit hard by COVID-19.
  • President Borsanaro had tested positive for Coronavirus.
  • Dr. Zelenko is in need of heart surgery.

Good news has been received from Brazil regarding the health of their President, Jair Borsanaro. President Borsanaro, similar to the reaction of his American counterpart, Donald Trump, did not panic because of the deadly, super contagious coronavirus. Both of these national leaders even refused to wear a mask.

Dr. Vladmir Zelenko, who discovered the treatment of Coronavirus with Hydrochloroquine, will have heart surgery. He should have a quick healing.

However, both their countries were severely struck by the Coronavirus. The USA had over 140,000 deaths from COVID-19. Brazil, to date, has about 80,000 deaths, and over two million infections. President Borsanaro compared the Coronavirus to a common cold or flu, and was attacked by his opponents in the government.

The government of Brazil is split like the USA, between right-wing conservative and left-wing liberals. President Borsanaro tried his best not to damage the economy of his nation due to the virus, to allow business to go on as usual without closing down.

His immovable reaction to the virus, like President Trump, is sometimes called complacency. Their opponents blame them for not taking the proper action early, especially quarantines, and for enforcing the wearing of masks with social distancing.

Both Presidents Trump and Borsanaro recognized the early finding of Dr. Zelenko, a religious Jewish doctor in upstate New York, who took the initiative on his own to attempt to treat the virus with Hydrochloroquine.

How the doctor got the idea to use Hydrochloroquine may have been related to his connection to Lubavitch Chassidism, who are the biggest believers in miracles and wonders of all Chassidic religious Jews.

Hydrochloroquine is not an anti-viral drug but an anti-malarial. However, Hydrochloroquine has been found to help with other types of ailments, such as Lupus.  Malaria is similar to Coronavirus in that both of these plagues cause damage to the lungs.

Dr. Zelenko publicized that he treated hundreds of patients from the Chassidic community of Monroe, New York with success using this technique. To convince the FDA or WHO of a discovery in medical science is needed more proof than the experiment done by Dr. Zelenko.  He should have the cases recorded in his computer unless they were stolen.

The FDA and WHO, although they were interested in ideas through medicine for healing Coronavirus, were looking toward a vaccine.  The big money of billionaires like Bill Gates were invested in a vaccine. Hydrochloroquine was a cheap alternative, which if it worked, would end the need of a vaccine.

Remdesvir, an antiviral medicine, was also possible to test in the early stages of the disease, like Hydrochloroquine, and might even have been more effective. The interest of the medical industry, for some reason, was to look for ways to treat people already hospitalized in moderate to severe condition, which Hydrochloroquine failed to help these people.

Also, Remdesvir, which is used today instead of Hydrochloroquine, has not yet been proven to work on these difficult cases. Almost 90% of people placed on respirators die.

Both presidents wanted the drug to be available in pharmacies to be prescribed by general practitioners. The FDA did not give permission. In Israel, general practitioners and family doctors do not prescribe Hydrochloroquine or give an injection of Remdesvir for patients who complain of symptoms of Coronavirus and have been tested positive.

President Borsanaro had tested positive for Coronavirus. He is in his middle 60s and in good health. He took Hydrochloroqine when he began feeling symptoms and said that it helped lighten the symptoms. Thanks to Dr. Zelenko, a treatment was found for Coronavirus.

Borsanaro thanks everyone who prayed for his health. The Ministry of Health in Brazil, like in America and throughout the world, do not endorse Hydrochloroquine to be sold over the counter or prescription from a GP. In South America, the pharmacies are beginning to carry Hydrochloroquine.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe, the teacher of Dr. Zelenko, promised miracles and wonders. Hydrochloroquine may have been a quick solution for coronavirus.

The bad news, however, is that Dr.Zelenko, who has suffered humiliation from opponents to a cheap and quick solution to Coronavirus, even to have his MD license suspended, is in need of heart surgery. God should give him a complete healing.  His efforts are appreciated by many people, especially those who have used Hydrochloroquine as he suggested.

If the world had believed in miracles and wonders, like the Lubavitcher Rebbe encouraged throughout his life, they may have accepted Hydrochloroquine in the beginning of the outbreak and Coronavirus would have been like President Borsanaro called it, like a common cold or super infectious flu. Perhaps many deaths may have been prevented, including the lockdown of the whole world economy.

Instead, Brazil, because of its abundant infections, is being chosen as the best place to experiment with the new vaccine. To make a vaccine needs a million infected cases to test its effectiveness. If the Coronavirus was controlled by Hydrochlorquine or anti-viral medicine, it would not be necessary to make a vaccine.

The FDA and WHO will not look back and accept their mistaken judgments. The consolation is to vote for President Trump in 2020 and to support Jair Borsanaro in his future in Brazilian politics. Another consolation is to receive the prophecy of the Lubavictcher Rebbe “Behold the Messianic Era has arrived.”

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David Wexelman

Author of 5 books on the internet on topics of Jewish mysticism, managing two websites.

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